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Surnames: MOR-MYR

MORENO, Dr. Francesco P. ; donor and director of the La Plata Museum, Buenos Ayres; repr. in Great Britain of the Argentine in connexion with Chilian Argentine Boundary Dispute; author of ‘La Plata,’ etc.

MORFILL, William Richard, M.A.; Professor of Russian and the other Slavonic languages, Oxford; Curator of the Taylor Institution, Oxford; author of ‘Russia,’ ‘Slavonic Literature,’ etc.

MORIARTY, Captain Henry Augustus. R.N., C.B. ; served on coast of Syria, 1840 ; H.M.S. ‘Penelope,’ 1848; H.M.S. ‘Duke of Wellington, 1854-55; author of ‘Currents of the Ocean and Circulation of Waters through the Globe.’

MORISON, James Augustus Cotter, M.A.; formerly on the staff of the ‘Saturday Review’ ; author of ‘Life of St Bernard,’ ‘Mme. de Maintenon, une Etude,’ ‘Gibbon’ and ‘Macaulay’ in the ‘Men of Letters’ Series.

MORLEY, The Rt. Hon. John, M.P., M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. ; Chief Secretary for Ireland, 1886 and 1892-95 ; Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn, 1891 ; author of ‘Edmund Burke,’ ‘Diderot and the Encyclopaedists,’ ‘Life of Richard Cobden,’ ‘Oliver Cromwell,’ etc.

MORLEY, Thomas; Fellow of the Inst. of Naval Architects.

MORRIS, William; founded the firm of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner, and Co., to promote artistic house decoration, 1861 ; established the Kelmscott Press, 1890; author of ‘The Earthly Paradise,’ ‘The Life and Death of Jason,’ a version of the ‘Odyssey,’ ‘News from Nowhere.’

MORRIS, William O’Connor; author of ‘The French Revolution and the First Empire,’ ‘Great Commanders of Modern Times,’ ‘The Land System of Ireland.’

MORSE, John Torrey, Jr.; editor of the ‘Ameri-can Statesmen’ Series ; author of ‘The Life and Letters of Oliver Wendell Holmes.’

MORTON, Hon. Julius Sterling; sometime U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and President of Nebraska State Historical Society.

MOSCA, Gaetano; Professor of Constitutional Law, Turin, Italy.

MOSCHINI, V. ; Mayor of Padua.

MOSELEY, Henry Nottidge, LL. D., F.R.S.; sometime Fellow of Exeter Coll., Oxford; Linacre Professor in the Univ. of Oxford, 1889 ; served on the ‘Challenger’ Expedition, 1872; author of ‘Notes of a Naturalist on the "Challenger."’

MOTT, Frederick Walker, M.D., F.R.S.; Phy-sician to Out-Patients, Charing Cross Hospital; Pathologist to the London County Asylums ; Croonian Lecturer, Royal College of Physicians, 1900.

MUIR, John, A.M., LL.D.; U.S. explorer and naturalist; discoverer of the Muir glacier, Alaska; author of ‘Our Natural Parks,’ ‘The Mountains of California.’

MUIR Robert, M.A., M.D., C.M.; Professor of Pathology, University of Glasgow; Lecturer on Patho-logical Bacteriology, Edinburgh, 1894; Professor of Pathology, St Andrews, 1898-99; author of ‘Manual of Bacteriology’ (with Dr J. Ritchie), ‘Scientific Papers,’ etc.

MUIR, Thomas M A., LL.D., F.R.S.; Super-intendent-General of Education in Cape Colony ; formerly Mathematical Tutor in College Hall, St Andrews; Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Cape of Good Hope till 1901 ; author of ‘Text-Book of Determinants,’ ‘History of Determinants.’

MUIRIHEAD, Findlays, M.A.; co-editor of Baedeker’s English Guide-Books; translated Zehn-den’s ‘Commercial Geography’ from the German.

MUIRHEAD, James, LL.D. ; Advocate; Professor of Civil Law in the Univ. of Edinburgh, 1862-89; Sheriff in Chancery, 1885 ; author of ‘Historical Introduction to Private Law of Rome,’ and of an edition of ‘The Institutes of Gaius and Rules of Ulpian.’

