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Surnames: BOY-BRO

BOYD, Charles Walter, B.A.; sometime private secretary in South Africa to Dr Jameson and Mr Cecil Rhodes.

BOYLE, Very Rev. George David, M.A.; Dean of Salisbury, 1880-1901 ; author of ‘Recollections of the Dean of Salisbury,’ ‘Richard Baxter,’ ‘My Aids to the Divine Life.’

BOYS, Charles Vernon, F.R.S.; Officier de l’Instruction Publique (France); Metropolitan Gas Referee; author of ‘Magnetism and Electricity,’ ‘Soap-Bubbles and the Forces that mould them.’

BRABROOK, Edward William, C.B., F.S.A..; V.P., Royal Archaeological Institute from 1900; Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies from 1891; President of the Anthropological Institute, 1895-97 President of the Folk-Lore Society, 1901 ; author of Provident Societies and Industrial Welfare,’ ‘History of Royal Society of Literature.’

BRADEN, Rev. William ; author of ‘The Beautiful Gleaner,’ ‘Our Social Relationships and Life in London.’

BRADFORD, John R., M.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.; member of Senate of University of London; physician to University Coll. Hospital, London ; Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, University College, London; author of papers on medical and scientific subjects in ‘Proc. Roy. Soc.’ and in ‘Transactions’ of medical societies, etc.

BRADLEY, Very Rev. George Granville, D.D., LL. D. ; Dean of the Order of the Bath; Fellow of University College, Oxford, 1844-46 ; Master of Marlborough, 1858-70; Master of University College, Oxford, 1870-81 ; Canon of Worcester, 1881; Dean of Westminster, 1881-1902 ; author of ‘Revised Edition of Arnold’s Introduction to Latin Prose’ 'Lectures on the Book of Job,’ ‘Lectures on the Book of Ecclesiastes,’ part-author of ‘Life of Dean Stanley.’

BRAEKSTAD, H. L.; Anglo-Norwegian journalist; translator of standard Norwegian works.

BRAMWELL Capt. G. A.; School of Signalling Adershot; Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant-General for signalling.

BRANDIS, Sir Dietrich, K.C.T.E., Ph.D., F.R.S. Inspector-General of Forests to Indian Government, 1864-83; author of ‘Catalogue of Specimens of Timber from the Government Forests of India.’


BRANNER, John Casper, Ph.D., LL.D.; Geologist, Imperial Geological Commission, Brazil, 1875-77 ; Agent U.S. Department of Agriculture in Brazil, 1882-83 acting President, Stanford University, U.S.A., 1898-99 author of numerous publications on Brazil.

BRANTLY, William Theophilus ; reporter of the Maryland Court of Appeals; Ex-Secretary of State of Maryland; author of ‘Law of Personal Property.’

BRASSEY, Rt. Hon. Lord, 1st Baron, K.C.B., D.C. L.; Knight of St John of Jerusalem ; Commander of Legion of Honour, 1889 ; President, Statistical Society, 1879-80; Civil Lord of Admiralty, 1880-83 ; Secretary to Admiralty, 1883-85 ; Chairman of Opium Com-mission; President of the Institution of Naval Architects, 1893-95; Governor of Victoria, 1895-1900 ; author of ‘Work and Wages’ ‘Naval Annual,’ ‘British Navy,’ ‘British Seamen,’ ‘British Work and Foreign Wages,’ etc.

BRETT, Michael; Barrister, Middle Temple.

BREWER, William H. ; Professor of Agriculture, Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, from 1864 ; Professor of Chemistry and Geology, Washington Coll., 1858-60; 1st Assistant, Geological Survey of California, 1860-64; U.S. Forestry Commissioner, 1896; author of ‘Botany of California,’ etc.

BRICKDALE, C. Fortescue ; Barrister, Lincoln’s Inn; author of ‘The Law and Practice regarding the Registration of Deeds in the County of Middlesex,’ ‘Notes on Land Transfer,’ ‘Registration of Title to Land,’ etc.

BRICKWOOD, Edwin Dampier ; author of ‘Boat-racing, or The Arts of Rowing and Training,’ by ‘Argonaut.’

BRIDGE, Vice-Admiral Sir Cyprian Arthur George, K.C.B. ; Commander-in-Chief, China station ; member of Committee oil Heavy Guns, 1878 ; of War Office Committee on Machine Guns 1879; of Ordnance Committee, 1881 ; Director of Naval In-telligence, 1889-94 ; Commander-in-Chief, Australian station, 1895-98.

