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Surnames: FLA-FRY

FLANNERY, Sir James Fortescue, M.P. ; Con-sulting Engineer; sometime President of the Institu-tion of Marine Engineers.

FLEMING, C. J. N., B.A.; Scottish Intemational Football Player; member of Committee of Scottish Rugby Football Union.

FLEMING, George C. B .,LL.D., F.R.C.V.S ; Principal Vet. Surg. of Army, 1883-90; served in the Crimea, China, Egypt, and Syria; author of ‘Travels on Horseback in Manchu Tartary,’ ‘Animal Plagues: their History, Nature, and Prevention.’

FLEMING, John Ambrose, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.; Ponder Professor of Electrical Engineering, Univ. College, London; Fellow of Univ. Coll., London; author of ‘Treatise on the Alternate Current Trans-former,’ ‘A Handbook for the Electrical Laboratory and Testing Room,’etc.

FLINT, Rev. Robert, D.D., LL.D.; Professor of Divinity, Edinburgh Univ., from 1876; Professor of Moral Philosophy and Political Economy, St Andrews Univ., 1864-76; author of ‘Philosophy of History in Europe,’ ‘Theism’

FLOWER, Sir William Henry, K.C.B., D.Sc., D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D., F.R.S. ; Director of British Museum, Nat. Hist. Dept. ; President of the Zoological Soc. ; President of the British Assoc., 1889 ; author of ‘Introduction to the Osteology of Mammalia,’ ‘The Horse: a Study in Natural History.’

FOOTE, Arthur De Wint ; Superintendent of North Star Mining Company, California.

FORBES, Rev. George Hay; Episcopal minister of Burntisland; endowed Pitsligo Press in that town; author of ‘The Goodness of God,’ ‘Doctrinal Errors of the English Prayer Book.’

FORBES, Dr. H. O., LL.D., F.R.G.S.; Director of Museums, Liverpool ; author of ‘A Naturalist’s Wander-ings in the Eastern Archipelago,’ etc.

FORD, Worthington Chauncey, Public Library, Boston, U.S.A.; Chief of Bureau of Statistics, U.S. Department of State, 1885-89, and of Bureau of Statistics, U.S. Treasury Department, 1893-98; author of ‘American Citizen’s Manual,’ etc.

FORD, W. J., M.A.; author of ‘A Cricketer on Cricket.’

FOREMAN, John, F.R.G.S. ; author of ‘The Philippine Islands.’

FORTIER, Alcée, Litt.D. ; Professor of Romance Language; Tulane University, New Orleans; some-time President of the Modern Language Association of America, and of the American Folk-Lore Society; President of the Louisiana Historical Society since 1894; author of ‘Louisiana Studies,’ ‘Louisiana Folk Tales,’ etc.

FOSTER, Clement Le Neve, D.Sc., F.R.S.; Professor of Mining at Royal School of Mines, London; Geological Survey of Great Britain, 1860-65 ; H.M. Inspector of Mines, 1873-1901; author of ‘Ore and Stone Mining,’ etc.

FOSTER, Hon. John Watson, LL. D.; ex-U.S. Minister to Mexico, Russia, and Spain ; U.S. Secretary of State 1892-93, and Agent of the United States in the Behring Sea Arbitration.

FOSTER, Sir Michael, K.C.B., D.C.L., D.Sc., LL.D., F.R.S., M.P. ; Professor of Physiology, Cambridge; President of the British Association, 1899; author of ‘Text Book of Physiology,’ ‘Lectures on History of Physiology’ ; joint-editor of ‘Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley,’ etc.

FOSTER, William Eaton ; librarian of Providence (U.S.) Public Library; author of ‘The Civil Service Reform Movement,’ ‘Town Government in Rhode Island,’ ‘Stephen Hopkins: a Rhode Island States-man.’

FOWLER, George Herbert, Ph.D., F.Z.S.; Berkeley Fellow of Owens College, 1884-87; Secretary Marine Biological Association, 1891-95; Assistant and Assistant Professor of Zoology, University College, London, 1891-99 ; author of articles ‘Hydromedusae’ and ‘Scyphomedusae’ in Lankester’s ‘Zoology,’ etc.

