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"New York City" Article - Table of Contents

Part 1. New York City - Introduction.
Part 2. General Aspect. Harbour Defense. History.
Part 3. Population.

Part 4. Social Work. Places of Amusement. Clubs.

Part 5. Education. Libraries. Periodical Press.
Part 6. Churches, Religion and Charities.
Part 7. Municipal Charities.
Part 8. Government and Administration. Taxation.
Part 9. Courts and Police. Vital Statistics.
Part 10. Commerce and Manufactures.
Part 11. Docks. Ferries. Conveyances (Transport).
Part 12. Public Works. Hudson River Tunnel.
Part 13. Parks, Museums and Galleries.

Part 14. Further Reading.

The above article was written by: Edwin Lawrence Godkin, A.M., D.C.L.; war correspondent for the Daily News in the Crimean Campaign and the American Civil War; edited the Nation, New York, 1865-99; author of History of Hungary, Unforseen Tendencies of Democracy, and The Problems of Municipal Government.

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