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Charles Sturt
Australian explorer

CHARLES STURT (1795-1869), a distinguished South-Australian explorer, was born in England, and at an early age entered the army, in which he reached the rank of captain. Having landed in Australia with his regiment (the 39th), he became interested in the geographical problems which at that time were exciting general attention. A first expedition (1828) led to the discovery of the Darling river; and a second, from which the explorer returned almost blind, made known the existence of Lake Alexandrina. For some time Captain Sturt was surveyor-general of South Australia, and he afterwards filled the post of colonial secretary. The first session of the South-Australian legislature (1851) voted him a pension of £600. From his third journey (1844-5), in which terrible hardships had to be endured, he returned quite blind, and he never altogether recovered his sight. He died at Cheltenham, England, June 16, 1869.

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