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Literature.—Apart from the original authorities, the literature on totemisin is very scanty. The importance of totemism for the early history of society was first recognized by Mr J. F. McLennan in papers published in the Fortnightly Review (Oct. and Nov. 1869, Feb. 1870). The subject has since been treated of by E. B. Tylor, Early History of Mankind, p. 284 sq.; Sir John Lubbock, Origin of Civilization, 260 sq.; A. Lang, Custom and Myth, p. 260, &c.; Id., Myth, Ritual, and Religion, i. p. 58 sq., &c.; E. Clodd, Myths and Dreams, p. 99 sq.; W. Robertson Smith, Kinship and Marriage in Early Arabia. See also SACRIFICE, vol. xxi. p. 135. For fuller details, see J. G. Frazer, Totemism (Edinburgh, 1887). (J. G. FR.)

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The above article was written by James George Frazer, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D.; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Barrister; author of Totemism; The Golden Bough; and Pausanias, and other Greek Sketches.

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