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Surnames: DAW-DIG

DAWKINS, William Boyd, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.; Professor of Geology and Palaeontology in Owens College, Manchester; served on Geological Survey of Great Britain, 1861-69; author of ‘Cave Hunting,’ ‘Early Man in Britain.’ ‘British Pleistocene Mammalia.’

DAWSON, George Mercer, LL.D., F.R.S.; Director of the Geological Survey of Canada; Geologist and Naturalist to H.M. North American Boundary Commission, 1873-75; one of H.M. Behring Sea Commissioners, 1891; author of numerous scientific and technical reports printed by the Canadian Government.

DAY, Lewis F. ; English designer and art lecturer; author of ‘Windows—Stained and Painted Glass,’ ‘The Anatomy of Pattern,’ ‘The Distribution of Ornamental Design,’ ‘Art in Needlework: A Book about Embroidery,’ etc.

DAYOT, Armand; Inspector of Fine Arts, Ministry of Fine Arts, France; author of ‘Un Siècle d’Art,’ ‘La Rèvolution Française, d’après des peintures, sculptures, etc.,’ ‘Les Maltres de la Caricature Française an XIXe siècle,’ etc.

DEACON, George Fredericks, M. Inst.C.E.; Member of Council of Institution of Civil Engineers, London; projected the Vyrnwy water-supply scheme for Liverpool, and subsequently carried it out (the first half in conjunction with the late Thomas Hawksley); President Mechanical Science Section, British Association, Toronto, 1897.

DEANS, Richard Storry, LL.B.; Barrister-at-Law, Gray’s Inn.

DEBY, H.; Brussels.

DE CHAUMONT, Francis Stephen Bennett François, M.D., F.R.S. ; served in Crimean War; Professor of Hygiene at the Army Medical School, Netley Hospital, from 1863; author of ‘Different Families of the Human Race,’ ‘Hygiene in Civil and Military Life’

DEECKE, Wilhelm, Ph.D.; formerly of the Gym-nasium at Mühlausen; edited K. O. Müller’s ‘Die Etruscer’; author of ‘Etruskische Forschungen.’

DELGUEURE, M.; Brussels.

DEL MAR, Alexander; edited ‘Hunt’s Merchants’ Magazine ; established the ‘Social Science Review’; author of'Gold Mone and Paper Money,’ ‘Essays on Political Economy,’ ‘History of Money.’

DENDY, Arthur, B.Sc., F.L.S. ; author of ‘A Mono-graph of the Victorian Sponges,’ and joint-author of ‘An Introduction to the Study of Botany.’

DENNING, W. F.. F.R.A.S.; Gold Medal, R.A.B. President, Liverpool Astronomical Soc., 1877-78 author of ‘Telescopic Work for Starlight Evenings,’ ‘The Great Meteoric Shower,’ etc.

DE VILLIERS, John Abraham J.; British Museum.

DE VINNE, Theodore Low, printer and typo-graphist, New York; author of ‘Printers’ Price List,’ ‘Invention of Printing,’ ‘Historic Types,’ etc.

DEWAR, James, M.A., Hon. LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S., Professorial Fellow of Peterhouse, Camb.; Jacksonian Professor of Experimental Philosophy, Cambridge; Fullerian Professor of Chemistry, Royal Institution, London ; Vice-President of the Royal Society ; a Director of the Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory; President, British Association, for 1902; co-inventor with Sir Frederick Abel of cordite; late member of the Government Explosives Committee; contributor to scientific journals.

DEXTER, Franklin Bowditch; late Professor of American History, Yale, U.S. ; author of ‘Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale College,’ ‘Sketch of the History of Yale University.’

DEXTER, Rev. Henry Martyn; formerly Pastor of the Berkeley Street Church, Boston, U.S.A.; edited the ‘Congregational Quarterly’ and the ‘Congrega-tionalist and Recorder’; author of ‘The Voice of the Bible the Verdict of Reason,’ ‘A History of Old Ply-mouth Colony.’

DIBDIN, Charles, F.R.G.S.,; Knight of St John of Jerusalem in England; Secy. of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, England; Hon. Secy. of the Civil Service Liteboat Fund.

DIBDIN, Lewis Tonna, K.C., D.C.L.; author of ‘Church Courts,’ ‘City Livery Companies,’ ‘Brower'’ Endowment and Establishment,’ ‘Monasticism in England,’ ‘Hanson'’ Death Duties.’

DICEY, Edward, C.B.; editor of ‘The Observer,’ London, 1870-89 ; author of ‘Rome in 1860,’ ‘Cavour,’ ‘The Morning Land,’ ‘England and Egypt,’ ‘Victor Emmanuel,’ ‘Bulgaria, the Peasant State,’ ‘The Story of the Khedivate,’ etc.

DICKEY, Rev. Charles A., D.D.; Pregident of the Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia; Moder-ator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, 1900.

DICKSON, Henry Newton, B.Sc., F.R.S.E., F.R.G.S.; late Vice-President, Royal Meteorological Society; Lecturer in Physical Geography, Oxford; author of ‘Meteorology: the Elements of Weather and Climate,’ etc.

DICKSON, Sir J. Frederick, K.C.M.G.; organized the North-West Province of Ceylon; edited and translated from Pâli, the ‘Upasampada-Kamma-vácá’ and the ‘Patimokha.’

DIGBY, Sir Kenelm Edward, K.C.B., M A. Permanent Under-Secretary of State at Home Oftice from 1895; Vinerian Law Reader at Oxford, 1868-74; County Court Judge, 1892-94; author of ‘An Intro-duction to the Law of Real Property.’

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