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Part 12. Bibliography

The works treating of the various phases of the history of the United States are so numerous that only the names of the leading authorities can be given: - The histories of the United States by Bancroft (to 1783), Pitkin (to 1797), Ramsay (to 1814), Hudreth (to 1820) Bradford (to 1840), Tucker (to 1840), Spenser (to 1857), Bryant and Gay, Schouiler, Von Holst, Higginson; M’Masyer, History of the American People; Gilman, History of the American People; Winsor; narrative and Critical History; Williams Stateman’s manual; H.H. Bancroft, History of the Pacific Coast; The American commonwealth series; Force Tracts relating to the Colonies, and American Archites; Poore, Federal and State Constitution; Hazard, Historical Collections; Neill, English ColonizationinAmerica; Dodge, English Colonies in America; Doyle, English Colonies in America; Burke, English Settlements in America; Holmes, Annals of America; Graham, History of the United States; Marshall History of the Colonies; Palfrey, History of Nee England; Parkman’s Works; Gordon, History of the Independence of the United States; Winsor, Reader’s Handbook o the revolution; Carrington, battles of the Revolution; Ludlow, war of American Independent: Frothingham, Rise of the Republic; Story Commentaries; Chalmers, Annals of the Colonies, and Revolt of the Colonies; Scott, Constitutional, Liberty in the Colonies; Journals of Congress, 1774-89; Annals of Congress 1789-1884; Register of Debates in Congress, 1824-37; Congressional Globe, 1833-72; Congressional Record, 1872-87; American State Papers (to 1815);Benton Abridged Debates of Congress (to 1850); United States Statutes at Large; Revised Statutes of the United States; Niles, Weekly Register 1811-36; Tribune Almanac, 1838-87; Appleton, Annual Cyclopedia, 1861-86; Spofford, American Almanac, 1878-87; M’Pherson, Political Manuals; Greeley, Political Text-book, 1860; Cluskey, Political Cyclopedia 1860; Hamilton , Republic of the United States; Renton, Thirty Years; View; Young, American Statesman; Johnson History of American Politics; Standwood, History of Presidential Election; Porter; Constitutional History; Story, Commentaries on the Constitution; Kent, Commentaries on American Law; Wharton, Commentaries; Duer, Constitutional Jurisprudence; Brownson, American Republic; Mulford, The nation; The Federalist; Jameson, Constitutional Convention: "Cents," Republic of Republic; Tucker, Blackstone’s Commentaries; Curtis, History of the Constitution; Bancroft, History of the Constitution; Elliot, Debates Cooley, Constitutional Limitations, Taxation, and Constitutional Law; Sedgwick , Statutory and constitutional Law; Bump; Notes of Constitutional Decisions; Wilson, Congressional Government; Fiske, American Political Ideas;; M’Crary, Election Laws; Rorer, Inter State Law; Lamphere, American Government; Counting the Electroal Vote, 1787-1876; M’Knight, Electroal System; Dillon, Municipal Corporation; Morse; Citizenship; Labor Political Cyclopedia; Burnet, Settlement of he North-West Terriotry, 1847; Flint, Geography and History of the Mississippi Valley, 1828; Histories of the various States; Bishop, History of American Manufactures; Seybert, Statistical Annals; Pitkin, Statistical View, 1816; De Bow, Industrial Record of the South and West, 1852; Eighty year’s Progress of the United States, 1861; First century of the Republic, 1876; Compendium of the Census, fore 1850, 1860, 1870, Walker, Statistical Atlas, 1874, Scribner’s Statistical Atlas, 1884; Reports of the Bureau of Statistical, 1866-87; Lyman, Diplomacy of the United States; Trescot, Diplomacy of the Revolution, and Diplomatic History, 1797-1801; Baker Diplomatic History, 1861-65; Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury; Cooper History of the Navy (to 1853); Emmons, History of the Navy (to 1853); Preble, History of the American Flag; Roosevelt, Naval History of the war of 1812; Boynton, History of the Navy, 1861-65; Porter, Naval History of the Civil War; Williams, History of Navy, 1861-65; Porter, Naval History of he Civil War; Williams History of the Negro Race; Wilson, Rise and Fail of he Slave Power; Goodell, Slavery and Anti-Slavery; Hurd Law of Freedom and Bondage; Hammond and others, The Pro-Slavery; Argument; Stephen, War between the States; Blaine, Twenty Years in Congress; Official Records of the Civil War; Rebellion Record; Personal Narratives of Grant, Sherman, M’Clellan J.E. Johnston, Hood, and Beauregard; Reports of the Committee on the Conduct of the War; Scribner, Campaigns of the Civil War; battles and Leaders of the Civil War; Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America; Greeley, American Conflict, Draper, History of the Civil War; Pollard, Lost Cause; Davis Rise and Fall of Confederate Government; American State Papers on Finance (to 1828); Bolles, Financial History of the United States; Summer, History of American Currency; Gouge, Paper, Money in the United States; Spalding, Legal Tender Paper Money; Knox, United States Notes; H.C. Adams Public Debts; Gibbons Public Debt of the United States; Repots of the Secretary of the Treasury; Wells Internal Revenue Commission Report, 1866; Tausig, Protection to Young Industries, and History of the Present tariff, 1860-83; Young, tariff Legislation of the United States, 1870; Hadley Railroad Transportation; Poor, Railroad Manual; Adams; Railroads; their Origin and Problems; Hudson, Railways and the Republic; Ely; Labor Movements in America; Reports of the Bureaus of Statistical of the various States.

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