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Theodosius III
Roman emperor of the East (ruled 715-717)

THEODOSIUS III. was the last of three emperors whose short reigns filled the interval between the death of Justinian II. and the accession of Leo the Isaurian. The emperor Anastasius had sent a fleet to frustrate the intended expedition of the Saracens from Alexandria against Constantinople. On reaching Rhodes the troops rose against their leader, John the Deacon, slew him, and, starting for Constantinople, landed at Adramyttium, where they made a collector of the taxes emperor by the title of Theodosius III. The new emperor besieged Constan-tinople for six months before he took it; Anastasius resigned, and retired to a monastery, leaving his place to be filled by Theodosius III., who likewise resigned next year (717) in favour of Leo III. The closing years of Theodosius's life were spent in a monastery.

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