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Surnames: LYD-MCK

LYDEKKER, Richard, F.R.S.; served on Geological Survey of India, 1874-82 ; author of ‘Geology of Kashmir,’ ‘Catalogues of Fossil Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds in British Museum,’ ‘Descriptions of South American Fossil Animals,’ etc.

LYNES, G. B., A.M.; sub-editor of the New Volumes of ‘Ency. Brit.’; formerly literary editor of the ‘Baltimore News’ ‘Instructor in History and Acting Librarian, Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. ; author of ‘A Course in Modern European History,’ etc.

LYONS, Major H. G., R.H.; Director of the Survey Department, Egypt; editor of ‘A Handbook of Travellers in Egypt’; author of ‘Report on the Island and Temples of Philae,’ etc.

LYONS, Rev. Ponsonby A.; one of the editors of the ‘Master of the Rolls’ Series; editor of ‘Two’ "Compoti" of the Lancashire and Cheshire Manors of H. de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln,’ and of ‘Cartularum Monasterii Rameseia.’

LYTE, Farnham Maxwell, F.C.S. ; author of ‘Rapport Industriel sur un gisement de sel gemme découvert á Dax.’


McADAM, David; St Louis, Mo.; author of ‘The Marine Court of the City of New York,’ ‘The Rights, Remedies, and Liabilities of Landlord and Tenant.’

MACALISTER, Alexander M.A., M.D., D.Sc., LL.D., F.R.S. Professor of Anatomy, Cambridge University, from 1883; Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge ; Professor of Zoology, University of Dublin, 1869; Professor of Anatomy and Chirurgery, Dublin, 1877; author of ‘Introduction to Animal Morphology,’ ‘Morphology of Vertebrate Animals,’ ‘Text-Book of Human Anatomy,’ etc.

MacALISTER, Donald, M.A., M.D., B.Sc.; Fellow and Senior Tutor of St John’s Coll., Camb. ; University Lecturer in Medicine ; Physician to Adden-brooke’s Hospital; University Memb. and Business Chairman, General Medical Council; Hon. President International Congress of Hygiene, Madrid, 1898 ; Lecturer in Natural Philosophy, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, 1879, etc. first Croonian Professor, 1888; translated Ziegler’s ‘Pathological Anatomy’; author of ‘Nature of Fever,’ ‘Advanced Study and Research in Cambridge,’ ‘The Practitioner,’ etc.

McWALL, Hugh; author of ‘Ireland and her Staple Manufactures,’ ‘The House of Downshire.’

McARTHUR, Rev. George, M.A.; sub-editor of the ninth edition of the ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica.’

MACAULAY, James, M.D.; edited the ‘Leisure Hour,’ 1859-95; author of ‘Tales of Travel and Adven-ture,’ ‘Sea Pictures,’ in the ‘Pen and Pencil’ Series.

MACAULAY, Lord, Thomas Babington Macaulay; Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge; entered Parliament, 1830 ; Member of the Supreme Council of India, 1834-38 ; Paymaster-General, 1846 ; author of ‘History of England,’ ‘Essays,’ ‘Lays of Ancient Rome.’

MACAULAY, W .H., M.A., Fellow and Lecturer of King’s Coll., Cambridge ; late University Lecturer in Applied Mechanics, Cambridge.

McCANDLISH, John MacGregor; Member of Faculty of Actuaries; Writer to the Signet.

McCLATCHIE, Thomas R. H.; interpreter In British consular service, Japan; author of ‘Japanese Plays: with Illustrations by Japanese Artists.’

McCLELLAN, General George Brinton ; served in the Mexican War; in the Civil War (1861-1865), in command of the Union forces ; Governor of New Jersey, 1877; author of ‘The Armies of Europe,’ ‘Report on the Organization and Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac.’

MacCOLL, D. S., M.A.; painter; art critic of the ‘Saturday Review.’

MacCORMAC, Sir William, Bart., K.C.V.O., D.Sc. ; President of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1896-1901; Serjeant-Surgeon to King Edward VII.

McCORMICK, William Symington, M.A.; Professor of English, St Andrews University; author of ‘Lectures on Literature’; joint-editor of the Globe ‘Chaucer’ etc.