MUIRHEAD, J. F.; general editor of Baedeker’s English Guide-Books; author of Baedeker’s Guides to Great Britain, United States, and Canada; and of ‘America : the Land of Contrasts.’

MÜLLER, August; Professor of Semitic Philology, Univ. of Halle.

MÜLLER, D. H.; Professor of Semitic Languages, Univ. of Vienna.

MÜLLER, Rt. Hon. Friedrich Max, M.A., Ph.D.; sometime Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford; Taylorian Professor of Modern Languages at Oxford, 1854; Curator of the Bodleian Library, 1856-63; Professor of Com-parative Philology, 1868-75; author of an edition of the ‘Rigveda,’ with Sayana’s commentary, ‘History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature,’ ‘Chips from a German Workshop’; edited the series of translations, ‘Sacred Books of the East.’

MULLINGER, James Bass, M.A.; University Lecturer in History; Librarian and Lecturer in History, St John’s Coll., Cambridge; Birkbeck Lecturer on Ecclesiastical History to Trin. Coll., Cambridge; author of ‘The University of Cambridge from the Earliest Times, etc.’ ‘The New Reformation,’ ‘A Narrative of the Old Catholic Movement.’

MUNRO, Rev. Robert, M.A.,M.D., F.S.A. Scot.; author of ‘Ancient Scottish Lake Dwellings or Crannogs.’

MUNRO, Robert, M.A., M.D., LL.D.; Secretary to Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1888-89; Presi-dent of the Anthropological Section of the British Association, 1893; Rhind Lecturer on Archaeology, 1888; author of ‘The Lake Dwellings of Europe,’ ‘Prehistoric Problems.’

MUNRO, Wilfred H., A.M.; Professor of European History, Brown University, Providence, R.I.

MURPHY, Shirley Forster, M.D.; Medical Officer of Health, Administrative County of London; author of ‘Infectious Disease and its Prevention,’ editor of ‘Our Homes, and How to make them Healthy,’ etc.

MURRAY, Alexander Stuart, LL.D., F.S.A.; Keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, from 1886; author of ‘History of Greek Sculpture,’ ‘Handbook of Greek Archaeology,’ ‘Designs from Greek Vases,’ ‘Terra-Cotta Sarcophagi.’

MURRAY, Sir George Herbert, K.C.B.; Secretary to the Post Office from 1899; entered Foreign Office, 1873 ; transferred to Treasury, 1880; private secretary to Mr Gladstone and to the Earl of Rose-bery when Prime Minister; Chairman Board of Inland Revenue, 1897-99.

MURRAY, George Robert Milne, F.L.S., F.R.S. ; Keeper of Department of Botany, Natural History Museum; Lecturer in Botany, St George’s Hospital, 1882-86; Lecturer at the Royal Veterinary Coll., 1890-95; Naturalist to the Solar Eclipse Expedition to West Indies, 1886; Scientific Director of the National Antarctic Expedition, 1901; author of ‘Introduction to the Study of Seaweeds’; joint--author of ‘Handbook of Cryptogamic Botany.’

MURRAY, James Augustus Henry, M.A., LL.D., D.C.L., D.Litt., Ph.D.; President of the Philological Society, London, 1878-80, 1882-84; Romanes Lecturer, Oxford, 1900; author of ‘Dialect of the Southern Counties of Scotland,’ and of many papers on archaeology, geology, and history in the transactions of learned societies.

MURRAY, Sir John, K.C.B., Ph.D., LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S. ; engaged in a survey of the fresh-water lakes of the United Kingdom; edited official reports of the ‘Challengor’ Expedition; took part in the ‘Triton’ and ‘Knight-Errant’ explorations of Faroe Channel.

MUSTON, C. N. B.; Edinburgh.

MUTHER, Richard, Ph.D.; Professor of Art His-tory, University of Breslau; author of ‘The History of Modern Painting,’ ‘Gothic and Early Renaissance Illustrations of German Books,’ ‘A Century of French Painting,’ etc.

MYRES, J. L. ; Student and Tutor of Christ Church, Oxford; author of ‘A Catalogue of the Cyprus Museum.’

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