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Surnames: CRI-DAV

CRIMP, Santo, M. Inst.C.E.; author of ‘Sewage Disposal Works’; joint-author of ‘Tables and Diagrams for use in designing Sewers and Water Mains,’ etc.

CRITCHELL, James Troubridge; London correspondent of the ‘Brisbane Courier,’ ‘North Queensland Herald,’ etc. ; author of ‘Preliminary Enquiry into the Markets of the European Continent,’ ‘Guide to Queensland,’ etc.

CROCKER, S.R. ; author of ‘The Centennial Exposition of 1876.’

CROFTON, Morgan W., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S. ; Pro-fessor of Mathematics and Mechanics, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, 1870-84; author of memoirs in the ‘Philosophical Transactions’ of the Royal Soc. on the ‘Theory of Probabilities.’

CROMBIE, Rev. F., D.D. ; formerly Professor of Divinity, Univ. of St. Andrews; executed trans-lations for the ‘Ante-Nicene Library.’

CROMBIE, Rev. James M.; author of ‘Braemar: its Topography and Natural History,’ ‘Lichenes Britannici.’

CROOKES, Sir William, F.R.S. Past President of the Chemical Society, Great Britain, and of the Institution of Electrical Engineers; editor of ‘Chemical News.’; President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1898 ; editor of ‘Quarterly Journal of 8cience’; author of ‘Select Methods in Chemical Analysis,’ ‘Handbook of Dyeing and Calico Printing,’ ‘Wagner’s Chemical Technology,’ ‘Auer-bach’s Anthracen and its Derivatives,’ ‘The Profitable Disposal of Sewage,’ ‘The Wheat Problem,’ etc.

CROSS, Charles Robert, B Sc.; Professor of Physics and Director of Rogers Laboratory, Massa-chusetts Institute of Technology; Director of Rumford Committee, American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

CROTHERS, William Edmund ; Belfast.

CROWE, Sir Joseph Archer, K.C.M.G., C.B.; Director of the School of Art at Bombay, 1857-59; formerly Consul at Düsseldorf and Leipzig; Com-mercial Attaché at Paris; British Plenipotentiary to the Samoan Conference, 1889, etc. ; author of ‘Early Flemish Painters,’ ‘History of Panting in Italy’; edited the ‘Cicerone’ and ‘Kugler’s Handbook of Painting.’

CROZIER, Capt. T H. R.A.; Professor of Artillery, Ordnance Coliege, Woolwich.

CRUICKSHANK, Alexander, LL.D.; Aberdeen.

CRUMP, Charles George, B.A.;.of H.M. Record Office ; editor of ‘The History of the Life of Thomas Ellwood,’ ‘The Works of Walter Savage Landor,’ etc.

CUNDALL, F.; Secretary and Librarian, Institute of Jamaica; author of ‘Studies in Jamaica History,’ ‘The Story of the Life of Columbus and Discovery of America’; edited ‘Bibliotheca Jamaicensis,’ etc.

CUNNINGHAM, J. T M.A.; sometime Fellow of University Coll., Oxford ; lecturer on Fisheries, Tech. Instruction Com. Of Cornwall; formerly Asst. Professor of Natural History, Edinburgh; also Naturalist to Marine Biological Assoc. ; author of ‘Treatise on Common Sole,’ ‘Marketable Marine Fishes of the British Isles,’ ‘Sexual Dimorphism,’ etc.

CUNNINGHAM, Rev. William, D.D., D.Sc-, LL.D. ; Fellow and Lecturer, Trinity Coll., Cambridge, from 1891; Vicar of Great St. Mary’s, Cam-bridge, from 1887 ; Professor of Economics, King’s Coll., London, 1891-97 ; author of ‘Growth of English Industry and Commerce,’ and other works on economic questions.

CURRAN, Rev. J. Milne; anthor of ‘Geology of Sydney and the Blue Mountains,’ ‘A Contribution to the Geology and Petrography of Bathurst,’ etc.

CURTIS, Rev. Charles George, M.A.; Chaplain of the Memorial Church at Pera from 1868 ; Chaplain of Gibraltar from 1879.


DABNEY Charles William, Ph.D.; President, Univ. of Tennessee; Assistant U.S. Secretary for Agriculture, 1893-97, etc.

DABNEY, Richard Heath, A.M., Ph.D.; Pro-fessor of Historical and Economical Science, University of Virginia; author of ‘The Causes of the French Revolution,’ ‘John Randolph: a Character Sketch.’

DALBY, W. Ernests, M.A., B.Sc., M. Inst.C.E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, City and Guilds Technical College, Finsbury.

DALE, T. F. ; author of ‘The Game of Polo’; part--editor of ‘Riding and Polo.’

DALL, Hon. William Healey, A.M.; naturalist, U.S , National Museum; author of ‘Alaska and its Resources,’ ‘Tribes of the Extreme North-West,’ etc.

DALLAS, Eneas Sweetland; formerly on the staff of ‘The Times’; author of ‘Poetics: an Essay on Poetry,’’ The Gay Science,’ ‘Kettnier’s Book of the Table : a Manual of Cookery.’

