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Surnames: NOT-PAP

NOTTER, Col. J. Lane, M.A., M.D.; of the Royal Army Med. Corps; late Prof. of Military Hygiene, Netley; author of ‘The Theory and Practice of Hygiene,’etc.

NUGENT, Col. Sir Charles Butler Peter Hodges, K.C.B., R.E.; served in Crimean War, 1854-55; commanded the Royal Engineers in Egypt, 1882.

NYS, Ernest; Professor of International Law, Univ. of Brussels; author of ‘Les Origines du Droit Inter-national,’ and other works on the same subject.

NYSTRÖM, Johan Fredrik; Professor of Geo-graphy, Univ. of Upsala; formerly Professor of Statistics.


O’CONNOR, J. D. A.; author of ‘History of Turkey.’

O’DONOGHUE, Freeman M., F.S.A.; Assistant Keeper of Prints, British Museum; author of ‘Cata-logue of the Collection of Playing Cards bequeathed to the British Museum by Lady Charlotte Schneber,’ ‘A Descriptive and Classified Catalogue of the Portraits of Queen Elizabeth,’ etc.

O’DOWD, Sir James Cornelius, Kt., C.B., D.L.; Barrister; Army Purchase Commissioner from 1871; Professor of Law at the Staff College from 1896; Deputy Judge Advocate-General of the Army, 1869-99 ; formerly part-proprietor and editor of the ‘Army and Navy Gazette’; author of a work on courts martial.

OELSNER, Herman, M.A., Ph.D.; recognized Inter-collegiate Lecturer in Romance in the University of Cambridge; author of ‘The Influence of Dante on Modern Thought,’ ‘Dante in France’; editor of the ‘Commedia’ in the ‘Temple Classics,’ etc. ; ‘History of Provençal Literature’ (in progress) for Mr Gosse’s ‘Literatures of the World’ Series, etc.

OHLSON, J , L. ; late Secretary of the West India Committee, London.

OLDFIELD, Josiah, D.C.L., M.R.C.S.; founded the Humanitarian Hospital of St Francis, and the Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment; author of ‘The Claims of Common Life,’ ‘Butchery and its Horrors,’ etc.

OLLIER, Edmund; edited the London Review, 1874-776 ; author of ‘Cassell’s History of the United States,’ ‘Cassell’s Illustrated Universal History.’

O’MEARA, Rev. Eugene Henry, M.A.; Vicar of Tallaght, co. Dublin, from 1887.

O’NEILL, Aeneas; Assistant Correspondent of ‘The Times,’ Vienna.

O’NEILL, Charles; author of ‘The Chemistry of Calico Printing, Dyeing, and Bleaching’; edited ‘The Textile Colourist.’

ORDE-BROWNE, Capt. C. -, formerly military editor of the ‘Engineer’ and the Naval Annual’; Capt. Instructor in Royal Laboratory, Woolwich ; author of ‘Armour and its Attack by Artillery,’ ‘Short Notes on Field Batteries,’ ‘Ammunition for Rifled Ordnance,’ etc.

ORELLI, Aloys von; formerly Professor of Law, Univ. of Zurich; author of ‘The Jury in France and England,’ ‘Das Staatsrecht der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft.’

ORTON, Edward, LL.D., Ph.D.; State Geologist of Ohio from 1869; Professor of Geology, Ohio State Unir., from 1873; President of the Geological Soc. of America, 1897 ; part-author of ‘Geology of Ohio.

OTTÉ, Élise C. ; joint-translator of Humbolds ‘Cosmos’ and ‘Views of Nature’; author of ‘Scandi-navian History,’ and of Danish and Swedish grammars.

OUSELEY, Rev. J. Gideon Jasper; anthor of ‘The Construction of Ecclesiastical Buildings,’ ‘The Ritual of the Sacraments,’ etc.

ÖVERLAND, O. Andreas, Assistant-Keeper of the Rigsarchiv, Christiania.

