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Post Office and Telegraphs

Post-office and Telegraphs. – The post and telegraph department comprised at the close of 1881 56 mixed offices, 22 post offices, 24 telegraphs offices, and 862 letter boxes. The postal communications are collected eight times per day, and conveyed to one or other of the 15 sorting-offices (bureaux de passé), which arrange them according to Post Office (Recette principale de las Seine), which in 1881 sent out 277,588,000 letters or post cards and 366,816,144 lower rate packets (objects affranchis a prix reduits), and received 188,815,000 letters and post cards, and 40,716,000 lower-rate packets. In 1882 there were issued 2,143,952 ordinary money orders, 45,823 telegraphics orders, and 240,734 international orders were cashed. The greatest number of foreign orders is from Belgium 936,835) and from Germany (35,684). Great Britain sent only 19,314 in 1881.

Telegraphic communication is effected partly by pneumatic tubes and aprtly by electric apparatus. The year 1881 showed a great increase over 1880 in the matter of pneumatic missives.


The pneumatic system had at the close of 1881 64 miles of tube and 49 offices, and by 1884 it was extended as far as the fortifications, and into almost all quarters of the town. The Government electric telegraph system has 27,000 miles of double wires; the branch offices being connected with the central office by 94 wires and with the Bourse office by 53. The municipal system, used by the various departments of the local administration, the police, the fire-brigade, &c., and for the indication of observatory time, has a length of 534 miles. The telephonic system on the 1st January 1882 had a length of 1392 miles and 2144 subscribers,- increased to 2306 miles and 2637 subscribers on the 1st of January 1883. The central telegraphic office had 315 instruments at work in direct communication with 22 foreign towns and 124 offices in the provinces. In 1880 it sent 11,559,200 messages, and in 1881 13,955,291.( G. ME.)

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