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Swimming and Diving
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Miscellaneous Topics on Swimming, etc.

For baths and bathing, see BATHS, vol. iii. p. 434. For drowning and rescuing life, see DROWINGS, vol. vii. p. 475.

Swimming Associations

There are two societies with headquarters in London which consist of delegates from nearly all the swimming clubs in the metropolis. These have framed rules and regulations for the conduct of clubs, races and other performances included under "swimming." The Professional Swimming Association was successfully floated by Mr Robert Watson in 1886 by 6, 1881. The Amateur Swimming Association was reinaugurated in 1886 by the amalgamation of the Swimming Association of Great Britain and the Amateur Swimming Union. There are annual competitions for the amateur championships at 500 yards, _ mile, 1 mile in still water, and 5 1/2 miles in the Thames . There are also the Associated Swimming Clubs of Glasgow and the Associated Clubs of Dundee, each similar in each objects and composition to the Amateur Swimming Association.

Further Reading on Swimming

The literature of the subject of swimming is considerable, and the following works may be mentioned. Thevenot, The Art of Swimming, transl. from the French, London, 1789; Swimming, two letters by Benjamin Franklin, Bungay, 1791; Walker’s Manly Sports, art. "Swimming," London, 1836; G. H. Cliss, Gymnastics and Swimming, London, 1840; W. H. Leveral, Swimming and Swimmers, London, 1861; S. W. Higgenson, "Swimnming," in The American and Continental Monthly, May 1870; "Piscator," How to Swim, London, 1872; Charles Steedman, Manual of Swimming, London, 1873; Leahy, Swimming in the Eton Style, Nottingham, 1875; J. Bell Pettigrew, Animal Locomotion, London, 1874; W. Wilson, Swimming, Diving, and How to Save Life, Glasgow, 1876; Torkington, Swimming Drill, London, 1876; R. H. W. Dunlop, Plate Swimming, London, 1877; Menstery, New Manual of Swimming, New York, 1878; W. Wilson, The Swimming Instructor, 1883; J. H. Walsh, art. "Swimming," British Rural Sports, London, 1886. (H. S. W.; W. WI.)

The above article was written by:

Henry Spenser Wilkinson, M.A.; on staff of the Morning Post; author of Citizen Soldiers, Essays on the War Game, Exercises in Strategy and Tactics (from the German), The Great Alternative, a Plea for a National Policy, The Command of the Sea, The Brain of Navy, British Policy in South Africa, Lessons of the War, and War and Policy.


William Wilson; of the Victoria Baths, Glasgow; author of Swimming, Diving, and How to Save Life and The Swimming Instructor.

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