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Surnames: CLA-COL

CLARK, Charles Hopkins, editor of ‘Hartford Courant,’ Conn., U.S.A.

CLARK, Daniel Kinnear, M. Inst.C.E.; author of ‘Railway Machinery,’ ‘An Elementary Treatise on Steam and the Steam Engine,’ ‘Tramways: their Construction and Working,’ and other works on engineering.

CLARK, Francis William, LL.D.; Barrister; Sheriff of Lanarkshire, 1877-86; author of ‘A Treatise on the Law of Partnership and Joint-Stock Companies.’

CLARK, George A., B.L.; Secretary to the Leland Stanford Junior University, Secretary of the U.S. Fur Seal Commission, 1896-98.

CLARK, George Thomas ; formerly Deputy Lieutenant for Glamorgan; author of ‘Mediaeval Military Architecture in England,’ ‘Genealogies of the Older Families of Morgan and Glamorgan.’

CLARKE, Col. Alexander Ross, R.E., C.B., F.R.S. ; Royal Medal of Royal Soc. ; in charge of trigonometrical operations of the Ordnance Survey, 1854-81.

CLARKE, Lieut.-Col. Francis Coningsby Hannam, R.A., G.C.M.G.; Professor of Staff Duties at the Staff College, 1881-84; Surveyor--General in Ceylon from 1884; author of' The Armed Strength of the German Empire.’

CLARKE, Colonel Sir George Sydenham, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. ; Governor of Victoria, Australia, from 1901 ; served on Egyptian expedition, 1882; Sudan expedition, 1885; Secretary to Royal Com-mission on Navy and Army Administration; Super-intendent Royal Carriage Factory, 1894-1901 ; member of Committee on War Office Reorganization, 1900 - 1901; author of ‘Practical Geometry and Engineering Draw-ing,’ ‘The Principles of Graphic Statics,’ ‘Imperial Defence,’ ‘Russia’s Sea-Power,’ etc.

CLARKE., Rev. James Freeman; editor of the ‘Western Messenger,’ Louisville, 1836-39 ; founded the Church of the Disciples, Boston, U.S.A.; Pro-fessor of Christian Doctrine at Harvard Coll., 1876 ; author of ‘The Doctrine of Christianity,’ ‘Orthodoxy: Its Truths and Errors’; ‘History of the Campaign of 1812.’

CLARKE, John Algernon; edited ‘Chambers of Agriculture Journal’; author of ‘Fen Sketches,’ and of many reports and articles on agricultural ques-tions.

CLAUSEN, George, A.R.A., R.W.S.; medals—Paris 1889, Chicago 1893, Brussel 1897, Paris 1900.

CLAUSON, Captain John Eugene, R.E., B.A. London; Secretary, Colonial Defence Committee, War Office, London.

CLAYDEN, Peter William; formerly President, Inst. Journalists, London; author of ‘Scientific Men and Religious Teachers,’ ‘England under Lord Beaconsfield,’ ‘Early Life of Samuel Rogers,’ ‘Rogers and his Contemporaries,’ ‘England under the Coalition,’ etc.

CLEGHORN, Hugh Francis Charles, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E. ; attached to General Hospital, Madras; Professor of Botany, Madras, from 1852; organized Forest Dept. ; Commissioner for the Con-servancy of Forests ; formerly President of Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society; author of ‘The Forests and Gardens of South India.’

CLELAND, John, M.D., LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.; Regius Professor of Anatomy, Glasgow Univ., from 1877 ; Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Queen’s Coll., Galway, 1863-77; author of ‘The Mechanism of the Gubernaculum,’ ‘Animal Physiology’; jointeditor of seventh edition of ‘Quain’s Anatomy.’

CLERC, F. L., Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., M. Amer. Soc. of Mining Engineers.

CLERK, Dugald, M.Inst.C.E., F.C.S.; consulting engineer; originator of the ‘Clerk’ type of gas engine; author of ‘The Theory of the Gas and Oil Engine,’ ‘Notes on Motive-Power Inventions,’ etc.

CLERKE, Agnes Mary; made astronomical observations at the Cape of Good Hope, 1888 ; gained the Actonian Prize for her works on astronomy, 1893; author of ‘A Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century,’ ‘Problems in Astro-physics.’

CLERKE, Ellen Mary; author of ‘The Flying Dutchman and other Poems,’ ‘Jupiter and His System,’ ‘Fable and Song in Italy.’

CLEVE, Per Theodore ; Professor of Chemistry at Stockholm, 1870-74; Professor of Chemistry at the Univ. of Upsala from 1874; author of '’Qualitative Chemical Analysis,’ ‘Dictionary of Chemistry.’

CLIFFORD, Hugh Charles, C.M.G.; British Resident, Pahang; nominated by Colonial Office to post of Governor of North Borneo and Labuan under Chartered Company, 1900; author of ‘In Court and Kampong,’ ‘Studies in Brown Humanity,’ ‘Since the Beginning,’ ‘In a Corner of Asia’; joint-author with Sir Frank Swettenham. of a dictionary of the Malay language.

