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Surnames: HUS-JEN

HUSBAND, Henry Aubrey, M.B.; author of ‘The Student’s Handbook of Forensic Medicine and Medical Police,’ ‘Sanitary Law,’ and other works on medicine.

HUTCHINSON, Horatio Gordon, B.A.; amateur golf champion, 1886-87; author of ‘Golf’ in Bad-minton Library, ‘Creatures of Circumstance,’ ‘The Book of Golf and Golfers,’ 1899.

HUTCHISON, A. F., M.A.; Rector, High School, Stirling.

HUTCHISON, Thomas; Kirkcaldy; author of works on antiquarian subjects.

HUTTON, Rev. Arthur Wollaston, M.A.; Rector of Spridlington, Lines. 1873-76; author of

‘Our Position as Catholics in the Church of England,’ ‘he Anglican Ministry,’ ‘Cardinal Manning’; edited Arthur Young’s ‘Tour in Ireland,’ 1892, Maitland’s ‘Essays on the Reformation,’ Newman’s ‘Lives of the English Saints,’ etc.

HUXLEY, Rt. Hon. Thomas Henry, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S.; President of the Royal Society: 1883-85; Professor of Natural History in the Royal School of Mines, 1854; author of ‘Theory of the Vertebrate Skull,’ ‘The Physical Basis of Life,’ ‘In-troduction to the Classification of Animals,’ ‘Lay Sermons,’ ‘Elementary Physiology,’ etc.

HYMANS, Henri-Simon’ Belgian art critic; Keeper of the Department of Engravings, Charts, and Plans in the Royal Library at Brussels, 1887; Prof. of Aesthetics at the Antwerp Academy, 1869; author of ‘Rubens, sa Vie et son Aeuvre.’


IDE, Hon. Henry Clay; Member of U.S. Philippine Commission ; formerly U.S. Commissioner to Samoa, and later Chief Justice of Samoa.

ILBERT, Sir Courtenay Peregrine, K.C.S.I., C.I.E. ; Clerk of the House of Commons; formerly Parl. Counsel to the Treasury, 1899-1902; Legal Member of Council of Governor-General of India, 1882-86; Member of Statute Law Committee; author of ‘The Government of India,’ ‘Legislative Method and Forms.’

INAMA-STERNEGG, Karl Theodor von.; Professor of Political Science, Vienna; President of the Austrian Royal Statistical Central Commission; author of ‘Outlines of Germanic Philology,’ ‘Economy,’ etc.

INGRAM, John Kells, LL.D., Litt.D.; formerly senior Follow and Vice-Provost, Trinity Coll., Dublin; Prof. of English Literature, 1852; Regius Prof. of Greek, 1866; Librarian, 1879; author of ‘On the Present Position and Prospects of Political Economy,’ ‘Human Nature and Morals according to A. Comte.’

IRVINE, William Fergusson; Hon. Sec. Record Society of Lancs and Cheshire; author of ‘Notes on the Ancient Parish of Bidston’ editor of’ Liverpool in King Charles II’s Time,’ etc.


JACKS, Rev. L. P.

JACKSON, Benjamin Daydon; Secretary of the Linnaean Society ; author of ‘Guide to the Literature of Botany,’ ‘A Handbook of Cinchona Culture,’ etc.

JACKSON, Henry, Litt.D., LL.D.; Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge, from 1864 ; Praelector in Ancient Philosophy from 1875; Member of the Council of the Senate, 1882-86, 1888-96, 1900-02; author of ‘Texts to illustrate the History of Greek Philosophy from Thales to Aristotle,’ and of papers in philosophical journals.

JACKSON, J. R. ; formerly Curator of the Museum, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

JACKSON, Lieut.-Col. Louis, R.E.; late In-structor in Fortification, R.M.A.,Woolwich; Instructor in Fortification and Military Engineering, School of Military Engineering, Chatham; Assoc. Member of Ordnance Committee, etc.

JACOB, Francis, M.I.E.E.; chief electrician to Messrs Siemens Bros. and Co.

JACOBINI, His Eminence Cardinal; Papal Nuncio at Vienna, 1874-80 ; Secretary of the Propa-ganda ; Papal Secretary of State, 1880-87.

JAMES, Edmund Janes, A.M., Ph.D.; President, North-Western University; formerly Professor of Public Administration and Director of the Extension Division, University of Chicago; author of ‘Our Legal Tender Decisions,’ ‘The Education of Business Men,’ etc.

JAMES, Lionel ; Reuter’s Special Correspondent in the Chitral Campaign, 1894-95; ‘Times’ Special Correspondent in South Africa, 1899-1901 ; author of ‘The Relief of Chitral,’ and ‘Indian Frontier War, 1897-98.’

JAMIESON, George, C.M.G.; Director of the Peking Syndicate and Yangtse Valley Company; Consul and Judge of Supreme Court, Shanghai, 1891; Consul--Gen., 1897-99; author of various papers on the Revenue and Statistics of China; prize essay on Bimetallism.

JEBB, Sir Richard Claverhouse, M.P., Litt.D., D.C.L., LL.D.; Regius Professor of Greek, Camb.; ‘Fellow and Lecturer of Trinity College, 1863; Pro-fessor of Greek, University of Glasgow, 1875-89; Lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1892; Fellow of London University, 1897; Member of London University Commission, 1898; Bampton Lecturer, 1699; author of ‘Sophocles,’ ‘Electra’ in ‘Catena Classicorum,’ ‘Ajax,’ ‘Characters of Theophrastus,’ ‘Bentley,’ ‘Sophocles, with Critical Notes, Commentary, and Translation,’ ‘Humanism in Education,’ etc.

JEFFERSON, Joseph, LL.D.; actor; author of ‘Autobiography,’ etc.

JEKELFALUSSY, Józef von Jekel- und Margitfalva, Dr. Juris ; formerly Director-General of the Royal Hungarian Statistical Bureau; Member of the Royal Hungarian Academy of Sciences ; edited ‘The Millennium of Hungary and its People,’ etc.

JENKIN, Henry Charles Fleeming ; was in charge of the electrical and engineering work for the wire of the first Atlantic cable ; Professor of Engineering in Edinburgh Univ., 1868; author of ‘Electricity and Magnetism’ in the ‘Text-books of Science’ Series.

JENKINSON, Henry Irwin; author of ‘Practical Guide to the English Lake District,’ ‘Practical Guide to Carlisle and the Neighbourhood,’ etc.

JENKS, Jeremiah Whipple, Ph.D.; Professor of Political Science, Cornell University; Member of the U.S. Committee to investigate Trusts; author of ‘Henry C. Carey,’ ‘Road Legislation for the American State.’

JENKYNS, Sir Henry, K.C.B.; formerly Parlia-mentary Counsel to Treasury.

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