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Surnames: HOM-HUN

HOMANS, J. Smith; author of ‘A Historical and Statistical Account of the Foreign Commerce of the United States’; joint-author of a ‘Cyclopaedia of Commerce and Commercial Navigation.’

HOOPER, Franklin H. A B.; associate-editor of the New Volumes of the ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’; assistant editor of ‘The Century Dictionary.’

HOOPER. George F.; late of the Admiralty Library, Whitehall.

HOOPER, Wynnard, M.A.

HOPKINSON, Alfred, K.C., M.A., LL.D.; Prin-cipal of Owens College, Manchester, from 1898; Vice--Chancellor of Victoria University from 1900 ; M.P. for Cricklade, Wilts, 1895-98; author of ‘The Faculty of Law and the Idea of Law,’ ‘Definite Reform in English Land Law.’

HOPKINSON, John, C.E., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.; sometime Follow of Trinity College, Cambridge; author of ‘Dynamic Electricity,’ and of scientific papers in the ‘Transactions of the Royal Society.’


HORNE ,John, F.G.S., F.R.S.; Assistant Director of Geological Survey and Museum; author of ‘The Orkneys and Shetlands ; with chapters on Geology.’

HORNER, Susan; author of ‘A Century of Deg-potisin in Naples and Sicily’; joint-author with Joanna B. Horner of ‘Walks in Florence.’

HOSE, C., LL.D., D.Sc.; Resident in the Boram Dis-trict, Sarawak ; author of ‘A Descriptive Account of the Mammals of Borneo,’ etc.

HOTCHKISS, George W.; Secretary, Lumber-man’s Exchange, Chicago.

HOTCHKISS, Major Jedidiah; formerly member of the American Society of Civil Engineers; prepared topographical maps for the Confederates in the Civil War and for the mining industries of Virginia edited the MS. of W. B. Rogers, the geologist.

HOUGHTON, A.E., B.A., L.C.L. (Paris); corre-spondent of the ‘Standard’ in Spain; author of ‘Restoration of the Bourbons in Spain.’

HOUGHTON, Lord, Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron, M.A.; poet and man of letters; M.P. for Pontefract, 1837 ; author of ‘Memorials of a Tour in some Parts of Greece,’ ‘Poems of Many Years.’

HOUSMAN, Laurence; author of ‘The Writings of William Blake,’ ‘Arthur Boyd Houghton,’ ‘Green Arras,’ ‘Bethlehem: a Nativity Play,’ etc.; illustrated ‘Goblin Market,’ ‘The End of Elfintown,’ ‘The Were Wolf,’ ‘"Jump to Glory" Jane,’ ‘The Sensitive Plant.’

HOUTSMA, M. Th.; Professor of Semitic Languages, University of Utrecht.

HOUTUM-SCHINDLER, Gen. A., C.I.E.; general in the Persian ariny ; has resided, as Persian official, and travelled for many years in Persia; author of ‘Eastern Persian Irak,’ etc.

HOVEY, Rev. Horace Carter; author of ‘Cele-brated American Caverns: Mammoth, Wyandot, and Luray.’

HOWE, Henry Marion, A.M.; Professor of Metallurgy, Columbia University, New York; President, Jury of Mines and Mining, World’s Columbian Ex-position; author of ‘Metallurgy of Steel,’ ‘Copper Smelting,’ etc.

HOWELL, Hon. Clark; editor of ‘The Constitution,’ Atlanta, Georgia.

HOWELL, William H., Ph.D., M.D.; Dean of the Medical Faculty and Professor of Physiology, Johns Hopkins University.

HOYLE, William Evans, M.A. ; late of the ‘Challenger’ Expedition ; author of ‘Report on the Cephaloda collected by H.M.S. "Challenger," 1873-76.’

HUBBARD, Major J.. R.; New York.

HUBBARD, Wilfranc.

