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Victoria, British Columbia

VICTORIA, capital of British Columbia and the princi-pal town of Vancouver Island, in the south-east corner of which it is finely situated (48° 25' 20" N. lat., 123° 22' 24" W. long.), on a small arm of the sea, its harbour, however, only admitting vessels drawing 18 feet. The city has some fine streets, handsome villas and public buildings, Govern-ment offices, and churches. There are several schools, public and private, a free library, a theatre, a mechanics' institute, and a public park. The water supply is good. The town, which is connected by cable with the mainland, is a favour-ite holiday resort for the Columbians. Till 1858 Victoria was a post of the Hudson Bay Company. The city was incorporated in 1862; and, according to the census of 1886, the population was 14,000, including Chinese and Indians, spread over an area of 4 square miles.

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