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Surnames: DIL-DUM

DILKE, Lady (Mrs. Mark Pattison); author of ‘The Renaissance of Art in France,’ ‘Claude Lor-rain, sa Vie et ses Aeuvres,’ ‘French Architects and Sculptors of the Eighteenth Century,’ etc.

DINGELSTEDT, Victor; anthor of ‘Le Regime Patriarcal et le Droit Coutumier des Kirghiz,’ adapted from the Russian of N. I. Grodekoff.

DITTMAR, William, LL.D., F.R.S. ; Professor of Chemistry at the Glasgow Technical College from 1874; Assist.-Lecturer in Owens College, Manchester, from 1873; author of ‘Chemical Analysis,’ ‘Chemical Arithmetic.’

DIXON, Capt. J. Whitly, R.N.; Conservator of the river Humber; late Staff Commander of the Medway Fleet Reserve; author of ‘Mariner’s Compass in an Iron Ship,’ etc.

DOBSON, George; Petersburg; author of ‘Russia’s Railway Advance and Central Asia,’ etc.

DOBSON, George Edward, Surgeon-Major, M.A., M.B., F.Z.S., F.R.S. ; late of the Royal Victoria Hos-pital, Netley ; author of ‘Monograph of the Asiatic Chiroptera, etc.,’ ‘A Monograph of the Insectivora, Systematic and Anatomical.’

DOBSON, Henry Austin; Principal Clerk, H.M. Board of Trade, to 1901 ; author of ‘Proverbs in Porcelain,’ ‘At the Sign of the Lyre,’ ‘Thomas Bewick and his Pupils,’ ‘Lives of Fielding, Steele, etc., ‘Four Frenchwomen,’ ‘Eighteenth Century Vignettes,’ ‘A Paladin of Philanthropy,’ etc.

DODD, Lieut.-Col. John Richard, M. B., F.R.C.S., R.A.M.C. ; Medical Officer, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.

DODS, Rev. Marcus, D.D.; United Free Church Professor of New Testament Theology, Edinburgh, from 1889; author of ‘Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ,’ ‘Handbook to Genesis,’ The Parables of Our Lord,’ etc.

DONALDSON, James, LL. D. Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of St. Andrews; Rector of High School, Edinburgh, 1866 ; Professor of Humanity at Aberdeen University, 1881-86; author of ‘Modern Greek Grammar,’ ‘Expiatory and Substitutionary Sacrifices of the Greeks’; editor of ‘The Apostolical Fathers.’

DORAN, John, Ph.D.; author of ‘History of Court Fools,’ ‘Memories of our Great Towns,’ ‘Their Majesties’ Servants: Annals of the English Stage,’etc.

DOUGALL, James Dalziel; author of ‘Treatise on Salmon and Trout Angling,’ ‘The Rifle Simpli-fied,’ ‘Shooting: its Appliances, Practice, and Pur-pose.’

DOUGHTY, Charles Montagu, M.A.; author of ‘Documents Epigraphiques recueillis dans le Nord de l’Arabie,’ ‘Travels in Arabia Deserta.’

DOUGLAS, James, LL.D.; member and Vice-Presi-dent, Am. Inst. of Mining Engineers; formerly Professor of Chemistry, Morrin College, Quebec ; author of ‘Canadian Independence,’ ‘Imperial Federation and Annexation,’ etc.

DOUGLAS, Robert Kennaway, Keeper of Oriental Printed Books and MSS. at the British Museum; Professor of Chinese, King’s Coll., London; China Consular Service, 1858; Assistant in charge of Chinese Library, British Museum, 1865; author of ‘The Language and Literature of China,’ ‘Con-fucianism and Taoism,’ ‘China,’ ‘A Chinese Manual,’ ‘The Life of Li Hung-Chang,’ ‘China.’

