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Literature on Sculpture. [Further Reading on Sculpture.]

On the general history of Christian sculpture, see Agincourt, Histoire de l'Art, Paris, 1823 ; Du Sommerard, Les Arts au Moyen-Âge, Paris, 1839-46 ; Cicognara, Storia della Scultura, Prato, 1823-44 ; Westmacott, Hand-book of Sculpture, Edinburgh, 1864 ; Lübke, History of Sculpture, Eng. trans., London, 1872 ; Ruskin, Aratra Pentelici (six lectures on sculpture), London, 1872 ; Viardot, Les Merveilles de la Sculpture, Paris, 1869 ; Arsenne and Denis, Manuel . . . du Sculpteur, Paris, 1858 ; Clarac, Musée de Sculpture, Paris, 1826-53 ; Demmin, Encyclopédie des Beaux-Arts plastiques, Paris, 1872-75, vol. iii. ; Didron, Oeuvres de Bronze du Moyen-Âge, Paris, 1859 ; Fortnum, Bronzes in the South Kensington Museum, 1877 ; Finochietti, Scultura in Legno, Florence, 1873 ; Anon., Ornati del Coro di S. Pietro de' Cassinesi a Perugia, Rome, 1845. See also the lists of works given in the preceding pages, and those in the articles on individual sculptors and in that on METAL-WORK. (J. H. M.)

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