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Surnames: GOR-GRI

GORDON, Rev. Alexander, M.A.; author of Modern Quakerism,’ ‘Heads of English Unitarian History,’ etc.

GORDON, Home Seton Charles Montagu; writes for ‘Morning Post,’ ‘The Artist,’ ‘Outlook,’ ‘County Gentleman,’ ‘Badminton Magazine,’ etc.

GORDON, Gen. Sir John James Hood, K.C.B., Indian staff Corps ; member of the Council of India.

GORDON, Rev. John; Kenilworth.

GORST, Sir John Lowndes, K.C.B.; Financial Adviser to the Egyptian Government; Controller of Direct Taxes to Egyptian Government, 1890; Under--Secretary of State for Finance, 1892 ; Adviser to the Ministry of the Interior, 1894.

GOSCH, C. A.; Attaché to the Danish Legation in Great Britain; author of ‘Denmark and Germany since 1815,’ ‘The Nationality of Schleswig’; editor of ‘Danish Arctic Expeditions, 1605-1620,’ etc.

GOSSE, Edmund, M.A., LL.D. ; Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St Olaf, First Class; Asst. Librarian, British Museum, 1867-75; Clark Lecturer in English Literature, Trin. Coll., Camb., 1884-90; author of ‘Collected Poems,’ ‘Northern Studies,’ ‘History of Eighteenth Century Literature,’ ‘The Jacobean Poets,’ ‘History of Modern English Literature,’ etc.

GOTCH, Rev. Frederick William, LL.D.; one of the Old Testament Revisers ; author of ‘Revised English Bible Genesis to Deuteronomy,’ ‘A Supplement to Tischedorf’s Reliquiae ex incendio ereptae codicis Cottoniani, 1881.

GOUDY, Henry, M.A., LL.D., D.C.L.; Regius Professor of Civil Law, Oxford, from 1893 ; Fellow of All Souls Coll.; formerly Professor of Civil Law, Edin-burgh Univ. ; edited the ‘Juridical Review'’ till 1893; author of ‘A. Treatise on the Law of Bankruptcy in Scotland’; joint-author of ‘Manual of Local Govern-ment in Scotland.’

GOUGH, Archibald Edward, M.A.; Principal of the ‘Calcutta Madrasa’; edited ‘Records of Ancient Sanskrit Literature in India’; translated the Sarva-Darsana-Sangraha; author of ‘The Philosophy of the Upanishads and Ancient Indian Metaphysics.’

GOUGH, James A. H., B.A. Lond.; late Secretary of the Thames Conservancy.

GOULD, Prof. Elgin R. L., Ph.D.; President of the City and Suburban Homes Company, New York; formerly Lecturer at Johns Hopkins and Chicago Universities; Cor. Member, Société de Statistique, Paris; author of ‘Housing of Working People,’ etc.

GOW, William, M. A., Ph.D.; Lecturer at University Coll., Liverpool, on Marine Insurance; author of ‘Marine Insurance,’ ‘A British Imperial Customs Union,’ etc.

GRACE, John Hilton; M. A. Fellow of Peterhouse Coll., Cambridge.

GRAFF, Ludvig von Ph -D, Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at the Univ. of Graz; President of the Zoological Institute, Graz; author of ‘The Genus Myzostoma,’ ‘Monograph on the Turbel-laria.’

GRAHAM , P. Anderson ; author of ‘Rural Exodus.’

GRANT, Sir Alexander, Bart., M.A., D.C.L. ; sometime Fellow. of Oriel Coll., Oxford; Vice-Chan-cellor of Bombay Univ., 1863-68; Principal of Edinburgh Univ., 1868-84 ; author of ‘The Story of the University of Edinburgh.’

GRAY, Albert; Barrister; Counsel to the Chairman of Committees in the House of Lords.

GRAY, John Miller: Art Critic and Curator of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery ; author of ‘David Scott, R.S.A.,’ ‘James and William Tassie.’

