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Surnames: BIS-BOW

BISHOP Mrs. Isabella L. (Miss Isabella Bird), F.R.G.A. ; Hon. Member of Oriental Society, Peking; first lady Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; author of ‘The Englishwoman in America,’ ‘ Six Months in the Sandwich Islands,’ ‘Unbeaten Tracks in Japan,’ ‘Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan,’ ‘Among the Tibetans,’ ‘Korea and her Neighbours,’ ‘The Yangtze Valley and Beyond,’ etc.

BLACK, Charles Bertram; author of ‘Parts and Excursions from Paris,’ ‘Itinerary through Corsica,’ and many other guide-books.

BLACK, C. E. D. ; formerly Clerk for Geographical Records, India Office, London.

BLACK, Clementina ; author of ‘A Sussex Idyll,’ ‘Orlando,’ ‘Mericus,’ and other stories.

BLACK, John A.; press reader of the New Volumes of the ‘Ency. Brit.’

BLACK. Rev. J ohn, Sutherland M. A. ; assistant--editor of the ninth edition of ‘Ency. Brit.’ ; translated Ritschl’s ‘Critical History of the Christian Doctrine of Justification and Reconciliation.’

BLACKIE, John Stuart LL.D.; Professor of Humanity in Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1841-52 ; Professor of Greek at Edinburgh, 1852-82; author of a version of Eschylus and of the ‘Iliad,’ ‘Language and Literature of the Scottish Highlands,’ ‘Life of Robert Burns,’ philological papers in ‘Horae Hel-lenicae.’

BLADES, William; printer and bibliographer; author of ‘The Life and Typography of W. Caxton’; ‘NumismataTypographica,’ and of a catalogue of books issued from the Caxton Press.

BLAIN, W. ; of the Treasury, Whitehall.

BLAIR, Andrew A.; chief Chemist of the U.S. Geological Survey, Division of Mining and Geology, Tenth Census of the United States; author of ‘The Chemical Analysis of Iron,’ etc.

BLAKE, Rev. John Frederick, M.A., F.R.S.; sometime Professor of Natural Science, University College, Nottingham; author of ‘British Fossil Cephalopoda,’ ‘The Geological Society of London,’ ‘Yorkshire Lias,’ etc.

BLAKE, Prof. William Phipps; Ph.B. ; Director, School of Mines, University of Arizona, and territorial geologist of Arizona; author of ‘Geological Recon-naissance of California,’ ‘Silver Ores and Silver Mines,’ etc.

BLANCH, William Harneth; author of ‘The Bluecoat Boys,’ ‘Dulwich College and Edward Alleyn.’

BLASHILL, Thomas, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.T.; formerly architect to Metropolitan Board of Works and London County Council.

BLÖNDAL, Sigfús, of the University Library, Copenhagen.

BLOUNT, Bertram, F.C.S., F.I.C.; consulting chemist to the Crown Agents for the Colonies; Hon. President, Cement Section of International Assoc. for Testing Materials, Budapest; author of ‘Practical Electro-Chemistry.’

BLOWITZ., Henri Georges Stephane Adolphe Opper de ; Ph. L. ; formerly ‘The Times’

correspondent in Paris; Professor of German at Tours, Limoges, Poitiers, and Marseilles; obtained the concession from 9 P.M. to 3 A.M. of a special wire for ‘The Times,’ from 9 May 1874; Officer of the Legion of Honour; author of ‘Feuilles Volantes,’ ‘L’Allemagne et la Provence,’ ‘Le Maniage royal d’Espagne,’ ‘Une Course à Constantinople.’

BLUNT, Capt. Charles Jasper, R.A.; Chief Ordnance Officer, Guernsey; served in the Chitral campaign, etc.

BLUNT, Rev. John Henry, D.D.; Rector of Beverton, Gloucester, from 1873; author of ‘A Dictionary of Doctrinal and Historical Theology,’ ‘A Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties.’

BLYTH, James, M.A., LL.D.; Professor of Natural Philosophy, Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College; edited Ferguson’s ‘Electricity.’

BOASE, Rev. Charles William, M.A.; Fellow of Exeter Coll., Oxford, 1850; formerly Tutor, Lec-turer, Librarian, and Reader of his College; author of ‘Oxford’ in ‘Historic Towns.’

