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Further Reading on Ancient and Mediaeval Roman History


Ancient History.—

(1) Monarchy and Republic:—

Momrasen, Römische Geschichte, vols. i.-iii. (7th ed., Berlin, 1881) ; Schwegler-Clason, Römische Geschichte, 5 vols., 1867-1876, Tübingen-Halle; Ihne, Römische Geschichte, 5 vols., Leipsic, 1868-1879 ; Niebuhr, History of Rome, 3 vols. (Eng. tr., 1855), and Lectures on the History of Rome, 3 vols. (Eng. tr., 1849); Arnold, History of Rome, 3 vols., 1848, and Later Roman Commonwealth, 2 vols., 1845 ; Long, Decline and Fall of the Roman Republic, 5 vols., 1864; Drumann, Geschichte Roms, 6 vols., Königsberg, 1834.

(2) Empire:—

Tilleniont, Histoire des Empéreurs, 6 vols., Brussels, 1732 ; Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 8 vols. (ed. of 1862) ; Merivale, The Romans under the Empire, 8 vols., 1865 ; Champagny, Les Césars, 4 vols., Paris, 1867 ; Mommsen, Rom. Gesch., vol. v., Berlin, 1885 ; Schiller, Geschichte d. Kaiserzeit, 2 vols., Gotha, 1883. Duruy, Histoire des Romains, 5 vols., Paris, 1870, and Ranke, Weltgeschichte, vols, ii., iii., iv., Leipsic, 1883, deal with both periods.

(3) Antiquities, &c. :—

Mornmsen and Marquardt, Handbuch d. Römischen Alterthümer ; Mommsen, Staatsrecht, 2 vols. ; Marquardt, Staatsverwaltung, 3 vols.; Id., Privatlebend. Römer, 2 vols., Berlin, 1871-82; Lange, Römische Alterthümer, 3 vols., Berlin, 1863; Madvig, Verfassung v. Verwaltung d. Römischen Staats, 2 vols., Leipsic, 1881 ; Friedlaender, Sittengeschichte Roms, Leipsic, 1869.


Vitale, Storia diplomatica de' Senatori di Roma, 2 vols., Rome, 1791 ; Galletti, Del primicerio della Santa Sede Apostolica e di altri ufficiali maggiori del sagro palazzo Lateranense, Rome, 1776 ; Vendettini, Del Senato Romano, Rome, 1782 ; Baronius, Annales Ecclesiastici, continued by Raynaldus, 42 vols, fol. (1738-56), and the recent continuations of Theiner relating to the years 1572-85 ; J. Ficker, Forschungen zur Reichs- und Rechts-geschichte Italiens, 4 vols., Innsbruck, 1868-74 ; Savigny, Geschichte des römischen Rechts im Mittelalter (frequently reprinted and translated into all the principal languages) ; Leo, Entwickelung der Verfassung der lombardischen Städte, Hamburg, 1824 ; M. A. von Bethmann-Hollweg, Ursprung der lombardischen Städtefreiheit (Anhang :—Schicksale der römischen Stadtverfassung im Exarchat und in Rom), Bonn, 1846 ; Hegel, Geschichte der Städteverfassung von Italien, Leipsic, 1847 ; Giesebrecht, "Ueber die städtischen Verhältnisse im X. Jahrhundert," at end of vol. i. of Geschichte der deutschen Kaiserzeit, Brunswick, 1863; "Studi e documenti di Storia e Diritto," in Annuario di Conferenze storico-giuridiche (Rome, 1880 sq. ) ; Archivio della Reale Società Romana di Storia Patria (the other publications of the same society, as, e.g., the Regesto di Farfa, may also be consulted with advantage) ; J. Papencordt, Geschichte der Stadt Rom, Paderborn, 1857 ; Id., Cola di Rienzo, Hamburg, 1841 ; Gregorovius, Geschichte der Stadt Rom (8 vols., Stuttgart, finished in 1872 ; a 4th edition now in the press) ; Reumont, Geschichte der Stadt Rom, 3 vols., Berlin, 1867-68.

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