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Surnames: GRO-HAR

GROOME, Francis Hindes; Author’s; sub-editor of Chambers’s ‘Encyclopaedia’; joint-editor of Chambers’s ‘Dictionary of Biography,’ 1897 ; author of ‘In Gipsy Tents,’ ‘A Short Border History,’ ‘Gypsy Folk-Tales,’ ‘The War Game.’

GROSART, Rev. Alexander Balloch, LL.D.; D. D. ; Fellow of the Scottish Society of Antiquaries ; pastor of St. George’s Presbyterian Church, Black-burn; edited the ‘Fuller Worthies Library,’ ‘The Chertsey Worthies Library,’ ‘The Huth Library’; author of Songs of the Day and Night.’

GRUB, George, LL.D.; Lecturer on Scots Law in Marischal College, Aberdeen, from 1862; author of papers in the ‘Transactions of the Aberdeen Philo-sophical Society,’ and of ‘An Ecclesiastical History of Scotland from the Introduction of Christianity.’

GRUEBER, H. A., F.S.A.; Assistant Keeper of Coin and Medals, British Museum; editor of Medallic Illustrations of the History of Great Britain and Ireland,’ ‘Roman Medallions in the British Museum,’ etc.

GUBERNATIS, Angelo de; Professor of Sanskrit in the Reale Istituto Superiore, Florence, from 1863 ; author of ‘Pere Delle Vigne,’’Zoological Mythologie,’ ‘Alexander Manzoni, a Biographical Study’; edited an ‘International Dictionary of the Writers of the Day.’

GUENTHER, Albert Charles Lewis Gotthilf, M.A., M.D., Ph.D., F.R.S.; formerly Keeper of Zoo-logical Department, British Museum; author of ‘Catalogues of Colubrine Snakes, Batrachia salientia, and Fishes in the British Museum,’ ‘Reptiles of British India,’ ‘Fishes of Zanzibar,’ ‘Reports on the "Challenger" Fishes,’ etc.

GULLAND, George Lovell, M.A., B.Sc., M.D.; Assistant Physician to the Royal Infirmary, Edin-burgh; Fellow and late President of Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh.

GUNN, John, F.R.G.S.; of the ‘Challenger’ Expe-dition.

GUNSZT, Bartholomew; London.

GURNEY, M. C.; British Consul-General at Mar-seilles.

GUTHRIE, William, LL.D.; Barrister; Senior Sheriff-Substitute of Lanarkshire from 1874; edited the ‘Journal of Jurisprudence,’ 1867-74; Registrar of Friendly Societies for Scotland, 1872-74 ; part-author of ‘Bank Monopoly the Cause of Commercial Crises’; author of ‘The Law of Trade Unions,’ ‘Select Sheriff Court Cases.’

GUTSCHMIDT, Alfred von; formerly Professor of Ancient Languages, Univ. of Tübingen ; author of ‘History of Persia from Alexander the Great to the Downfall of the Arsacides.’

GUYARD, Stanislas; author of ‘Théorie Nouvelle de la Métrique Arabe.’


HADCOCK, A.G.; formerly of the Royal Artillery; manager of Gun Dept., Elswick; part-author of ‘Moderu Artillery,’ etc.

HADLEY, Arthur Twining, LL.D. ; President of Yale University; joint-editor of the New Volurnes of the ‘Ency. Brit.’; author of ‘Railroad Transportation,’ ‘Economics,’ etc.

HALDANE, John Scott, M.A., M.D., F.R.S.; University Lecturer in Physiology, Oxford; Fellow of New College, Oxford ; Metropolitan Gas Referee, Board of Trade; author of ‘Essays in Philosophical Criticism’; joint-author of ‘Blue-book on the Causes of Death in Colliery Explosions.’

HALDANE, Rt. Hon. Richard Burdon, M.P., P.C., LL.D., M.A., K.C.; part-author of ‘Essays in Philosophical Criticism’; author of ‘Education and Empire,’ ‘Life of Adam Smith’; joint-translator of Schopenhauer’s ‘ The World as Will and Idea.’

HALE, Rev. Edward Everetty, S.T.D.; author of ‘Man without a Country,’ ‘Life of Jarnes Russell Lowell,’ etc.

HALE George E. , Sc..D. ; Professor of Astrophysics in the University of Chicago and Director of the Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay, Wis. ; editor of the ‘Astrophysical Journal.’

HALES, John Wesley, M.A.; Hon. Fellow of Christs Coll., Cambridge ; Professor of Eng. Lit., King’s Coll., London; author of ‘Shakespeare Essays and Notes,’ ‘Folia Litteraria,’ ‘Longer English Poems’; joint-editor of ‘Percy’s Ballads and Ro-mances.

HALSEY, F. A.; asst.-editor of the ‘American Machinist’; designer of Compressed Air Machinery; author of ‘Slide Valve Gears,’ ‘Locomotive Link Motion,’ ‘Premium Plan of Paying for Labour,’ etc.

HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert; Art Critic on the ‘Saturday Review’ ; author of ‘The Intellectual Life,’ ‘French and English,’ ‘The Graphic Arts,’ ‘Contemporary French Painters,’ ‘The Etcher’s Handbook,’ ‘Life of J. M. W. Turner,’ etc.

