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Political Economy
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The reader is referred for fuller information to the following works on the history of political economy, all of which have been more or less, and some very largely, used in the preparation of the foregoing outline.

GENERAL HISTORIES.—Histoire de l’Économie Politique en Europe depuis les anciens jusqu’ à nos jours, by Jerôme Adolphe Blanqui (1837-38); of which there is an English translation by Emily J. Leonard (1880). Histoire de l’Économie Politique, by Alban de Villenueve-Bargemont (Brussels, 1839; Paris, 1841); written from the Catholic point of view. View of the Progress of Political Economy in Europe since the 16th Century, by Travers Twiss, D.C.L. (1847). Die geschichtliche Entwickelung der Natioanl-Oekonomic und ihrer Literatur, by Julius Kauts (2d ed. 1860); a valuable work marked by philosophical breadth, and exhibiting the results of extensive research, but too declamatory in style. Kritische Geschichte der Nationalökonomie und der Socialismus, by Emile Dühring (1871; 3d ed. 1879); characterized by its author’s usual sagacity, but also by his usual perverseness and depreciation of meritorious writers in his own field. Guida allo studio dell’ Economia Politica, by Luigi Cossa (1876 and 1878; Eng. trans. 1880). Geschichte der Nationalökonomik, by H. Eisenhart (1881); a vigorous and original sketch. And, lastly, a brief but excellent history by H. von Scheel in the Handbuch der politischen Oekonomie (really an great encyclopaedia of economic knowledge in all its extent and applications), edited by Gustav Schönberg (1882). To these histories proper must be added The Literature of Political Economy, by J.R. M’Culloch (1845), a book which might with advantage be re-edited, supplemented where imperfect, and continued to our own time. Some of the biographical and critical notices by Eugéne Daire and others in the Collection de principaux Économistes will also be found useful, as well as the articles in the Dictionnaire de l’Économie Politique of Coquelin and Guillaumin (1852-53), which is justly described by Jevons as "on the whole the best work of reference in the literature of the science."

SPECIAL HISTORIES.—Italy.—Storia della Economia Pubblica in Italia, ossia Epilogo critico degli Economisti Italiani, by Count Giuseppe Pecchio (1829), intended as an appendix to Baron Custodi’s collection of the Scrittori classici Italiani di Economia Politica, 50 vols., comprising the writings of Italian economists Politica, 50 vols., comprising the writings the of Italian economists from 1582 to 1804. there is a French translation of Pecchio’s work by Leonard Gallois (1830). The book is not without value, though often superficial and rhetorical.

Spain.—Storia della Economia Politica in España (1863), by M. Colmeiro; rather a history of economy than of economics—of policies and institutions rather than of theories and literary works.

Germany.—Geschichte der National-ökonomik in Deutschland (1874), by Wilhelm Roscher; a vast repertory of learning on its subject, with occasional side-glances at other economic literature. Die neuere National-ökonomnie in ihrem Hauptrichtungen, by Moritz Meyer (3d ed., 1882); a useful handbook dealing almost exclusively with recent German speculation and policy,

England.—Zur Geschichte der Englishchen Volkswirthschaftslehre, by W. Roscher (1851-52).

The reader is also advised to consult the articles of the present work which relate directly to the several principal writers on political economy. (J. K. I.)

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The above article was written by: John Kells Ingram, LL.D., Litt.D.; formerly senior Fellow and Vice-provost, Trinity Coll., Dublin; Prof. of English Literature, 1852; Regius Prof. of Greek, 1866; Librarian, 1879; author of On the Present Position and Prospects of Political Economy and Human Nature and Morals according to A. Comte.

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