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Surnames: HIA-HOL

HIATT, Charles; author of ‘Picture Posters,’ etc.

HIBBERD, Shirley; edited the ‘Floral World,’ 1858-75, the ‘Gardeners’ Magazine,’ 1861-90; author of ‘Profitable Gardening,’ ‘Familiar Garden Flowers,’ ‘Ivy,’ ‘The Fern-Garden,’ etc.

HIBBERT, Walter, A.M.I.C.E., F.I.C., F.C.S; Lecturer on Electro-Technology, Polytechnic, Regent Street; author of ‘Notes on Secondary Batteries,’ etc.

HICKS, Rev. Edward Lee, M.A.; Canon Resi-dentiary of Manchester Cathedral and Rector of St. Philip’s, Salford, from 1892; elected Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1866; author of ‘Greek Inscriptions in the British Museum,’ ‘Manual of Greek Historical Inscriptions.’

HICKS, R. Drew, M.A.; Lecturer in Classics and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

HIGGINSON, Col. Thomas Wentworth, LL.D. ; author of ‘Atlantic Essays,’ ‘Cheerful Yesterdays,’ ‘History of the United States,’ ‘Biography of Wendell Phillips,’ etc.

HIGGS, Henry, LL.B., F.S.S.; clerk in H.M. Treasury; Sec. to the British Econornic Association, and joint-editor of the ‘Economic Journal’; New-march Lecturer in Political Economy and Statistics, University College, London, 1897-98; author of ‘The Physiocrats,’ etc.

HILDEBRAND, Hans Olof, Ph.D.; Member of the Swedish Academy; Royal Antiquarian at Stock-holm; author of ‘Life in Iceland during the Saga Times,’ ‘Prehistoric Nations in Europe.’

HILDEBRANDSSON, Hugo Hildebrand; Professor of Meteorology, Univ.of Upsala; Director

of the Meteoeological Institute, Upsala. r

HILL, E. P., M. Inst.C.E.; partner in Messrs. G.H. Hill and Sons, engineers to the Corporation of Manchester, etc.

HILL, Leonard Erskine, M.B., F.R.S. ; Lecturer on Physiology, London Hospital; Dernonstrator of Physiology, Oxford University; Assistant Professor of Physiology, University College, London; Hunterian Professor, Royal College of Surgeons ; author of ‘Physiology and Pathology of the Cerebral Circulation,’ ‘Manual of Physiology.’

HILL, Maurice, B.A. ;. Barrister, Inner Temple.

HILL, Robert A.; Superintendent of the Operative Department, Royal Mint, from 1870 ; Member of the Inst. of Mechanical Engineers.

HILL, Robert Thomas; of the U.S. Geological Survey ; formerly Professor of Geology, University of Texas; author of ‘Cuba, Porto Rico, and other Islands of the West Indies.’

HILLIER, Alfred Peter, M.D., C.M.; one of the Reform Prisoners at Pretoria, 1896; author of ‘South African Studies,’ etc.

HIME, Lieut.-Col. H. W. L.; Secretary Roy. Artillery Inst., 1880-86; author of ‘Outlines of Quaternions,’ ‘Stray Military Papers,’ ‘Lucian, the Syrian Satirist,’ etc.

HIND; J. Russell LL.D., F.R.S.; edited the ‘Nautical Almanac,’ 1853-91 ; President of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1880-81 ; author of ‘The Solar System,’ ‘The Comets: a Descriptive Treatise.’

HINDS, William Alfred; author of ‘American Communities: Brief Sketches of Economy, Zoar, Bethel, the Shakers, Oneida.’

HINTON, A. Horsley; editor of ‘The Amateur Photographer’; author of ‘A Handbook of Illustration,’ ‘Practical Pictorial Photography,’ etc.

HIPKINS, Alfred James, F.S.A.; Member of Council and Hon. Curator of Royal College of Music; engaged in Messrs Broadwood’s pianoforte business since 1840; Member of Committee of the Inventions and Music Exhibition, 1885, of the Vienna Exhibition, 1892, and of the Paris Exhibition, 1900; author of ‘Musical Instruments,’ ‘A Description and History of the Pianoforte,’ etc.

HITCHCOCK, Charles Henry, LL.D., Ph.D.; State Geologist, New Hampshire, 1868-78; author of ‘Geology of New Hampshire,’ ‘New Hampshire Geological Survey’; joint-author of ‘Mount Washington in Winter.’

HJALTALIN, J. A.; Director of Technical Insti-tute, Iceland; historian and translator.