BRIGGS, Charles Augustus, D.D., D.Litt.; Pro-fessor of Biblical Theology, Union Theological Seminary, New York City; author of ‘Biblical Study,’’American Presbyterianism,’ ‘The Higher Criticism of the Hexateuch,’ ‘General Introduction to the Study of Holy Scripture.’

BRIGGS, H. B. ; London.

BRIGHTMAN, Rev. Frank Edward, M.A.; Pusey Librarian,Oxford, from 1884; Chaplain, Univ. Coll., Oxford, 1884-87; author of ‘What Objections have been made to English Orders?’ ; editor of ‘Liturgies Eastern and Western,’ ‘The Oxford Library of Practical Knowledge,’ etc.

BRILL, Alexander Von ; Professor of Mathematics, University of Tübingen; author of ‘Entwicklung der Theorie der Algebräischen Functionen.’

BRINKLEY, Capt. F.. R.A. ; proprietor rtnd editor of the ‘Japan Mall’ Yokohama; translated ‘The History of Japan’; compiled ‘An Unabridged Japanise and English Dictionary,’ etc.

BROADFOOT, Major William,, R.F. ; author of the Badminton ‘Billiards’; edited ‘Career of Major George Broadfoot, C.B., in Afghanistan and the Punjaub,’ etc.

BROADLEY, Alexander Meyrick; Barrister; Advocate to the Consular Court at Tunis, 1872 ; author of ‘The Last Punic War,’ ‘Tunis, Past and Present,’ ‘How we defended Arabi and his Friends.’

BRODRIBB, William Jackson, M. A. ; late Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge ; Rector of Wootton-Rivers, Wilts, from 1860; part-author of ‘Constantinople : a Sketch of its History to 1453.’

BROOME. Lady, widow of the late Sir F. Napier Broome, Governor of West Australia ; author of ‘Station Life in New Zealand,’ etc.

BROOMHALL, G. J. S.; editor of ‘Corn Trade Year-Book,’ etc.

BROWN, Alexander Crum, M.A., M.D., D.Sc., LL.D. F.R.S. ; Professor of Chemistry, Edinburgh University, from 1869 ; President of Chemical Society of London, 1892-93 ; author of ‘The Development of the Idea of Chemical Composition.’

BROWN, Horatio Robert Forbes, LL.D. ; editor of the calendar of the Venetian State Papers, for the Public Record Office; author of ‘Life on the Lagoons,’ ‘Venetian Studies,’ ‘John Addington Symonds, a Biography.’

BROWN, J. Taylor.

BROWN, Robert, Ph.D.; naturalist of the Vancouver Expedition; explorer in Greenland; discovered the cause of discoloration of the Arctic Ocean ; author of ‘The Races of Mankind,’ republished as ‘The Peoples of the World,’ ‘Our Earth and Its Story’; editor of Science for All,’ and of ‘Leo Africanus’ for the Hakluyt Society.

BROWN, T. Craig; author of ‘History of Selkirkshire.’

BROWNE, Edward Granville, M.A., M.B.; Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and Professor of Persian; editor of ‘The Episode of the Bab,’ etc.

BROWNE, Montagu; author of ‘Practical Taxidermy,’ ‘Collecting Butterflies and Moths.’

BROWNE, William Hand; edited the ‘Southern Review’ and the ‘Southern Magazine’; late Professor of English Literature in Johns Hopkins University ; ,author of the ‘Clarendon Dictionary of the English Language,’ ‘Archives of Maryland,’ etc.

BROWNING, Oscar, M.A.; Fellow and Tutor of King’s College Cambridge; University Lecturer in History; Examiner for University of London, 1899; author of Modern England,’ ‘History of England,’ Life of George Eliot,’ and many historical monographs.

BROWNLOW, Rt. Rev. William Robert, M.D., D. D., R.C. Bishop of Clifton; provost, and domestic prelate to Pope Leo XIII.; co-editor of ‘English Roma Sotterranea’; author of ‘Early Christian Symbolism,’ ‘Lectures on Sacerdotalism, on the Catacombs, and other Archaelogical Subjects’; translated ‘Cur Deus Homo,’ and ‘Vitis Mystica.’

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