FOWLER, Rev. Joseph Thomas, M.A., Hon. D.C.L., M.R.C.S. ; Vice-Principal of Bishop Hatfield’s Hall, Durharn, from 1870; University Hebrew Lecturer, 1872 ; has edited texts for the Surtees Soc. and the Yorkshire Archaeological Soc. ; author of ‘Durham Cathedral.’

FOWLER, Thomas, D.D., LL.D.; sometime Fellow and Tutor of Lincoln Coll., Oxford ; President of Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford, from 1881 ; Professor of Logic, 1873-88 ; Vice-Chancellor of the Univ. of Oxford, 1899-1901 ; author of ‘Elements of Deductive Logic,’ ‘Elements of Inductive Logic,’ ‘Locke'’(‘English Men of Letters’), ‘Shaftesbury and Hutcheson’ (‘English Philosophers’), etc.

FOX, Major Charles James; head of London Savage Corps.

FOX, Francis, M. Inst.C.E. ; author of ‘On the Results of Trials of Varieties of Iron Permanent Way,’ and various papers on ‘Ventilation Tunnelling,’ etc.

FRANCIS, Francis ; sportsman ; joint-editor of the ‘Field’; established the ‘Thames Rights Defence Association’; introduced trout into New Zealand rivers; author of ‘A Book on Angling,’ ‘By Lake and River,’ ‘The Practical Management of Fisheries.’

FRANKLIN, Fabian, Ph.D.; editor of ‘Baltimore News’ Baltimore, U.S.A.; formerly Professor of Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University.

FRANTZ,. Henri; art critic, ‘Gazette des Beaux Arts,’ ‘Paris’.

FRASER, Alexander Campbell, LL.D., D.C.L.; Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Univ. of Edin-burgh; editor of ‘North British Review,’ 1850-57; author of ‘Essays in Philosophy,’ ‘Philosophy of Theism.’

FRASER, Hugh J. E., M.A; Advocate; author of ‘An Analytical Digest of Cases decided in the Supreme Court of Scotland,’etc.

FRASER, Rev. John; formerly Professor in the Univ. of Chicago.

FRAZER, James George, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D. ; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Barrister; author of ‘Totemism,’ ‘The Golden Bough,’ ‘Pausanias, and other Greek Sketches.’

FREAM, William, LL.D., F.G.S., F.L.S., F.S.S.; Lecturer on Agricultural Entomology, Edinburgh Univ.; Asst.-Commissioner to the Royal Commission on Agriculture, 1893-96 ; author of ‘Elements of Agri-culture,’ ‘ Soils and their Properties,’ etc. ; editor of the ‘Journal’ of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, 1890-1900.

FREEMAN, Edward Augustus, D.C.L., LL.D.; Fellow of Trinity Coll., Oxford ; formerly Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford ; author of ‘History of the Norman Conquest,’ ‘Growth of the English Constitution,’ ‘Unity of History,’ ‘English Towns and Districts,’ ‘William the Conqueror,’ ‘Exeter’ (‘Historic Towns’), etc.

FREEMANTLE, Commander S,; R.N.; part--author of ‘Nautical Terms and Phrase in French and English,’ etc.

FRERE, Rev. Walter Howard, M.A.; Superior of the Community of the Resurrection ; author of ‘A New History of the Book of Common Prayer,’ ‘Notes On the Early History of the Use of Incense’; editor Bibliotheca Musico-Liturgica,’ ‘The Marian Re-action,’ etc.

FRESHFIELD, Douglas William, M.A.; Barrister; Member of Council of the Royal Geographical Soc., 1878-94; author of ‘Travels in the Central Caucasus and Bashan’ ; edited the ‘Alpine Journal,’ 1872-80, and two editions of Murray’s ‘Switzerland.’

FROST, Rev. Andrew Hollingsworth, M.A.; Secretary of the Church Missionary Soc., 1869-70; Principal of Church Missionary Coll., Islington, 1870-74.

FRY, The Rt. Mon. Sir Edward, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. ; Judge of the High Court, Chancery Division, 1877-83; Lord Justice of Appeal, 1883-92; Fellow of the University of London and Univ. Coll., London; Hon. Foilow of Balliol Coll., Oxford; presided over the Royal Commission on the Irish Land Acts, 1897-98; author of ‘The Specific Performance of Contracts,’ ‘British Mosses,’ ‘James Hack Tuke,’ etc.

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