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Surnames: BAN-BED

BANCROFT, Frederic, Ph.D.; Chief of Bureau of Rolls and Library, U.S. Department of State; author of ‘Life of William H. Seward,’ etc.

BANISTER, G. H., M. Inst.C.E., M.I.M.E. ; late Assistant to Superintendent of the Royal Carriage Department, Woolwich; Whitworth Scholar.

BARCLAY, Thomas, LL.B., Ph.D.; Vice-President of the International Law Association; member of the Supreme Council of the Congo Free State; President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Paris, 1899-1900; Knight of the Legion of Honour and of the Order of Leopold; author of ‘Companies in France,’ and other law books, and of all the articles on International Law in the ‘Encyclopaedia of the Law of England,’ etc.

BARING, The Hon. Maurice; Attaché to the British Embassy, Paris, 1899; Third Secretary to the British Embassy, Rome, 1902.

BARLOW, Major H. W., R.A.; Secretary to Chief Superintendent, Royal Ordnance Factories, Woolwich.

BARNABEI Professor F., Litt.D.; Director of Museum of Antiquities at Rome; author of archaeological papers in Italian reviews and in the ‘Athenaeum.’

BARNABY, Sir Nathaniel, K.C.B.; Vice-President of the Institution of Naval Architects, London ; head of designing and building departments in offices of Controllers of the Navy, 1870-85; author of ‘Abridgments of Specifications relating to Shipbuilding from 1618 to the Present Time,’ ‘ Naval Developments in the Nineteenth Century.’

BARNES, The Rev. William Emery D.D.; Fellow of Peterhouse Coll., Cambridge; Hulsean Professor of Divinity, Cambridge ; assist.-editor of ‘Journal of Theological Studies’ ; Lecturer in Hebrew at Clare Coll., Camb., 1885-94; in Hebrew and Divinity at Peterhouse, 1889-190l ; author of ‘The Genuineness of Isaiah xxiv.-xxvii.,’ ‘Canonical and Uncanonical Gospels,’ ‘The Peshitta Text of Chronicles,’ etc.

BARNETT, Henrietta Rowland; part-author of ‘Practical Socialism.’

BARNETT Rev Samuel Augustus., M.A.; Canon of Bristol ; Founder and Warden of Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel ; President of the Sunday Society; Chairman, Whitechapel Board of Guardians, 1894; 1060 Chairman of the Children’s Country Holiday Fund; author of ‘Practical Socialism’ with Mrs Barnett, ‘Service of God.’

BARRETT, F. N.; editor of the ‘American Grocer’ (New York).

BARTLET, Rev. J. Vernon. M.A.; Professor of Church History, Mansfield College, Oxford; author of ‘Early Church History,’ ‘The Apostolic Age,’ etc.

BARTLETT, W. C., LL. D. ; San Francisco; author of ‘A Breeze from the Woods.’

BARTLEY, Sir George Christopher Trout, K.C.B., M.P.; Assistant-Director of Science Division of Science and Art Department, London, till 1880; established National Penny Bank, 1875; author of ‘A Square Mile in the East of London,’ ‘School for the People,’ ‘Provident Knowledge Papers,’ etc.-

BARTOLI, Adolfo; Professor of Italian Literature at Florence, 1874; author of ‘The First Two Centuries of Italian Literature,’ ‘The Italian Manuscripts of the National Library of Florence.’

BARWICK, G. F., B.A.; Assistant-Keeper of Printed Books and Superintendent of Reading-room, British Museum; author of ‘International Exhibitions,’ ‘The Laws Regulating Printing and Publishing in Spain.’

BASSETT, John Spencer, Ph. D.; Professor to History, Trinity College, N.C.; author of ‘Constitutional Beginnings of North Carolina,’ ‘Slavery and Servitude of the Colony of North Carolina,’ etc.-

BASTABLE, C. F., M.A., LL.D. ; Professor of Political Economy, Dublin University, 1882; author of ‘Theory of International Trade,’ ‘Commerce of Nations,’ ‘Public Finance,’ ‘Dictionary of Political Economy,’ and ‘Economic Journal.’

BATEMAN, Sir Alfred Edmund, K.C.M.G.; Comptroller-General for Commerce, Labour, and Statistics at the Board of Trade; Secretary to Commissions for French Commercial Treaty Negotiations, 1877, 1881, and 1882; to International Sugar Conferences, 1887, 1888, 1889; to Trade and Treaties Committee, 1890-92; President of Royal Statistical Society, 1897.

BATEMAN, John Frederick Latrobe, C. E. , F. R. S. ; President of the Institute of Civil Engineers, 1878-79; planned the water-supply of Manchester of Glasgow, and many other towns ; author of ‘History and Description of the Manchester Waterworks,’ ‘On the Supply of Water to London.’

BATES, Samuel Penniman ; Deputy State Superintenent of Schools, Pennsylvania, 1860; State Historian of Pennsylvania, 1866; author of ‘Lectures on Mental and Moral Culture,’ ‘Battle of Gettysburg.’

BATHER, Francis Arthur, M.A., D.Sc., F.G.S. ; Assist.-Weeper of the Geological Department of the British Museum (South Kensington); author of ‘Concise Knowledge of Natural History,’ ‘The Genera and Species of Blastoides,’ ‘Echinoderma’ (in Lankester’s ‘Zoology’), ‘The Crinoidea of Gothland,’ etc.

BAUERMAN, H., F.G.S.; Lecturer on Metallurgy, Ordnance College, Woolwich; author of ‘A Treatise on the Metallurgy of Iron,’ ‘Text-book of Systematic Mineralogy,’ etc.

BAYNE, Peter LL.D. ; formerly editor of the ‘Christian World,’ also of ‘The Witness, ; author of ‘Christian Life at the Present Time,’ ‘Chief Actors in the Puritan Revolution,’ ‘Life of Hugh Miller.’

BAYNE, Thomas; formerly Headmaster of Larchfield Academy, Edinburgh.

BAYNES, Thomas Spencer, LL.D. ; assistant-editor of the ‘Daily News,’ 1857-64; formerly Professor of Logic, Rhetoric, and Metaphysics in St. Andrews Univ.: part-translator of ‘Port Royal Logic’ ; editor of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ninth editor.

BAZALGETTE, Charles Norman; barrister; author of ‘The Law relating to Local and Municipal Government,’ ‘Law relating to County Councils.’

BEALBY, J. T., B.A. ; sometime acting editor of ‘Scottish Geographical Magazine’ ; author of ‘A Daughter of the Fen’; joint author of ‘Stanford’s Compendium: Europe’ ; translator of Sven Hedin’s ‘ Through Asia.’-

BEARE, Thomas Hudson, B.Sc., M. Inst. C. E. ; Professor of Engineering, Edinburgh University.

BECKETT, Sir Edmund; sell Grimthorpe, Lord.

BEDDARD, Frank Evers; M.A., Prosecutor of Zoological Soc. Of England from 1884, and Vice-Sec. from 1898; formerly Lecturer on Biology at Guy’s Hospital; naturalist to ‘Challenger’ Expedition Commission, 1882-84; author of ‘Text-book of Zoogeography,’ ‘A Monograph of the Oligochaeta,’ ‘Structure and Classification of Birds,’ and of ‘Mammalia’ (‘Cambridge Natural History’).-

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