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Chiloscyllium trispeculare, one of dogfish sharks (image)

Chiloscyllium trispeculare, one of the Dogfish group of sharks
(See: Hounds; Dogfish; Tiger Sharks.)

"Shark" Article -- Table of Contents

Part 1. (A) Sharks - Introduction. (B) Littoral Sharks: Tope (Galeus)

Part 2. Hounds; Dogfish; Tiger Sharks

Part 3. Crossorhinus; Port Jackson Shark; Spiny or Piked Dog-Fish

Part 4. Angel Fish (Monk Fish). (C) Pelagic Sharks: Carcharias; Blue Sharks

Part 5. Galeocerdo; Hammerheaded Sharks; Porbeagles; Carcharodon

Part 6. Fox Shark or Thresher; Basking Shark

Part 7. Rhinidon typicus; Greenland Shark; Spinous Shark

Part 8. (D) Bathybial Sharks: Scylliidae; Spinacidae; Centrophorus; Notidanidae

Part 9. (E) Economic Uses of Sharks

The above article was written by: Albert Charles Lewis Gotthilf Guenther, M.A., M.D., Ph.D., F.R.S.; formerly Keeper of Zoological Department, British Museum; author of Catalogues of Colubrine Snakes, Batrachia salientia, and Fishes of the British Museum, Reptiles of British India, Fishes of Zanzibar, Reports on the "Challenger" Fishes, etc.

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