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Mediaeval History of Spain - Bibliography

Lafuente, Historia General de Espana; Ortiz, Compendio General de la Historia de Espana; Mariana, Historia General de Espana; Lembke, Schafer, and Schirrmacher, Geschichte von Spanien (down to 1295); Dozy, Histoire des Musulmans d'Espagne (to 1110); Desormeaux, Abrégé Chronologique de l'Histoire d'Espagne.

For the constitutional history the chief books of reference are—for Castile, Marina, Teoria de las Cortes, and Sempère, Histoire des Cortes d'Espagne, and for Aragon, Blancas, Commentario Rerum Aragonensium; but a fair summary of their conclusions may be found in chapter iv. of Hallam's Middle Ages and in the introduction to Prescott's Ferdinand and Isabella. The history of the Castilian cortes has been recently elucidated by Don Manuel Colmeiro in his Cortes de los Antiguos Reinos de Leon y de Castilla (Madrid, 1883).

The chief mediaeval chroniclers may be found, though not well edited, in Florez, Espana Sagrada, and Schott, Hispania Illustrata. (R. L.)

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