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Steam Engine
(Steam Engines and Other Heat Engines)

"Steam Engine" Article - Table of Contents

Part 1. Heat Engines - Definition. Early History of the Steam Engine.
Part 2. Theory of Heat Engines.
Part 3. Properties of Steam and Theory of the Steam Engine.

Part 4. Actual Behaviour of Steam in the Cylinder.

Part 5. The Testing of Steam Engines.
Part 6. Compound Expansion.
Part 7. The Production of Steam -- Boilers.
Part 8. The Distribution of Steam -- Valves and Valve Motions.
Part 9. Steam Engine Governing.
Part 10. The Work of the Crank Shaft in Steam Engines.
Part 11. Examples of Steam Engines. Stationery Engines.
Part 12. Marine Engines.
Part 13. Locomotive Engines.

Part 14. Air and Gas Engines.

The above article was written by James Alfred Ewing, M.A., B.Sc., F.R.S.; M.Instit.C.E.; Professor of Mechanism and Applied Mechanics, Cambridge; Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial University, Tokyo, Japan, 1878-83; author of Treatise on Earthquake Measurement, Magnetic Induction in Iron and other Metals, The Steam Engine and other Heat Engines, etc.

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