OVERTON, Rev. Canon John Henry, M.A., D.D.; Rural Dean of Axholme, 1893-98; Birkbeck Lecturer in Ecclesiastical History at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 1902-03 ; author of ‘Evangelical Revival in the 18th Century,’ ‘John Wesley,’ in the ‘Religious Leaders’ Series.

OWEN, Capt. C. R. B., R.A. ; late Professor of Artillery, Ordnance College; Assist. Superintendent, Roy. Carriage Dept., Woolwich Arsenal.

OWEN, Edmund, M B., F.R.C.S.; Senior Surgeon to St Mary’s Hospital, London;. Consulting Surgeon to the Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street; Mem-ber of the Council of Royal College of Surgeons; Ex-aminer in Surgery at the Universities or Cambridge and of London, etc.; late President of the Medical Society of London ; author or ‘A Manual of Anatomy for Senior Students,’ ‘The Surgical Diseases of Children.’

OWEN, Sir Richard. K.C.B., LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S.; Professor of Comparative Anatomy at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, 1834; Hunterian Professor on same subject at the Royal Coll. of Surgeon. 1836; Super-intendent of the Natural History Dept. of the Brit. Mus., 1856; contributed numerous papers in the transactions of various scientific societies.


PAGET, Sir John R., Bart., K.C., LL.B.; Gilbart Lecturer on Banking.

PAGET, Stephen, F.R.C.S.; Surgeon to West Lon-don Hospital; Surgeon toThroat and Ear Depart-ment, Middlesex Hospital ; author of ‘The Surgery of the Chest.’ ‘John Hunter,’ ‘Experiments on Animals,’ ‘Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget.’

PALEY, Frederick Apthrop, LL.D.; Professor of Classical Literature at the Roman Catholic Coll., Kensington; Examiner in Classics for London Univ., and for the Cambridge Tripos; author of prose translations of the odes of Pindar and the tragedies of Aeschylus, also of renderings in verse entitled ‘Frag-ments of the Greek Comic Poets.’

PALGRAVE, Robert Harry Inglis, F.R.S.; editor of ‘Economist,’ 1877-83 ; author of ‘The Local Taxation of Great Britain and Ireland,’ ‘An Analysis of the Transactions of the Bank of England for the years 1844-72,’ etc. ; editor of ‘Dictionary of Political Economy.’

PALGRAVE, William Gifford, B.A.; missionary in Syria for the Society of Jesus; penetrated Central Arabia on a secret mission from Napoleon III. ; British Minister to Uruguay, 1884 ; author of ‘Narra-tive of a Year’s Journey through Central and Eastern Arabia,’ ‘Essays on Eastern Questions.’

PALLISER, Mrs. Bury ; author of ‘A History of Lace from the Earliest Period,’ ‘A Descriptive Cata-logue of the Lace and Embroidery in the South Kensington Museum,’etc.

PALMER, Edward Henry, M.A.; late Fellow of St John’s Coll. Cambridge; Lord Almoner’s Professor of Arabic at Cambridge, 1871-81 ; murdered in Egypt, 1882, while serving on Government secret service; author of ‘Arabic Grammar,’ ‘Persian Dictionary.’

PAOLI, Cesare; Professor of Latin, of Palaeography and Diplomatics at the Instituto di Studi Superiori, Florence; Secretary of the Tuscan Section of the Societá di Storia Patria; edited ‘Archivio Storico Italiano’; author of ‘Programma Scolastica di Pale-grafia Latina et de Diplomatica,’ ‘La Vita Italiana nel Cinquecento.’

PAPILLON, Rev. Thomas Leslie, M.A.; some-time Fellow of Merton Coll. and of New Coll., Oxford; author of ‘A Manual of Comparative Philo-logy’; edited Dean Bradley’s ‘Aids to writing Latin Prose,’ etc.

PAPWORTH, Wyatt Angelicus van Sandau; formerly surveyor to the Alliance Insurance Co. ; Curator of the Soane Museum, 1893; edited Guilt’s ‘Encyclopaedia of Architecture’ ; author of ‘The Renaissance and Italian Styles of Architecture in Great Britain.’

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