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Surnames: LLO-LYA

LLOYD, Lt.-Col. E. M., R.E.; author of ‘Vauban, Montalembert, Carnot : Engineer Studies,’ etc.

LLOYD, Henry Demarest, author of ‘Wealth against Commonwealth,’ ‘Labor Copartnership,’ etc.

LOCH, Charles Stewart, B.A.; Secretary to the Council of the London Charity Organization Society since 1875; Member of the Royal Commission on Aged Poor, 1893-95; Dunkin Trust Lecturer, Manchester College, Oxford, 1896; Vice-President, Royal Statis-tical Society, 1894, 1895, 1897, 1901 ; author of ‘Charity Organization,’ ‘Old Age Pensions and Pauperism.’

LOCKHART, Rev. William ; joined John Henry Newman at Littlemore, 1842; became Procurator--General of the Order of Charity; Rector of St Etheldreda’s, Holborn, 1876-92; author of ‘Life of Antonio Rosmini-Serbati,’ ‘Cardinal Newman: a Reminiscence of Fifty Years.’

LOCKYER, Sir Joseph Norman, K.C.B., F.R.S. ; Director of Solar Physics Observatory, South Kensington; Rode Lecturer at Cambridge, 1871; in charge of Eng. Govt. Eclipse Expeditions, 1870, 1871, 1882, etc. ; author of ‘Chemistry of the Sun,’ ‘Studies in Spectrum Analysis,’ ‘Recent and Coming Eclipses.’

LOCOCK, Col. Herbert, C.B.; retired Colonel of Royal Engineers; Assist.-Director of Works at Headquarters, 1881-86 ; Deputy-Inspector- General of Fortifications at Headquarters, 1887-96.

LODGE, Henry Cabot, LL.D., Ph.D.; Member of Congress, 1887-93; U.S. Senator; author of ‘Essays on Anglo-Saxon Land Law,’ ‘Certain Accepted Heroes,’ ‘The Story of the American Revolution,’ ‘Ballads and Lyrics,’ ‘Story of the Spanish War,’ etc.

LODGE, Sir Oliver Joseph, D.Sc., LL.D., F.R.S.; Principal of the University of Birmingham; Professor of Physics, University Coll., Liverpool, 1881-1900; author of ‘Elementary Mechanics,’ ‘Modern Views of Electricity,’ ‘Pioneers of Science,’ ‘Signalling without Wires,’ etc.

LODGE, Richard, M.A.; Professor of History, Edinburgh, froin 1899 ; Fellow and Lecturer of Brase-nose College, Oxford, 1878 ; first Professor of History, Glasgow University, 1894-99; author of ‘Student’s Modern Europe,’ ‘The Close of the Middle Ages.’

LOMAS, John; author of ‘Sketches in Spain from Nature, Art, and Life.’

LONGMORE, Surgeon-General Sir Thomas, C.B., F.R.C.S.E.; served in the Crimea; late Hon. Surgeon to Queen Victoria; author of ‘Treatise on Gunshot Wounds,’ ‘Treatise on Ambulances,’ ‘Sani-tary Condition of the British and French Armies in the Crimea.’

LONIE, A. C. Oughter: Kinghorn, Fife.

LORD, J. K.; Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, Dartmouth College, N.H.

LOUIS. Prof. Henry; Professor of Moderm History, the Durham College of Science, Newcastle-upon--Tyne, England; author of ‘A Handbook of Gold Milling,’etc.

LOUIS, Paul ; French statistician ; on staff of the ‘Revue Blanche.’

LOVE, Augustus E. H., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.; Sedleian Professor of Natural Philosophy, Oxford, from 1899 ; sometime Fellow of St John’s Coll., Camb.; University Lecturer in Mathematics.

LOW, A. P.; of the Geological Survey of Canada; author of ‘Report on the Exploration in the Labrador Peninsula,’ etc.

LOW, George M., F.F.A.; Manager of the Ebin-burgh Life Assurance Company.

LOW, Hon. Seth, LL. D. ; Mayor of New York City; formerly President of Columbia University; Mayor of Brooklyn, 1881-85 ; President of the Archaeological Institution of America.

LOW, Sidney James, M.A., L.C.C.; Lecturer on History, King’s College, London, 1883-86; editor of the ‘St James’s Gazette,’ 1888-97; co-editor of the ‘Dictionary of English History,’ etc.

LOWE, Major F. M., R.A.; Assist. Proof Officer Royal Gun Factory, 1885; Assist.-Inspector, Army Inspection Dept., 1888 ; Gunnery Instructor, Brit. N. America, 1893; Gunnery Instructor, Coast Defence School, Isle of Wight, 1894; and Assistant Super-intendent of Experiments at Shoeburyness from 1898.

LOWELL, Hon. John; endowed a course of free lectures on religion, science, and the arts, delivered in the Lowell Institute, Boston, Mass.

LUARD, Rev. Henry Richard, M.A., D.D.; Registrar to the University of Cambridge, 1862-91

Director of the restoration of Gt. St Mary’s, Cam-bridge, of which he was Vicar, 1860-87 ; edited ‘Lives of Edward the Confessor,’ ‘Roberti Grossteste Epistolae’ and other mediaeval works for the ‘Master of the Rolls’ Series.

LUGARD, Brig.-Gen. Sir Frederick John Dealtry, K.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O.; High Commissioner of Northern Nigeria; served Afghan War, 1879-80; Soudan Campaign, 1885; Burma Campaign, 1886-87 ; Administrator of Uganda, 1889-92 ; employed by Royal Niger Company, 1894-95; H.M. Commis-sioner, Hinterland of Nigeria and Lagos, 1897-99; Commandant of West African Frontier Force, 1897--1899; author of ‘Our East African Empire.’

LUMBY, Rev. Joseph Rawson, D.D.; Fellow and Lecturer of Magdalene College, Cambridge; one of the founders of the Early English Text Society; edited for the Pitt Press, Bacon’s ‘Life of Henry VII.,’ More’s ‘Utopia,’ and Books III. and IV. of Beda’s ‘Ecclesiastical History’; edited the ‘Cambridge Companion to the Bible.’

LUMMIS, Charles Fletcher ; editor of the ‘Land of Sunstine’ magazine, Los Angeles, California; author of ‘The Right Hand of the Continent’ (Cali-fornia); formerly editor of the Los Angeles ‘Daily Times.’

LUNGE, George , Ph.D.; Professor of Technical Chemistry at the ‘Polytechnic, Zürich; author of ‘Acid and Alkali Manufacture,’ etc.

LUSHINGTON, Sir Franklin, M.A.; formerly Chief Police. Magistrate for London ; author of ‘Wagers of Battle.’

LYALL, The Right Hon. Sir Alfred Comyn, P.C., K.C.B., G.C.I.E., D.C.L., LL.D. ; Member of Council of Secretary of State for India from 1888 ; Lieut.-Gov. North-West Provinces, India, 1882-87; author of ‘British Dominion in India,’ ‘Asiatic Studies,’ ‘Life of Warren Hastings.’

LYALL, Sir Charles James C.I.E., K.C.S.I., M.A., LL.D.; Secretary to the Judicial and Public Dept., India Office, from 1898; Secretary to the Govt. of India in the Home Dept., 1889-94; Chief Commissioner in Assam, 1894, in the Central Provinces, 1895-98; author of ‘Translations of Ancient Arabic Poetry,’ an edition of ‘Ten Arabic Poems.’

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