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Surnames: HAS-HEW

HASSERT, Dr K.; traveller; intimately acquainted with the Balkan States, and author of numerous works of travel, etc.

HASTINGS, Charles S., Ph.D.; Professor of Physics, Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University.

HASTINGS, Miss E. J.; contributor to ‘The Times Gazetteer.’

HATCH, Rev. Edwin, D.D.; Professor of Classics at Trinity College, Toronto, 1859-62; Vice-Principal of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, 1867-85; Univ. Reader in Ecclesiastical History, Oxford, 1884; author of ‘The Organisation of the Early Christian Churches,’ ‘Essays in Biblical Greek.’

HAVERFIELD, Francis John, M.A., F.S.A.; Member of the German Imperial Archaeological Institute.

HAWEIS, Rev. Hugh Reginald, M.A.; formerly Vicar of St. James’s, Marylebone ; author of ‘Music and Morals,’ ‘My Musical Life,’ etc.

HAWKINS, Charles Caesar, M.A., M.I.E.E.; author of ‘The Dynamo,’ and of many papers, such as ‘Armature Reaction,’ ‘The Theory of Commuta-tion,’ etc.

HAXTON, H. R.; author of ‘The Advertiser’s Manual,’ ‘An Evening with "Punch,"’ etc.

HAYWARD, Abraham, Q.C. ; edited the ‘Law Magazine, or Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence’; author of ‘The Art of Dining,’ ‘Eminent Statesmen and Writers,’ ‘Goethe’ (‘Foreign Classics for English Readers’).

HEADLAM, James Wycliffe, M.A.; sometime Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge; author of ‘Bismarck,’ etc.

HEADLAM, Walter George; Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge.

HEATH, Thomas Little, B.A.; author of ‘Dio-phantos of Alexandria: a Study in the History of Greek Algebra.’

HEAVISIDE, Oliver, F. R. S. ; hon. member American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Boston, U.S.A. author of ‘Electrical Papers,’ ‘Electro-magnetic Theory,’ etc.

HEAWOOD, Edward., M.A.; Librarian to R.G.S. ; aided in settlement of Santal Colony in Bengal Duars, 1890-92; author of ‘Geography of Africa,’ etc. etc.

HEDDERWICK, Robert; founder and proprietor of the ‘Glasgow Evening Citizen’; author of ‘Lays of Middle Age,’ ‘The Villa by the Sea.’

HEDDLE, M. Forster, M.A.; late President of the Mineralogical Society ; formerly President of the Edinburgh Geographical Society; late Professor of Chemistry at St. Audrews Univ, ; made a collec-tion of minerals, since acquired by the Edinburgh Museum.

HEHNER, Otto; Part President of the Society of Public Analysts ; Public Analyst for Nottinghamshire, the Isle of Wight, etc. ; Chairman of the London Section of the Society of Chemical Industry, etc. ; author of works on Butter analysis, Alcohol Tables, etc.

HEINEMANN, Mrs William [‘Kassandra Vivaria’]; author of ‘Via Lucis,’ ‘The Garden of Oliver,’ etc.

HELE-SHAW H. S., LL.D., F.R.S. ; Harrison Professor of Engineering in University College, Liverpool.

HELMUTH, William Tod, M.D., LL.D.; formerly Professor of Surgery and Dean of the Homcoeo-pathic and Medical College and Hospital, New York; President of the Collins State Homcoeopathic Hospital ; sometime President of the American Institute of Homoeopathy and the New York State Homoeopathic Medical Society; author of Treatise on Diphtheria,’ ‘System of Surgery,’ etc.

HEMMING, Major Edward Hughes, R.E. H.M. War Office.

HENDERSON, Col. George Frances Robert, C. B. ; Director of Military Intelligence, South Africa ; for many years Director of Military Art and History at the Staff College; author of ‘A Tactical Study of Fredericksburg,’ ‘Life of Stonewall Jackson,’ etc.

HENDERSON, Peter; horticulturist, Jersey City and New York ; author of ‘Gardening for Profit,’ ‘Garden and Farm Topics.’

HENDERSON, T. F.; on editorial staff of the Ninth Edition of the ‘Ency. Brit.’

HENLEY, William Ernest, LL.D.; editor of the ‘Magazine of Art,’ 1882-86, the ‘New Review,’ 1893-98, the ‘Tudor Translations’; author of ‘A Book of Verses,’ the ‘Terminal Essay,’ in the ‘Cen-tenary Burns,’ etc. ; collaborated with R. L. Stevenson in ‘Macaire,’ ‘Beau Austin.’

HENRICI, Olaus F. M. E., Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S.; Professor of Mechanics and Mathematics, City and Guilds of London Central Technical College; author of ‘Skeleton Structures, especially in their Application to the Building of Steel and Iron Bridges,’ ‘Congruent Figures,’ etc.

HENRY, Hon. William Wirt., M.A.; formerly President of the Virginia Hist. Soc. and of the Am. Hist. Assoc.; author and editor of the ‘Life, Corre-spondence, and Speeches of Patrick Henry.’

HENSLOW, Rev. George, M.A., F.L.S., F.G.S., F.R.H.S.; late Examiner to Life Univ. of Cambridge and the Coll. of Preceptors; Lecturer on Botany at St. Bart.’s Medical School, 1870-90; author of ‘Origin of Floral Structures,’ ‘Floral Dissections,’ ‘The Student’s Catalogue of British Plants,’ etc.

HENSON, The Rev. Herbert Hensley, B.D.; Canon of Westminster and Rector of St Margaret’s from 1900 ; sometime Fellow of All Souls Coll., Oxford; author of ‘Light and Leaven,’ ‘Apostolic Christianity; editor ‘Church Problems,’ etc.

HEPWORTH, Walter; Commissioner of the Council of Education, Science and Art Department, South Kensington.

HERBERTSON, A. J., Ph.D.; of the School of Geography, Ashmolean Buildings, Oxford.

HERDMAN, William Abbott, D.Sc., F.R.S.; Professor of Natural History, Univ. Coll., Liverpool; assistant to Sir Wyville Thomson in ‘Challenger Expedition Office; President, Zoological Section Brit. Assoc., 1895 ; part-founder of a Marine Biological Station at Port Erin, Isle of Man; author of ‘Report upon the Tunicata collected during the voyage of the "Challenger," ‘The Fauna of Liverpool Bay,’ ‘Oysters and Disease,’ etc.

HERR, E. M. ; General Manager, Westinghouse Air Brake Company, Pittsburg.

HERVEY, Arthur; musical critic of the ‘Morning Post’; author of ‘Masters of French Music,’ etc.

HESSELS, John Henry, M.A.; author of ‘The Haarlem Legend of the Invention of Printing,’ ‘Lex Salica : the Ten Texts, with the Glosses,’ ‘Guten-berg : an Historical Investigation,’ etc.

HEWINS, William Albert Samuel M.A.; Director, London School of Economics and Political Science, 1895 ; Tooke Professor of Economic Science and Statistics at King’s Coll., London, 1897; Lecturer at Univ. Coll., Bristol, 1890 ; author of ‘English Trade and Finance in the 17th Century,’ etc.

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