CLODD, Edward; author of ‘The Childhood of the World,’ ‘Story of Creation,’ ‘Story of Primitive Man,’ ‘Primer of Evolution,’ ‘Tom Tit Tot, an Essay on Savage Philosophy in Folk-Tale,’ ‘Story of the Alphabet,’ etc.

COBHAM C.. Delaval, M.A., B.C.L., C.M.G.; British Commissioner, Larnaca, Cyprus; editor of ‘Bibliography of Cyprus,’ and ‘Excerpta Cypria’; translator of Mariti’s ‘Travels in Cyprus,’

COCHRANE, W. C.; Attorney, Cincinnati, O.

COCKBURN, Hon. Sir John Alexander, K.C.M.G., M.D. ; Fellow of King’s College, London; Minister of Education, S. Australia, 1885-8 7, ; Premier and Chief Secretary, 1889-90 ; Chief Secretary, 1892 ; Minister of Education and Agriculture, 1893-98; Agent-General for South Australia to 1901.

CODRINGTON, Thomas, F.G.S., M. Inst.C.E.; formerly General Superintendent of County Roads for South Wales ; author of The Maintenance of Macadamized Roads.’

COGHLAN, T. A., A.M.I.C.E., F.S.S.; Government Statistician of New South Wales and Registrar of Friendly Societies and Trade Unions; author of ‘A Statistical Account of the Seven Colonies of Austral-asia,’ ‘Wealth and Progress of New South Wales,’ etc.

COLCLOUGH, John George, B.A.; late Secretary of the British Chamber of Commerce, Paris; author of ‘Ulster,’ ‘The Law of Contract,’ ‘Twenty-five Years of Anglo-French Trade,’ etc.

COLE, Alan S., C.B.; Assistant-Secretary for Art, Board of Education; author of ‘Ancient Needle Point and Pillow Lace;’ ‘Tapestry and Embroidery,’ etc. ; and editor of ‘Studies from the Museurns,’ and of various descriptive catalogues of Tapestry, Em-broidery, Lace, and Egyptian textiles at South Ken-sington Museum, etc.

COLENSO, Francis Ernest, M.A.; Barrister at the Bar of the Supreme Court of Natal.

COLLEN, Major-Gen. Sir Edwin Henry Hayter, R.A., G.C.I.E., K.C.I.E., C.B. ; Military Member of Council of Governor-General of India since 1896 ; served in Abyssinian War, 1868; Afghan War, 1880; Soudan Expedition, 1885.

COLLET, Sophia Dobson; author of ‘Indian Atheism and its Relation to Christianity,’ ‘Records of Theistic Churches in India,’ ‘Outlines and Episodes of Brahmic History.’

COLLEY, Maj.-Gen. Sir George Pomeroy, C.B., C.M.G., K.C.S.I..; served in the Anglo-French Expedition to China, 1860; Professor of Military Administration at the Staff College, 1871 ; served in the Ashanti Expedition, 1873 ; Private Secretary to the Governor-General of India, 1877 ; High Conimissioner and General Commanding in S.E. Africa, 1880.

COLLIER, James; London.

COLLINS, James; author of ‘Report on the Caout-chouc of Commerce,’ ‘Hides and Leather: Gutta-percha and Indiarubber.’

COLLINS, Rev. William Edward, M. A., B. D.; Professor of Ecclesiastical History, King’s Coll., London; author of ‘The English Reformation and its Consequences,’ ‘The Nature and Force of the Common Law,’ ‘Unity, Catholic and Papal,’ etc.

COLLINS, Rev. William Lucas M.A.; Hon. Canon of Peterborough, 1870-87 ; edited ‘Ancient Classics for English Readers.’

COLOMB, Sir John Charles Ready, K.C.M.G., M.P. ; author of ‘Imperial Strategy,’ ‘The Defence of Great and Greater Britain,’ ‘Naval Intelligence and Protection of Commerce,’ ‘The Use and Application of Marine Forces,’ ‘Imperial Federation, Naval and Military,’ ‘British Defence,’ etc.

COLVIN Sir Auckland, K.C.S.I., K.C.M.G., C.I.E.; Grand Cordons of Osmanieh and Medjidieh; Comp-troller-Gen., Egypt, 1880-82 ; Financial Adviser to Khedive, 1882-83; Financial Member of Viceroy’s Council, India, 1883-87; Lieut.-Gov. North-West Provinces and Oudh, 1887-92; author of ‘John Russell Colvin,’ etc.

COLVIN, Sidney, M.A.; Keeper of Prints and Drawings, British Museum, from 1884; Slade Professor of Fine Art, Cambridge, 1873-85; Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, 1876-84; edited the Edin-burgh edition of R. L. Stevenson’s works, ‘Letters of. R. L. Stevenson,’ and ‘History of Painting,’ from the German of Woltmann and Woermann.

COLYAR, H. A. de; Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple; author of ‘Law of Guarantees and of Principal and Surety.’

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