HAMILTON, David James, M.B., F.R.C.S.; Professor of Pathology, Aberdeen ; author of ‘Text-Book of Pathology,’ etc.

HAMILTON, Sir Edward Walter, K.C.B., K.C.V.O.; Assist.-Secretary H.M. Treasury; author of ‘National Debt,’ etc.

HAMILTON, Miss Elizabeth; a promoter of University Education for Women in Scotland; trans. in part, ‘Microcosmus,’ by H. Lotze.

HAMILTON, Admiral Sir Richard Vesey, G.C.B.; served in Arctic Expedition, 1850-51, and 1852-54 in search of Sir John Franklin ; in China, 1857, etc.

HAMILTON, Sir William, Bart.; Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Edinburgh Univ., from 1836; author of ‘Lectures on Logic,’ ‘Discussions in Philo-sophy, Literature, and Education.’

HAMMOND, John Hays, A.M.; Consulting En-gineer of the Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa, British South Africa Company, etc.

HANNA, E. P.; Department of the Interior, Wash-ington, U.S.

HANNA, Rev. William LL.D., D.D. ; took an active part with Dr. Chalmers in the Disruption Controversy in the Scotch Church, 1843; minister of St. John’s Free Church, Edinburgh, 1850-66; author of ‘Life of Dr. Chalmers,’ ‘Wycliffe and the Huguenots,’ ‘Martyrs of the Scottish Reforma-tion.’

HARE, Arthur William, M.B., F.R.C.S.; Asst.--Professor of Surgery, Univ. of Edinburgh; late Prof. of Surgery, Owens Coll., Manchester; part-author of ‘Pathological Mycology’; contributor to medical journals.

HARMER, Sidney Frederic, D.Sc., F.R.S.; Fellow since 1886 and Assistant Tutor from 1890 of King’s College, Cambridge; superintendent of Uni-versity Museum of Zoology; author of papers on zoological subjects ; joint-editor of the ‘Cambridge Natural History.’

HARMON, Hon. Judson, LL.D-; U.S. ex.-Attorney-General; sometime President of the Ohio Bar Association.

HARMSWORTH, Alfred Charles; principal proprietor of the ‘Daily Mail,’ the ‘Evening News,’ etc. ,

HARNACK, Adolf, D.D., Ph.D.; Professor of Ecclesiastical History in the University of Berlin from 1887 ; author of ‘History of Dogma,’ ‘History of Ancient Christian Literature to the Time of Eu-sebius,’ ‘The Times of Ignatius,’ etc.

HARPER, G. M’Lean; Professor of English Literature, Princeton University, New Jersey.

HARPER, W. P.; London.

HARPER, William Rainey, D.D., LL.D., Ph.D.,; President, University of Chicago.

HARRINGTON, E. J.; of the General Post Office, London.

HARRIS, Hon. Addison C. ; U.S. Minister to Austria.

HARRIS, James Rendel, M.A., Litt.D., LL.D.; Univ. Lecturer in Palaeography, Cambridge ; formerly Professor at Johns Hopkins University ; author of ‘The Teaching of the Apostles and the Sibylline Books,’ ‘Fragments of Philo,’ ‘A Study of Codex Bezae,’ ‘The Apology of Aristides,’ ‘Life of Francis William Crossley.’

HARRIS, Thomas, M.D.; Hon. Physician of Manchester Royal Infirmary; Lecturer on Diseases of the Respiratory Organs, Owens Coll., Manchester; author of numerous articles, on diseases of the re-spiratory organs.

HARRISON, Charles Custis, LL.D.; Provost of the University of Pennsylvania.

HARRISON, Frederic, M.A.; President of London Positivist Committee ; Fellow and Tutor of Wadharn Coll., 1854-56; Secretary Royal Commission for Digesting the Law, 1869-70 ; Professor of Juris-prudence and International Law to Inns of Court, 1877-89; Rede Lecturer, Cambridge, 1900; anthor of ‘Social Statics—Comte’s Positive Polity,’ ‘The Choice of Books,’ ‘Oliver Cromwell,’ ‘William the Silent,’ ‘The Millenary of King Alfred.’

HART, Charles Henry; Director of the Pennsyl-vania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia; author of ‘Portraits of Great Americans,’ ‘Turner, the Dream Painter,’ ‘William Morris,’ etc.

HART, Maj.-Gen. Sir Reginald Clare, GREEK., R.E., K.C.B. ; commanding Quetta district in India; Assistant Garrison Instructor, 1874-78 ; Garrison Instructor, 1885-88; Director Military Education in India, 1888-96; Afghan War, 1879; Ashantee Expedi-tion, 1881; Egyptian War, 1882; commanded 1st Brigade Tirah Campaign, 1897-98; author of ‘Re-flections on the Art of War,’ ‘Sanitation and Health.’

HARTLEY, Sir Charles Augustus, K.B., K.C.M.G., M. Inst.C.E.; Member of Commissions to Improve the Navigation of the Mississippi, Don, Dnieper, Nile, Ribble; author of ‘Inland Navigation in Europe,’ ‘History of the Engineering Works of the Suez Canal.’

HARVEY, Rev. Moses; Presbyterian divine, St. John’s, Newfoundland; author of ‘Newfoundland, the Oldest British Colony.’

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