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Surnames: MCL-MAR

McLACHLAN, Robert, F.R.S.; editor of the ‘Entomologists Monthly Magazine’; author of ‘A Monographic Revision and Synopsis of the Trichop-tera of the European Fauna.’

McLAGAN, General Robert, R.E.; formerly Secretary to the Punjab Government, Lahore.

McLAUCHLAN, Rev. Thomas, M.A., LL.D.; Moderator of the Free Church Assembly, 1876; published versions of ‘Ossian,’ and the ‘Book of the Dean of Lismore’ ; author of ‘History of the Early Scottish Church,’ ‘Celtic Gleanings.’

McLAUGHLIN, Andrew Cunningham, M.A., LL.B. ; Professor of American History, University of Michigan; author of ‘History of Higher Educa-tion in Michigan,’ ‘Civil Government in Michigan,’ ‘Lewis Cass,’ etc.

MACLEAR, Rev. George Frederick, D.D.; Warden of St Augustine’s College, Canterbury; formerly Headmaster of King’s Coll. School, London; Boyle Lecturer, 1877-80; author of ‘Introduction to the Creeds,’ ‘Mediaeval Missions; edited ‘Oxford Helps to the Study of the Bible.’

McLENNAN, John Ferguson, M.A.; Advocate; Parliamentary Draughtsman for Scotland, 1871; author of ‘Primitive Marriage,’ ‘Studies in Ancient History.’

MACMAHON, Major Percy Alexander, R.A., Sc.D., F.R.S.; Professor of Artillery, Woolwich; President of London Mathematical Society, 1894-96; accompanied Government Expedition to observe eclipse of sun, Norway, 1896 ; author of numerous papers on Pure Mathematics, etc.

McMASTER, John Bach, Ph.D., Litt.D.; Professor of American History, University of Pennsylvania; author of ‘A History of the People of the United States.’

McMILLAN, Walter G.. F.C.S., M.I.M.M.; Sec. Inst. Elect. Engineers; late Lecturer on Metallurgy,’ Mason Coll., Birmingham; author of ‘A Treatise on Electro-Metallurgy,’ part-author of ‘Metals,’ translator of ‘Electric Smelting and Re-fining.’

MACMORRAN, Alexander, K.C.; editor of ‘Justice of the Peace’ from 1879 ; author of editions of ‘Lumley’s Public Health’ works on ‘The Public (London) Act, 1891,’ the ‘Local Government Act, 1888,’ the Local Government Act, 1894,’ the ‘London Govenrment Act, 1899,’ ‘Poor Law Orders,’ ‘Poor Law Statutes,’ etc.

MAC MUNN, Charles Alexander, M.A., M.D.; Hon. Pathologist and Physician Wolverhampton General Hospital; author of ‘The Spectroscope in Medicine,’ ‘Outlines of Clinical Chemistry,’ etc.

McMURDO, General Sir Wiliam Montagu Scott, K.C.B. ; served under Sir C. Napier in Sind, 1842 ; reorganised the transport service in the Crimea; Inspector-General of Volunteers 1860; retired from active service, 1881; author of ‘Rifle Volunteers for Field Service: their Arms, Equipment and Administration.’

McNAB, W. Ramsay, M.D., F.L.S.; formerly Prof. of Botany, Royal Coll. of Science, Ireland ; author of numerous papers on botanical subjects in transactions of societies.

McNAUGHT, J. A.; member of the Jury for Carriage Building, Paris Exhibition, 1900.

MACPHERSON, John, M.A., M.D. ; served the East India Company in Bengal, 1839-64, attaining the rank of Inspector-General of Hospitals ; author of ‘Statistics of Dysentery,’ ‘The Baths and Wells of Europe,’ ‘Essay on Celtic Names.’

McVEY, Frank L., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Political Science, Univ. of Minnesota.

MacWILLIAM, Robert.; Principal of Gill Coll., Somerset East, Cape Colony.

MADAN, Falconer, M.A.; Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford; Sub-Librarian of Bodleian Library from 1880 ; Univ. Lecturer in Palaeography from 1889; author of ‘Summary Catalogue of Bodleian MSS., vols. iii. and iv., ‘Early Oxford Press.’

MAGNUS, Sir Philip; Superintendent of Technological Examinations and Secretary of Examinations Department, City and Guilds of London Institute; organising Director and Secretary of City and Guilds of London Institute, 1880-88; Vice-President of the College of Preceptors; author of ‘Lessons in Elementary Mechanics,’ ‘Hydrostatics and Pneumatics,’ ‘Industrial Education.’