‘HOBBES, John Oliver’ (Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie); author of ‘Some Emotions and a Moral,’ ‘The Gods, Some Mortals, and Lord Wickenharn,’ ‘'School for Saints,’ ‘Robert Orange,’ ‘The Ambassador,’ ‘The Wisdom of the Wise,’ etc.

HOBSON, Ernest W., D.Sc., F.R.S.; Fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge; University Lecturer in Mathematics.

HODGE, Frederick Webb; Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution; managing editor, ‘American Anthropologist.’

HODGES, Major Harry F.; Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army; Lieut.-Col. of Engineers, U.S. Volunteers, during Spanish-American War.

HODGKIN, Thomas LL.D., D.Litt.; senior partner in banking firm of Hodgkin, Barnett, and

Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne; author or ‘Italy and Her Invaders,’ ‘Life of Theodoric,’ ‘Dynasty of Theo-dosius.’

HODGKINSON, W. R. E., Ph.D., F.R.S. ; Pro-fessor of Chemistry and Physics, Ordnance Coll., Woolwich; fornierly Professor of Chemistry and Physics, R.M.A., Woolwich; part-author of Valentin--Hodgkinson’s ‘Practical Chemistry,’ etc.

HODGSON, Joseph; editor of' ‘The Daily Register,’ Mobile; author of ‘The Cradle of the Confederacy.’

HOFFER, Leopold ; chess editor of the ‘Standard’; author of ‘Chess,’ etc.

HOFMAN, Heinrich O., AM., Ph.D.; Pro-fessor or Metallurgy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

HOGARTH, David George, M.A.; Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford ; excavated at Paphos In Cyprus, 1888; appointed by Egypt Exploration Fund, 1893; Special Correspondent for ‘The Times’ in Crete and Thessaly, 1897 ; Director, British School at Athens, 1897-1900 ; Director, Cretan Exploration Fund, 1899 ; author of ‘A Wandering Scholar in the Levant,’ ‘Philip and Alexander of Macedon,’ ‘The Nearer East,’ etc.

HOLDEN, Prof. Edward Singleton, Sc.D., LL.D. ; Director of the Lick Observatory, 1887-97; author of ‘Astronomy for Students,’ ‘Life of Sir Wm. l-Herschel,’ ‘Nebula of Orion,’ etc.

HOLDICH, Col. Sir Thomas Hungerford, R. E. (retired), K. C. I. E., C. B. ; Abyssinia, 1867; Afghar War, 1878-80; also served on political duty with Afghan Boundary Commission, 1884-86; Supt. Frontier Surveys, India, 1892-98; as H.M. Commissioner for Perso-Beluch Boundary in 1896 ; author of ‘The Indian Borderland,’ various papers on military surveying, etc.

HOLDSWORTH, Edmund W. H., F.L.S., F. Z. S. ; late Secretary to the Royal Sea-Fisheries Commission; author of ‘Handbook to the Fish-House in the Zoological Gardens,’ ‘Deep-Sea Fishing and Fishing Boats,’ etc.

HOLLAND, F. C., M.A. ; Assistant Clerk, Private Bill Office, House of Commons.

HOLLAND, The Hon. Sydney, LL.D.; President of the Life-Saving Society of England; Chairman of the London Hospital; Knight of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.

HOLLAND, Thomas Erskine, K.C., LL.D.; Pro-fessor of International Law and Diplomacy; Assessor of the Chancellor’s Court, and Fellow of All Souls, Oxford; author of ‘Studies in International Law,’ ‘The Elements of Jurisprudence,’ ‘Alberici Gentilis do Jure Belli,’ etc.

HOLLINGSHEAD, John ; on staff of ‘Household Words,’ under Charles Dickens; staff of ‘Cornhill Magazine,’ under W. M. Thackeray, etc. ; founded the Gaiety Theatre, 1868; author of ‘Plain English,’ ‘Underground London,’ Ragged London,’ ‘According to My Lights,’ etc.

HOLMES, Edvvard Morell: Curator of the Museum of the Pharmaceutical Society; author of ‘The Young Collector: British Fungi, Lichens, and Mosses.’

HOLMES, Isabella M. (Mrs. Basil Holmes); Honorary Secretary of the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association, London; author of ‘The London Burial Grounds,’ etc.

HOLROYD, Charles, F.R. Soc. Painter Etchers; Keeper, National Gallery of British Art (Tate Gallery); formerly assistant to Professor Legros, Slade School of Art; author of ‘Michael Angelo and His Works,’ ‘Etchings,’ etc.

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