DALLAS, J. M. M. late Secretary of the Edin-burgh Draughts Club.

D’ALMEIDA, William Barrington, F.R.G.S.; Barrister-at-Law ; author of ‘Life in Java, with Sketches of the Javanese.’

DANNREUTHER, Edward; Professor, Royal Coll. of Music, London; author of ‘Musical Ornamentation,’ ‘Liszt’s Etudes,’ ‘Richard Wagner.’

DARWIN, Francis M.A., M.B., F.R.S.; Fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge; Reader in Botany; author of ‘Life and Letters of Charles Darwin,’ ‘Practical Physiology of Plants.’

DARWIN, George Howard, M.A., LL.D., D.Sc., F. R.S.; Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experi-mental Philosophy, Cambridge; Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb. ; author of ‘Memoirs on the Effects of Tidal Friction on the Earth and on the Moon,’ in the ‘Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc.,’ ‘The Tides and Kindred Pheno-mena in the Solar System,’ etc.

DARWIN, Major Leonard, R.E.; Intelligence Dept. War Office, 1885-90; served on several scientific expeditions, including Transit of Venus of 1874 and 1882; author of ‘Bi-metallism.’

DAVENPORT, Cyril James H., F.S.A.; British Museum ; author of ‘The English Regalia,’ ‘Royal English Bookbindings,’ ‘Cantor Lectures on Decora-tive Bookbindings,’ ‘English Embroidered Bookbindings,’ ‘Life of T. Berthelet.’

DAVEY of Fernhurst, Rt. Ron. Lord, D.C.L., F. R.S. ; Lord of Appeal in Ordinary; Solicitor-General: 1886 ; Lord Justice of Appeal, 1893.

DAVIDS, T. W. Rhys, LL.D., Ph.D.; Secretary and Librarian, Royal Asiatic Society; Professor of Pâli and Buddhist Literature, Univ. Coll., London; author of ‘Buddhism,’ ‘Buddhist Birth Stories,’ ‘Buddhist Suttas from the Pâli,’ ‘Hibbert Lectures,’1881, etc.

DAVIDSON, Alex. P.; Edinburgh.

DAVIDSON, Rev. Andrew B., D.D., LL.D.; Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis in New College, Edinburgh, from 1863; one of the Old Testament Revisers; author of ‘A Commentary on the Book of Job,’ ‘An Introductory Hebrew Gram-mar.’

DAVIDSON Rev. Samuel, D.D.; Professor of Biblical Critcism at the Royal College, Belfast, 1835; Professor of Biblical Literature at the Manchester Congregational College, 1842-62 ; one of the Old Testa-ment Revisers ; author of ‘The Canon of the Bible,’ ‘Critical and Exegetical Introductions both to the Old and New Testaments.’

DAVIDSON, Thomas; editor with W. & R. Cham-bers ‘Edinburgh; assistant-editor of Globe Encyclo-paedia and of Chambers’s Encyclopaedia.

DAVIDSON, Thomas; Hon. Sec. of the Geological Society of London; author of ‘British Fossil Brachio-poda.’

DAVIDSON, Thomas, LL.D. ; contributor to the ‘Round Fable’ and the ‘Western Educational Monthly’; author of ‘The Place of Art in Education,’ ‘Handbook of Dante from the Italian of Scartazzini,’ ‘The Philosophical System of Rosmini.’

DAVIDSON William Leslie, M.A., LL.D.; Professor ol Logic and Metaphysics, Aberdeen Uni-versity; author of ‘English Words Explained,’ ‘Theism as grounded in Human Nature,’ ‘A Philo-sophical Centenary: Reid and Campbell,’ ‘Christian Ethics.’

DAVIES, A. Llewelyn, B.A.; Barrister, Inner Temple; Assistant Reader in Common Law under the Council of Legal Education.

DAVIES, Rev. George Palmer; formerly Secre-tary of the British and Foreign Bible Society, Berlin.

DAVIES, Henry Walford, Mus. Doe. A.R.C.M.; organist and director of the choir, Temple Church, London; teacher of counterpoint, R.C. M., 1895.

DAVIES, Rev. James, M.A.; Prebendary of Hereford Cathedral, 1875-83 ; translated classical authors for ‘Bohn’s Classical Library’; author of volumes in Collins’s ‘Ancient Classics for English Readers.’

DAVIS, Israel; Barrister; author of ‘The Jews in Roumania.’

DAVIS, James Edward; Barrister; Legal Adviser to the Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police, 1874-87 ; author of ‘Practice and Evidence in the County Courts,’ ‘The Criminal Law Consolidation Statutes.’

DAVIS, John ; proprietor and editor of the ‘Junction City Tribune ; represented Kansas in Congress ; author of ‘Napoleon Buonaparte,’ ‘Public Ownershipof Railroads,’ ‘The Conquest of the Prairies.’

DAVIS, John Patterson, A.M., Ph.D. ; Assistant Professor in History and Economics, University of Michigan, 1894-95; Attorney-at-Law, Nampa, Idaho; author of ‘The Union Pacific Railway,’ etc.

DAVIS, William Morris, Professor of Physical Geography, Harvard University ; author of ‘Physical Geography’ and numerous scientific publications.

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