BODLEY John Edward Courtenay, M.A.; private secretary to President of Local Government Board, 1882-85; Member of the Institute of France; author of ‘France’: vol. i. ‘The Revolution and Modern France,’ vol. ii. ‘The Parliamentary System,’ (French ed. 1901); ‘L’Anglomanie et les traditions françaises.’

BOLAS, Thomas, F.C.S.; author of ‘Cantor Lectures on the Indiarubber and Gutta Percha Industries.’

BOLTZMANN, Ludwig; Professor of Theo-retical Physics, Univ. of Vienna ; author of ‘Lectures on the Theory of Gas,’ ‘Lectures on Maxwell’s Theory of Electricity and Light; editor of ‘Maxwell’s Physical Forces.’

BONAR, James, M.A., LL.D.; Senior Examiner, Civil Service Commission; President of Section F of British Association, 1898; author of ‘Malthus and his Work,’ ‘Ricardo’s Letters to Malthus,’ ‘Philosophy and Political Economy,’ ‘Catalogue of Adam Smith’s Library’ (part), ‘Ricardo’s Letters to Trower.’

BOND, Sir Edward Augustus, K.C.B., LL.D., F.S.I.; Assistant in MSS. Department, British Museum,1838; Keeper of Department, 1866; Principal Librarian, 1878-88; editor of volumes in the ‘Master of the Rolls Series,’ of Fletcher’s : Russe Commonwealth,’ and of Jerome Horsey’s ‘Travel’ for the Hakluyt Society.

BONNEY, Rev. Thomas George, D.Sc., LL.D., F.R.S. ; formerly Professor of Geology, University Coll., London; Fellow of St. John’s Coll., Camb.; Hulsean Lecturer (Camb.), 1884 ; President of the Geo-logical Society, 1884-86; Boyle Lecturer, 1890-92 ; Rede Lecturer (Camb.), 1892; Vice-President of the Royal Society, 1899 ; author of ‘The Alpine Regions,’ ‘The Story of our Planet,’ ‘Charles Lyell and Modern Geology,’ ‘Ice-Work,’ ‘Volcanoes,’ etc.

BONUS, Ernest Melvill, B.A. ; Banister-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn, and Deputy Judge Advocate.

BONWICK, James, F.R.G.S.; author of ‘The Bushrangers: Illustrating the Early Days of Van Diemen’s Land,’ ‘Curious Facts of Old Colonial Days,’ and other works on Australia and Tasmania.

BOSANQUET, Robert Halford Macdowall; sometime Fellow of St. John’s College, Oxford; Pro-fessor of Acoustics at the Royal Academy of Music, 1881 ; author of ‘An Elementary Treatise on Musical Intervals and Temperament.’

BOSCO, Augustus; Professor of Statistics, Uni-versity of Rome.

BOULENGER George A F.Z.S., P.R.S.; Assistant, Dept. of Zoology, Brit. Museum, from 1882; author of numerous works on zoology.

BOURCHIER, James David, M.A.; sometime Scholar of King’s College, Cambridge; correspondent of ‘The Times’ at Athens.

BOURNE, Alfred Gibbs, F.L.S., F.R.S. ; Professor of Biology, Madras; engaged in research at Zoological Station, Naples, 1883-85 ; Botanist to the Government of Madras, 1897-98 contributor to ‘Quart. Journal of Micro. Science,’ ‘Proceedings of Royal Soc.,’ etc.

BOURNE, Gilbert Charles M.A.D.Sc., F.L.S.; Fellow and Tutor of New Coll., Oxford ; Director, Marine Biological Association, United Kingdom, 1889--1890; University Lecturer in Comparative Anatomy, Oxford, 1898 ; author of ‘Introduction to Study of Comp. Anatomy of Animals,’ articles Anthozoa and Ctenophora, in Lankester’s ‘Zoology,’ etc.

BOURNE, Henry Eldridge; Professor of History, College for Women, Westem Reserve University, U.S.

BOUTELL, Rev. Charles, M.A.; one of the founders of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Soc. ; author of ‘English Heraldry,’ ‘A Manual of British Archaeology.’

BOWER, Frederick Orpen Sc.D., F.L.S., F.R.S.; Regius Professor of Botany, University of Glasgow, from 1885 ; author of ‘A Course of Practical Instruction in Botany,’ ‘Practical Botany for Beginners,’ etc.

BOWLEY,, A. L., M.A.; author of ‘Elements of Statistics,’ ‘Wages in the United Kingdom in the Nineteenth Century,’ etc.

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