HÜBNER, Emil, Ph.D.; philologist; Professor of Philology at the University of Berlin, 1870; author of ‘Bibliography of Classical Antiquities,’ ‘The Archaeology of Spain,’ ‘Roman Dominion in Western Europe,’ and editor of the ‘Archäologische Zeitung,’ 1868-72.

HUBRECHT, A. A. W., Ph.D., LL.D.; Professor of Zoology, University of Utrecht; Rector of the University, 1901 ; author of ‘Nemertines,’ ‘Die Phylo-genese des Amnions und die Bedeutung des Tropho-blaster.’

HUDSON, James Fairchild; editor of the ‘Pittsburg Dispatch’; author of ‘Railways of the Republic,’ etc.

HUEFFER, Francis, Ph.D.; formerly musical critic of ‘The Times’; author of ‘The Troubadours: a History of Provençal Life and Literature in the Middle Ages,’ ‘Richard Wagner and the Music of the Future’; editor of ‘Great Musicians.’

HÜGEL, Baron Anatole von, M.A.; Curator of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Cam-bridge.

HUGHES, Rev. Hugh Price, M.A.; President of the Wesleyan Conference, 1898-99 ; formerly editor of ‘Methodist Times’ ; Past Pres. of National Council of Evangelical Free Churches; author of ‘Social Christianity,’ ‘Ethical Christianity,’ etc.

HUGHES, Rupert A.M .; formerly assistant editor of the ‘Criterion,’ New York; author of ‘American Composers,’ ‘Gyges Ring,’ etc.

HULL, Commander Thomas A.,R.N.,F.R.G.S.; employed in the search for Sir John Franklin, survey of Palestine, Corfu, etc. ; late Superintendent of Admiralty charts ; author of ‘Practical Nautical Surveying’; editor and reviser of ‘The Pilot’s Hand-book for the English Channel,’ and ‘The Practice of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy,’ etc.

HUMMEL, J. J., F.I .C. ; Professor of Dyeing, York-shire Coll., Leeds; author of ‘The Dyeing of Textile Fabrics.’

HUNT, Rev. H. G. Bonavia Mus Doc., F.R.S.E.; Vicar of St Paul’s, Kilbunn; editor of ‘The Quiver’; formerly editor of ‘Cassell’s Magazine’ and ‘Little Folks’; founder and first warden of Trinity College, London; author of ‘A Concise History of Music.’

HUNT, Rev. William, M.A.; Examiner in History, 1877 to 1880, Oxford; author of ‘The English Church, 597 to 1066,’ ‘The Church of England in the Middle Ages’; editor with E. A. Freeman of ‘Historic Towns,’ etc.

HUNT, Hon. William H.; Governor of Porto Rico; sometime Justice of the Supreme Court of Montana.

HUNTER, John; late Hon. Secretary of the British Bee-Keepers’ Association; author of ‘A Manual of Bee-Keeping.’

HUNTER, Rev. P. Hay, D.D. ; Minister of St. Andrew’s Parish, Edinburgh; author of ‘The Story of Daniel: his Life and Times.

HUNTER, Sir Robert, M.A.; Solicitor to the Post Office; author of ‘The Preservation of Open Spaces and of Footpaths and Other Rights of Way.’

HUNTER, Walter, M. Inst.C.E., M.T.M.E.; engin-eering director of the Grand Junction Water Works Co., and joint engineer of the Staines Reservoir Joint Committee.

HUNTER, William Bell, M.D.; formerly Senior Physician to Smedley’s Institute, Matlock; author of ‘A Few Words about Hydropathy,’ ‘Uses and Abuses of the Turkish Bath.’

HUNTER, William Frederick, LL.B.; Advocate.

HUNTER, Sir William Wilson, M.A., LL.D., C.I.E., K.C.S.I. ; Director- General of Statistics to the Government of India, 1871 ; edited the, ‘Imperial Gazetteer of India'; author of ‘A Brief Account of the Indian Peoples,’ ‘A Statistical Account of Bengal and Assam,’ ‘Life of the Marquis of Dalhousie.’

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