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Part 29. Civil Service. Army. Navy.


It is impossible to make even an approximation to the number of persons in the civil service within the United States, including the officers of States, counties, cities, towns, &c. There is no complete and exact statement available even as to those who are in the civil service of the national Government. An attempt has been made, for the present purpose, to reach an approximation to that number. This has been done by counting the names on 1200 pages of the blue-book of 1885, under the several heads there mentioned . such a process involves a liability to minor errors, in addition to whatever duplications or omissions may occur in the printed lists. The results are offered merely as an approximation to facts. Legislative branch, 427; executive branch, 114,852; judicial branch, 2876; total, 118,155. The executive branch includes – executive, 22, state department, 467, war department, 9050; navy department, 1637; interior department,6115; treasury department, 14,505; post-office department, 79,110; department of agriculture, 203; national museum, 154; Fish Commission, 118; Government printing office, 2238; government of the District of Columbia, 1200; miscellaneous, 33.


The following table (XXXVI.) exhibits the personnel of the army of January 1,1887:-



The following table (XXXVII.) exhibits the personnel of the navy of January 1, 1887: -


The following table (XXXVIII.) exhibits the number of vessels constituting the navy of the United States, according to class and condition, on January 1, 1887: -


Ten are unserviceable; 3 of these are used as receiving ships, the others condemned and authorized to be sold.

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