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Surnames: LAR-LIT

LARGE, Alfred; formerly Governor of Donaldson’s Hospital, Edinburgh.

LARMOR, Joseph, M.A., D.Sc., Sec. R.S.; Fellow of St John’s Coll., Camb. ; Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in Cambridge University ; Professor of Natural Philosophy, Queen’s Coll., Galway, and in the Queen’s University in Ireland, 1880-85; lately President of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; author or ‘Aether and Matter,’ and various memoirs on mathematics and physics.

LATHAM. George W.; Barrister; Vice-President of the Farmers’ Alliance; M. P. for Crewe, 1885-86.

LATHAM, Rev. Henry, M.A.; Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge; one of H.M. Paymasters of Exchequer Bills ; Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, from 1888.

LAUGHTON, John Knox, M.A.; Professor of Modern History, King’s Coll., London ; Secretary of the Navy Records Society; served in the Baltic, 1854--1855 ; in China, 1856-59 ; Mathematical and Naval In-structor, Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, 1866-73; also at Greenwich, and Lecturer on Meteorology, 1873-85; Pres. R. Met. Soc. 1882-84; Honorary Fellow Caius College, Cambridge, 1895; author of ‘Physical Geography in its Relation to the Prevailing Winds and Currents,’ ‘Studies in Naval History,’ ‘Sea Fights and Adventures,’ etc.

LAWRENCE Rt. Rev. William, D.D., S.T.D.; Bhop of Masachusetts; sometime Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, and Dean, Epis-copal Theological School, Cambridge, U.S.A.; author of ‘Life of Amos A. Lawrence,’ ‘Proportional Repre-sentation in the House of Clerical and Lay Dele-gates,’ ‘Visions and Service.’

LAYARD, George S.; author of ‘Charles Keene,’ ‘Mrs Lynn Linton,’ ‘Portraits of Cruikshank by Himself,’ ‘Tennyson and his Pre-Raphaelite Illus-trators,’ etc.

LECLÉRE, Léon; Professor of Universal History and History of Philosophy, University of Brussels.

LEECH, Daniel John, M. D. ; formerly Professor of Materia Medica, Owens Coll., Manchester; author of ‘Personal Care of Health,’ ‘The Relation of Pharma-cology to Therapeutics.’

LEEDS, Albert R. ; Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, U.S. ; part-author of ‘The Student’s Practical Chemistry.’

LEE-WARNER, Sir William, K.C.S.I., M.A.; Secretary in the Political and Secret Departments of the India Office; Fellow of the University of Bombay; political agent at Kolhapur; Under-Secre-tary in Foreign Office of India; Secretary to the Government of Bombay in Political and Judicial Departments; Chief Commissioner of Coorg and Resident in Mysore; additional member of the Viceroy’s Council; served on Education Commission, the Financial Commission, etc. ; author of ‘The Protected Princess of India,’ ‘The Citizen of India.’

LEFROY, E. T.; formerly of ‘The Freeman’s Journal,’ Dublin.

LEGGE, James, LL.D. ; missionary in Malacca and Hong Kong; Professor of Chinese at Oxford, 1875 ; withor of ‘The Notions of the Chinese concerning God and Spirits,’ and an edition of Chinese classics.

LEGGE, J. G. ; Chief Inspector of Reformatory and Industrial Schools, Home Office.

LEGGE, Robin H. ; editor of ‘Music in the Nineteenth Century.’

LEONARD, The Rt. Rev. Abiel, A. M., S.T. D.; Bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake.

LESLEY, J. Peter, LL.D. ; Professor of Geology and Mining, and Dean of the Scientific Faculty, at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1872-78 ; State Geologist, Pennsylvania ; author of Man’s Origin and Destiny from the Platform of Science,’ ‘Coal and its Topo-graphy.’

LETHEBY. Henry, M.B., Ph.; late Medical Officer of Health and Analyst of Foods for London; Chief Examiner of Gas for London under the board of Trade ; author of ‘Food : its Varieties, Chemical Composition, etc.’

LEVEY, George Collins, C.M.G.; London corre-spondent of ‘Melbourne Age’; editor and proprietor of ‘Melbourne Herald,’ 1863-68; editor of ‘Melbourne Age,’ 1869-81 ; Secretary to Commissioners for Vic-toria, at the Exhibitions in London, Paris, Vienna, Philadelphia, Melbourne, 1873, 1876, 1878, 1880-81; member of Board of Advice to Agent-General of Victoria; author of ‘Handbook to Australasia,’ ‘Australian Encyclopaedia.’

LEWES., Vivian B., F.I.C., F.C.S.; Professor of Chemistry, Royal Naval College; Chief Superintending Gas Examiner to the Corporation of the City of London.

LEWIS, Charlton T., Ph.D. ; President N.Y. Prison Association, N.J. State Charities Aid Association;. Chairman of Commission to revise Penal Laws of New Jersey; Lecturer on Life Insurance, Harvard and Columbia Universities; on Principles of Insurance, Cornell University; author of ‘History of Germany,’ Essays, Addresses, etc.

LEWIS, Thomas Hayter. F.S.A.; Professor of Architecture, King’s College, London, 1865-81; Dean of the Faculty of Arts from 1871 ; author of ‘The Holy Places of Jerusalem; edited works for the Palestine Pilgrims’ Text Society.

LEYLAND, John; writer on naval questions.

LIAS, The Rev. John James, M.A.; Professor of Modern Literature, St David’s Coll., Lampeter, 1871-80; Chancellor of Llandaff Cathedral; author of ‘Science in Relation to Miracles,’ ‘The Nicene Creed,’ ‘A Plea for Rationality in Ceremonial,’ etc.

LIDDELL, F.F. M.A.; Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford; Barrister, Lincoln’s Inn; editor of ‘Manual of Military Laws.’

LIEBERMANN, Felix, Ph.D.; author of works on English Law, and an account of the life and works of Reinhold Pauli.

LIGHTFOOT, T. B., M. Inst.C.E., M.I.M.E.; author of ‘The Mechanical Refrigeration of Air,’ Preservation of Foods by Cold,’ etc.

LILLIE, Arthur; Champion of the Grand National Croquet Club, 1872; author of ‘Croquet,’ ‘Croquet Up to Date,’ etc.

LINDLEY, The Hon. Walter Barry, M.A.; Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn ; editor of the 6th editions of Lord Lindley’s ‘Treatise on the Law of Partnership’ and ‘Treatise on the Law of Companies.’

LINDSAY, Thomas M., D.D.; Principal and formerly Professor of Divinity and Church History, United Free Church College, Glasgow; translated Ueberweg’'s System of Logic; author of ‘The Reformation,’ and of commentaries on ‘Acts of the Apostles’ and ‘St Luke’s Gospel.

LISTER, Thomas Henry, F.C.S.; formerly Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages; author of ‘Life and Administration of Edward, First Earl of Clarendon.’

LITTLEDALE, Rev. Richard Frederick, LL.D.,D.C.L. ; author of ‘Religious Communities of Women in the Early Church,’ ‘The Catholic Ritual in the Church of England.’

LITTLEJOHN, Sir Henry Duncan M.D., LL.D. ; Professor of Forensic Medicine in the Univ. of Edinburgh from 1897; President of the Royal Coll. of Surgeons, Edinburgh, and of the Royal Inst. of Public Health ; author of works on medical juris-prudence and public health.

LITTLEJOHN, Henry Harvey, M.D., B.Sc.; Lecturer in Medical Jurisprudence, School of Medi-cine of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Edinburgh.

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