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Surnames: ALL-ASK

ALLARDICE, R. E.; Edinburgh.

ALLBUTT, Thomas Clifford, M.A., M.D., LL.D D.Sc., F.R.S.; Regius Professor of Physic, Camb from 1892; Commissioner in Lunacy, 1889-92; author of ‘The Ophthalmoscope in Medicine,’ ‘Goulstonian Lectures (On Visceral Neuroses),’ ‘On Scrofula,’ ‘Science and Medical Thought’; editor of ‘System of Medicine and Gynaecology,’ etc. ; inventor of the short clinical thermometer.

ALLDRIDGE, T. J., F.R.G.S., F.Z.S.; for many years Travelling Commissioner of Sierra Leone ; District Commissioner of Sherbro District, Sierra Leone; author of' Sherbro and its Hinterland.’

ALLEN, Grant: author of ‘This Mortal Coil,’ ‘The Woman Who Did,’ etc. ; ‘The Colour of Flowers,’ ‘Flowers and their Pedigrees,’ and other popular work on botany ; also of historical guide-books.

ALLMAN, George Johnston, LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S. ; Professor of Mathematics, Queen’s College, Galway, and in Queen’s University, Ireland, 1853-93; author of ‘On some Properties of the Paraboloids,’ and other mathematical works.

AMES, Rev. Charles Gordon, D.D.; pastor of the Church of the Disciples, Boston, 1889; edited ‘Minneapolis Republican’ and the ‘Christian Register.’

ANDERSON, Miss A. M.; Principal Lady Inspector of Factories, Home Office.

ANDERSON, Joseph, LL.D.; Keeper of National Museum or Antiquities, Edinburgh, since 1870; Assistant Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland ; Rhind Lecturer, 1879-82, and in 1892; edited the ‘Orkneyinga Saga’; author of numerous papers in the ‘Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries.’

ANDERSON, R. E.; London.

ANDERSON, R. Rowaud LL.D.; author of ‘Examples of the Commercial, Municipal, and Street Architecture of France and Italy from the 12th to the 15th Centuries.’

ANDERSON, W., F.R.C.S.; Chairman of Council of the Japan Society; Medical Director, Imperial Naval Medical College, Tôkyô; author of ‘The Pictorial Arts of Japan,’ ‘Japanese Wood Engravings,’ ‘Catalogue of Chinese and Japanese Pictures in the British Museum.’

ANDERSON, Lt.-Col. W. P. ; Chief Engineer 1059 and Superintendent of Lights, Department of Marine and Fisheries, Ottawa, Canada.

ANDREWS, Hon. Elisha Benjamin, LL.D.; Chancellor of the University of Nebraska; late Superintendent of Schools of the City of Chicago; formerly President of Brown University; author of ‘Institutes of General History,’ ‘Institutes of Economics,’ ‘ History of the United States,’ etc.

ANDRIEU, Jules; sometime member of the Commune de Paris; author of ‘L’Amour en Chansons,’ ‘Chiromancie.’

ANNERSTEDT, Dr. Claes; appointed Professor of History at the University of Upsala, 1868 ; Librarian, 1883 ; edited the ‘Revue du Nord,’ 1878-79 ; author of ‘History of the University of Upsala,’ ‘Formation of the Swedish Power in Livonia.’

ANSTRUTHER-THOMSON, Lt.-Col. W., F.G.S., F.S.A.; Inspector of Concentration Camps, South Africa.

ARBER, Edward, F.S.A. ; Fellow of King’s College, London ; Emeritus Professor of English, University of Birmingham, 1894; has edited many reprints of rare books.

ARCHER, Thomas Andrew ; author of ‘The Crusade of Richard I. : Extracts from the Itinerarium Ricardi, Bohâdin, etc.’

ARCHER, William; dramatic critic of ‘World,’ London, from 1884; edited and tmnslated Ibsen’s ‘Prose Dramas’; author of ‘Life of Macready,’ ‘Masks or Faces,’ ‘The Theatrical World,’ ‘Study and Stage,’ ‘America To-day, 1900,’ ‘Poets of the Younger Generation,’ etc.

ARMITAGE, Mrs. Ella S. ; author of ‘The Childhood of the English Nation.’

ARMSTRONG, Edmund Archibald; Barristerat-Law, Inner Temple.

ARMSTRONG, Henry Edward, Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S. ; Professor of Chemistry at the. City and Guilds of London Central Institute, South Kensington; author of ‘Introduction to the Study of Organic Chemistry.’

ARMSTRONG, Sir Walter; Director of the National Gallery of Ireland ; author of ‘Sir Joshua Reynolds,’ ‘ Thomas Gainsborough,’ ‘ Sir Henry Raeburn,’ etc. ; co-editor of Bryan’s Dictionary of Painters.’

ARNOLD, Frederick ; author of ‘Oxford and Cambridge; their Colleges, Memories, and Associations.’

ARNOLD, Matthew., LL.D., D.C.L.; poet and critic; Professor of Poetry at Oxford, 1857-67 ; H.M. Inspector of Schools, 1851-86 author of ‘Thyrsis,’ ‘Empedocles on Etna,’ etc., ‘Essays in Criticism,’ Culture and Anarchy,’ ‘Literature and Dogma,’ On the Study of Celtic Literature,’ ‘God and the Bible,’ etc.

ARNOLD, Thomas, M.A. Oxford; Inspector of Schools in Tasmania, 1850; Professor in the Univ. of Dublin ; author of ‘A Short History of English Literature’ ; has edited many Anglo-Saxon texts.

ASCOLI, Graziadio Isaia; Professor of Philology in the Milan Academy from 1860; author of ‘Studi Orientali e Linguistici,’ ‘Fonologia Comparata del Sanscrito, del Greco e del Latino.’

ASHWORTH, Philip A., Dr. Juris, of the Inner Temple, ‘Barrister-at-Law; associate-editor of the new volumes of the ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’; editor of Taswell-Langmead’s 'Constitutional History of England,’ translator of Gneist’s ‘History of the English Constitution,’ etc.

ASKWITH, Rev. Edward Harrison, M.A., D.D. ; Chaplain of Trinity College, Cambridge; author of ‘Christian Conception of Holiness,’ ‘Epistle to the Galatians,’ etc.

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