GRAY, Robert; Peterhead.

GRAY, Thomas,,B.Sc., F.R.S.E.; Glasgow.

GREEN, Joseph; author of ‘The Republic of Uru-guay.’

GREEN, Joseph Reynolds, Sc.D., F.R.S.; Pro-fessor of Botany, Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain ; Fellow of Downing Coll., Cambridge ; Demonstrator of Physiology, Cambridge, 1885-87; author of ‘A Manual of Botany,’ ‘The Soluble Ferments and Fermentation,’ etc.

GREEN, Major-General Sir William Henry Rhodes, K.C.S.I., C.B. ; served through the 2nd Punjab War, the Crimean War, Persian War, 1856, Indian Mutiny; Political Agent in Baluchistan, 1859; Political Superintendent of North-West Frontier of Sind, 1860-68 ; retired 1874 ; author of papers on the defence of the North-West Frontier of India.

GREENE, General Francis Vinton ; Major.- General U.S. Volunteers in the Spanish-American War; President, New York State Canal Commission; author of ‘The Russian Army and its Campaigns in Turkey,’ ‘Life of Major-General Nathaniel Greene,’ ‘ The Mississippi Campaigns of the Civil War,’ etc.

GREENE, Joseph Reay, M.D. ; formerly Professor of Natural History in Queen’s Coll., Cork; author of ‘A Manual of the Sub-Kingdom Protozoa,’ ‘A Manual of the Sub-Kingdom Coelenterata.’

GREENE, Thomas L.; Manager of the Audit Company of New York; author of ‘Corporation Finance,’ etc.

GREENHILL, Alfred George, M.A., F.R.S.; Prof. of Mathematics, Ordnance Coll., Woolwich; author of ‘Differential and Integral Calculus with Applications,’ ‘A Chapter in the Integral Calculus,’ ‘Hydrostatics.’

GREENOUGH, John., B.A.; Banker and Financier, New York.

GREENWOOD, Frederick; originator and first editor of ‘Pall Mall Gazette’; and the St James’s Gazette’; author of ‘Louis Napoleon Bonaparte,’ ‘Life of Napoleon the Third,’ ‘The Lover’s Lexicon,’ etc.

GREENWOOD, Thomas; author of ‘Public Libraries,’ ‘The Library Year-Book,’ etc.

GREGO, Joseph; Art Critic; author of ‘A History of Parliamentary Elections,’ ‘A History of Dancing,’ ‘Thomas Rowlandson,’ ‘James Gillray,’ etc.

GRIERSON, Colonel James Moncrieff, R.A., C.M.G., M.V.O.; served in Egypt, 1882; Suakin, 1885; S. Africa, 1900; China, 1900-1901; Military Attaché, Embassy, Berlin 1896-1900; Chief Staff Officer, 2nd Army Corps, 1901 ; author of ‘Staff Duties in the Field,’ ‘Handbook of the Russian Army.’

GRIFFITH, Francis Llewelyn, M.A.; Reader in Egyptology, Oxford University ; editor of ‘Archaeo-logical Survey of Egypt,’ ‘The Royal Tombs of the First Dynasty,’ etc.

GRIFFITHS, Major Arthur George Fred-erick; H. M. Inspector of Prisons, 1878-96; formerly editor of ‘Army and Navy Gazette’; editor of the ‘Fortnightly Review,’ 1884, the ‘World,’ 1895; author of ‘Memorials of Millbank,’ ‘Secrets of the Prison House,’ ‘Mysteries of Police and Crime.’

GRIFFITHS, John G. ; Fellow of the Inst. of Chartered Accountants, and President of same, 1897--1899.

GRIMTHORPE, The Right Hon. Lord. Edmund Beckett, K.C., LL.D. ; Chancellor and Vicar-General of York; author of works on clocks; architecture, and astronomy.

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