MAHILLON, Victor Charles; of the Con-servatoire Royal de Musique, Brussels ; author of

‘Elements of Musical and Instrumental Acoustics.’

MAITLAND, Col. Eardley., R.A., C.B.; served in Indian Mutiny, 1857-58: Military Attache to the British Embassy at Constantinople during Russo-Turkish War, 1877 ; Superintendent of the Royal Gun Factory, Woolwich, 1880-87; Director-General of Ordnance Factories, 1887-89.

MAITLAND, Frederic William, LL.D., D.C.L.; Professor of English Law, Cambridge; Reader of English Law at Cambridge, 1884; Corresponding Member of Royal Prussian Academy; author of ‘Justice and Police,’ ‘Bracton’s Note-Book,’ ‘History of English Law’ (with Sir F. Pollock), ‘Domesday Book and Beyond,’ ‘Township and Borough,’ ‘Canon Law in England,’ etc.

MAITLAND, J. A. Fuller, M.A., F.S.A.; musical critic of ‘The Times’; author of ‘English Music,’ ‘Life of Robert Schumann,’ ‘Masters of German Music,’ ‘The Musician’s Pilgrimage’; edited the Appendix to Grove’s ‘Dictionary of Music and Musicians.’

MAJOR, Richard Henry; Keeper. of Printed Maps and Plans in the Brit. Mus., 1867-80; Vice-President of the Royal Geog. Soc., 1881-84; author of ‘The Life of Prince Henry of Portugal, surnamed the Navigator’; edited many works for the Hakluyt Society.

MALAMANI, Vittorio.

MANN, James Saumarez, M.A., co-editor of ‘Social England’: sometime Fellow and Lecturer of Trinity College, Oxford.

MANSON, Edward; Barrister, Middle Temple; author of ‘Law of Trading Companies,’ ‘The Law of Debentures and Debenture Stock,’ 'Practical Guide to Company Law,’ etc.

MANSON, James Alexander; sub-editor of the New Volumes of the ‘Ency. Brit.’; dramatic critic, ‘Weekly Dispatch,’ 1890-92; literary editor of the ‘Daily Chronicle,’ 1891; author of ‘In Memoriam edition of Burns’s poetical Works,’ ‘Value for Victoria,’ ‘Sir Edwin Landseer’ (Makers of British Art Series), etc.

MARKBY, Sir William, K.C.I.E.; D.C.L. ; Fellow of All Souls Collegre, Oxford, and of Balliol College; Judge of High Court, Calcutta, 1866-78; Reader in Indian Law, Oxford, 1878-1900 ; author of ‘Lectures on Indian Law,’ ‘Elements of Law considered with Reference to General Principles of Jurisprudence,’

MARKHAM. Sir Clements Robert, K.C.B., F. R.S. ; President of the Royal Geographical Society, of the International Geographical Congress, 1894-99, of the Hakluyt Society, and of the Geographical, Elizabethan, and Royal Society Clubs ; served in the Arctic Expedition, 1850-51; Geographer to the Abyssinian Expedition; Assistant Secretaryin the India Office, 1867-77 ; author of ‘Life of the Great Lord Fairfax,’ ‘The Fighting Veres,’ ‘History of Peru,’

‘History of Persia,’ ‘History of the Abyssinian Expedition,’ etc.

MARSHALL, George M., Ph.B.; Professor of English Language and Literature, University Of Utah.

MARSHALL, Julian; author of ‘The Annals of Tennis.’

MARTEL, Major C. P., R.A.; Sec. to the Ord-nance Committee; late Professor of Artillery, Ordnance Coll.

MARTIN, Frederick; acted as secretary to Thomas Carlyle; edited the ‘Statesman’s Year Book,' 1864-82; author of ‘Handbook of Contemporary Biography,’ ‘Stories of Banks and Bankers.’

MARTIN, T. C.; editor of ‘Electrical World and Engineer,’ New York.

MARTIN, Sir Theodore, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., LL.D.; Rector of St. Andrews University, 1881; author of ‘Life of Prince Consort, and of transla-tions from Oehlenschläger, Dante, Schiller, Horace, etc.

MARTIN, Capt. W. R.., R.N. ; author of ‘A Treatise on Navigation and Nautical Astronomy,’ etc.

MARZIALS, Emilie; author of numerous articles on Provengal literature.

MARZIALS, Frank Thomas, C.B.; Accountant--General of the Army since 1898; author of Lives of Dickens and Victor Hugo, etc.

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