McCRADY, Edward; President of the Historical Society of South Carolina; author of ‘History of South Carolina under the Proprietary Government,’ and ‘History of South Carolina under the Royal Government.’

McCRIE, Rev. Charles Greig, D.D.; Minister of Ayr United Free Church of Scotland from 1877; author of ‘Sketches and Studies,’ ‘'The Church of Scotland, her Divisions and Reunions.’

McDONALD, A.; London.

MACDONALD, James, M.A., LL. D.; Vice-President of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1895-1897; Rhind Lecturer on Archaeology, 1897; author of ‘Tituli Hunteriani : an Account of the Roman Stones in the Hunterian Museum.’

MACDONALD, John; London.

MACDONELL, Arthur Anthony, M.A., Ph.D.; Boden Professor of Sanskrit, Oxford Univ. ; Keeper of the Indian Inst.; Fellow of Balliol Coll.; author of a ‘Sanskrit Grammar,’ ‘A Sanskrit- English Dictionary,’ ‘Vedic Mythology.’

MACDONELL, John, C. B., LL. A ; Master of the Supreme Court; Vice-President of the Royal Statistical Society; author of ‘The Law of Master and Servant,’ etc.

MACDOWALL, Alexander B.; London.

McDOWALL, William; author of ‘Burns in Dumfriesshire,’ ‘Chronicles of Lincluden,’ ‘Among the Old Scottish Minstrels.’

MACFARLANE, John; Librarian or the Imperial Library, Calcutta ; formerly Assist., British Museum; author of ‘Library Administration,’ etc.

MACFARREN, Sir George Alexander, Mus. Doc.; Principal of the Royal Acad. of Music, London, 1875 ; Professor of Music at Cambridge Univ., 1875; composer of the cantatas ‘Leonora,’ ‘May Day’; and operas ‘Don Quixote,’ ‘Robin Hood’; author of ‘Rudiments of Harmony.’

McGREGOR, John; barrister; author of ‘Thousand Miles in the "Rob Roy" Canoe,’ The "Rob Roy" on the Jordan.’

MACGREGOR, Sir William, K.C.M.G., C.B., M.D., B.Sc., LL. D. ; Governor of Lagos; late Receiver--General and Administrator of the Government, and Acting High Commissioner and Consul-General for the Western Pacific; Administrator of British New Guinea, 1888; Lieut.-Governor, 1895.

McGRIGOR, Alexander Bennet, LL.D.; author of ‘Contributions towards an Index of Passages on the Topography of Jerusalem.

McINTOSH, William Carmichael, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. ; Professor of Natural History in the Univ. of St. Andrews; Director of the Univ. Museum; author of ‘Monograph of British Annelids,’ ‘The Resources of the Sea.’

MACKAY, Aeneas James George, LL.D.; formerly Professor of History, Univ. of Edinburgh ; Sheriff of Fife and Kinross, 1886-1901; author of ‘William Dunbar, Scottish Poet,’ ‘Manual of Practice of the Court of Session’; contributed largely to the ‘Dictionary of National Biography.’

MACKAY, Rev, G. F,

MACKAY, John Sturgeon, M.A., LL.D.; Mathe-matical Master of Edinburgh Academy from 1873; first President of the Edinburgh Mathematical Soc. ; author of Arithmetical Exercises,’ ‘Elements of Euclid.’

MACKAY, Robert; architect, Perth.

MACKAY, T. , LL.D.; author of ‘A History of the English Poor Law,’ ‘The Public Relief of the Poor,’ etc. ; editor of ‘A Policy of Free Exchange,’ ‘A Plea for Liberty,’ etc.

McKENDRICK, John Gray, M.D., LL.D., F. R. S. ; Professor of Physiology, Glasgow University; Fullerian Professor of Physiology at Royal Inst. of Great Britain; President of Physiological Section of British Association; author of ‘Animal Physio-logy,’ ‘A Text-Book of Physiology,’ ‘Life in Motion, or Muscle Nerve,’ ‘Physiology,’ ‘Life of Helmholtz,’ etc.

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