DOUGLAS, Sir William Fettes, LL.D.; Curator of the National Gallery of Scotland, 1877-82; Pre-sident of the. Royal Scottish Academy, 1882; among his best-known pictures are ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Stonehaven Harbour.’

DOUGLASS, William Tregarthen, M. Inst.C.E., M. I.M. E. ; late Consulting Engineer to Trinity House ; Consulting Engineer to Govts. of W. Australia, N. S. Wales, Victoria, Cape of Good Hope, etc. ; erected the Eddystone, Bishop Rock Lighthouses, etc.; author of ‘The New Eddystone Lighthouse,’ ‘On the More Efficient Lighting of Estuaries and Rivers,’ etc.

DOVE, Patrick Edward ; edited the ‘Common-wealth,’ and part of the ‘Imperial Dictionary of Biography’; author of ‘Elements of Political Science,’ ‘The Logic of the Christian Faith,’ ‘The Revolver.’

DOWSON, J. Emerson, M. Inst.C.E., M.I.M.E.; .inventor of the Dowson gas plant; part-author of ‘Tramways,’ ‘Decimal Coinage,’ etc. etc.

DOWSON, John ; Professor of Hindustani at the Staff College, Sandhurst; edited the ‘History of India as told by its own Historians’; author of ‘A Grammar of the Urdu Language,’ ‘A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion.’

DRA KE, Joseph Rodman; American poet; author of ‘The Culprit Fay,’ ‘The American Flag.’

DRAKE, Samuel Adams; Colonel of the Kansas volunteers in the Civil War; author of ‘The Making of New England,’ ‘The Battle of Gettysburg,’ ‘A Book of New England Legends and Folk-Lore.’

DRENNAN, James; Land Valuer, Ayr.

DREYER, John Louis Emil; Director, Armagh Observatory; Assist.-Astronomer at Dublin University Observatory, 1878-82; author of ‘Second Armagh Catalogue of 3300 Stars,’ 1886, ‘New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars,’ ‘Tycho Brahe’; co-editor of ‘Copernicus: an International Journal of Astronomy,’ 1881-84.

DRIESCH, Hans A. E., Ph.D.; Stazione Zoologica, Naples; author of ‘Analytical Theory of Organic Development,’ ‘Biology,’ etc.

DRIVER, Rev. Samuel Rolles, D.D., D.Litt. ; Regius Professor of Hebrew, and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford; one of the Old Testament Revisers ; author of ‘Isaiah,’ ‘Notes on the Hebrew Text of the Books of Samuel,’ ‘An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament’; joint-editor of ‘A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testa-ment.’

DRONE, Eaton Sylvester; Barrister; editor of ‘New York Herald’; author of ‘Law of Property in Intellectual Productions, embracing Copyright and Playright.’

DRUMMOND, Francis M. D. ; Brighton.

DRUMMOND, Rev. Henry, M.A.; formerly Lecturer on Aatural Science in the Free Church College, Glasgow, 1875; author of ‘Natural Law in the Spiritual World,’ ‘Tropical Africa,’ ‘The Ascent of Man.’

DUFF, Rt. Hon. Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant, P.C., G.C.S.I., M.A., F.R.S. ; Under-Secretary of State for India, 1868-74 ; Under--Secretary for the Colonies, 1880-81; Governor of Madras, 1881-86; Ex-President, Royal Geographical Society, and Royal Historical Society; author of ‘Miscellanies, Political and Literary,’ ‘Memoir of Sir H. S. Maine,’ ‘Ernest Renan,’ ‘Memoir of Lord de Tabley,’ ‘Notes from a Diary.’

DUFFIELD, William Bartleet: of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

DU FIEF, J. ; Secrétaire, Société Royale Belge de Géographie, Bruxelles; author of ‘Atlas du Belgique,’ ‘Les découvertes maritimes des Portugais au XVe siécle,’ ‘Les Expéditions Belges au. Katenga,’ etc.

DUMRATH, O. H. ; Phil.D., Stockholm.

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