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Surnames: PAR-PET

PARDON, George Frederick ; edited Cassell’s ‘Popular Educator’; author of ‘The Billiard Book,’ ‘Games for Gentlemen,’ and other books on games under the pseudonym ‘Captain Crawley.’

PARISH, Frank; Consul-General at Buenos Ayres, 1860-64.

PARKER, Charles Stuart, M.P., M.A.; Public Eximiner, Oxford, 1859, 1860, 1863, and 1868; Private Secretary, Colonial Office, 1864-65; served on Commissions for Public Schools, England, for Endowed Schools, Scotland, and for Military Educa-tion; author of essays on ‘Classical Education,’ ‘Public Education,’ ‘University Endowments,’ ‘Sir Robert Peel.’

PARKER, Wm. Kitchen, F.R.S.; Hunterian Professor in the Royal Coll. of Surgeons, London 1873; author of ‘Gallinaceous Birds and Tinamous,’ ‘The Skull of Batrachia,’ etc.

PARKIN, George Robert, C.M.C., LL.D. ; Prin-cipal of Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada ; author of ‘Imperial Federation,’ ‘Round the Empire,’ ‘The Great Dominion,’ ‘Life and Letters of Edward Thring.’

PARSONS, William Barclay; Chief Engineer of the Underground Railway, New York City.

PASCO, Hon. Samuel; Member of the Nicaragua Canal Commission; United States Senator from the State of Florida, 1887-99.

PATON, Diarmid Noel, M.D., B.Sc.; Superin-tendent of Research Laboratory of Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, 1889: Lecturer on Physiology, School of Medicine of Royal Colleges, Edinburgh, 1886; Biological Fellow of Edinburgh University, 1884; Member of the Royal Commission on Salmon Fisheries.

PATON, James, F.L.S.; Superintendent of Museums and Art Galleries of Corporation of Glasgow from 1876; Assistant in Museum of Science and Art, Edinburgh, 1861-76; President of Museums Associa-tion of United Kingdom, 1896; editor and part-author of ‘Scottish National Memorials,’ fol. 1890.

PATRICK, David, M.A., LL.D.. F.R.S.R.; head of literary staff of W. and R. Chambers, Ltd., Edin-bnrgh; editor of Chambers’s Encyclopaedia, 1888-92 ; of Chambers’s Cyclopaedia of English Literature, 1901; part-editor of Chambers’s Biographical Dictionary, 1897.

PATTISON, Mrs E. F. S.; see Dilke, Lady.

PATTISON, Rev. Mark, M.A.; late Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford ; Examiner in the School of Literae Humaniores, 1848; Rector of Lincoln Coll. 1861-84; contributed ‘Tendencies of Religious Thought in England’ to ‘Essays and Reviews’; author of ‘Life of Isaac Casaubon,’ ‘Memoirs,’ an autobio-graphy.

PAUL, Alfred Wallis, C.I.E. ; Political Officer, Sikkim Expedition; British Commissioner under Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1890; DeputyCommis-sioner of Darjeeling.

PAUL, C. Kegan, M.A.; Master at Eton, 1853-62 Vicar of Sturminster, 1862-74 ; publisher, 1874-99 ; author of ‘A Translation of Faust,’ ‘Life of Godwin,’ ‘Biographical Sketches,’ ‘Pascal’s Thoughts,’ ‘Faith and Unfaith.’

PAULI, Reinhold, LL.D. Professor of History, Univ. of Göttingen, 1870-82; author of ‘Geschichte Englands seit 1815,’ ‘Bilder aus Alt England.’

PAYNE, Edward John; Barrister; Recorder of High Wycombe from 1883; Fellow of University College, Oxford, 1872; edited ‘Select Works of Burke’; author of ‘History of European Colonies,’ ‘History of the New World called America,’ ‘The Colonies,’ in the ‘British Citizen’ Series.

PAYNE, Joseph Frank, M.D., F.R.C.P.; Consulting Physician to St Thomas’s Hospital ; Member of the General Medical Council; Member of the Senate of University of London; Harveian Librarian, Royal College of Physicians; author of ‘Manual of General Pathology,’ ‘Observations on Rare Diseases of the Skin.’

PEACH, Capt, E., Indian Staff Corps; author of ‘Tactics—Savage Warfare,’ etc.

PEACOCK, Dmitri Rudolf; traveller and philo-logist; Vice-Consul at Batourn, 1881; Consul, 1890; Consul-General at Odessa, 1891; author of original vocabularies of five West Caucasian languages.

PEARSON, Karl, M.A., LL.B., F.R.S.; Professor of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, University Col-lege, London ; Gresham Professor of Geometry, 1892-94; author of ‘Grammar of Science,’ ‘Enlarged Grammar of Science,’ ‘The Chances of Death, and other Studies in Evolution,’ ‘The Ethic of Freethought,’ ‘Die Fronica, a History of the Mediaeval Portraits of Christ,’ etc.

PECKHAM, Stephen Farnum, M.A. ; Chemist to Californian Petroleum Co., 1866 ; Professor of Chem-istry, Univ. of Minnesota, 1869-80; served on U.S. Census, 1881-85 ; author of ‘Elementary Chemistry,’ ‘Report on Production, Technology, and Uses of Petroleum’

PEGLER, Henry Stephen Holmes; author of ‘Book of the Goat,’ ‘Goat-keeping for Amateurs.’

PEILE, John, Litt D.; Master of Christ’s Coll., Cam-bridge, from 1887 ; Fellow and Lecturer, 1860; Tutor, 1870-84; Reader of Comparative Philology in the University, 1884-91 ; Vice- Chancellor, 1891-93; President of Newnham Coll.; author of ‘Primer of Philology,’ ‘Introduction to Greek and Latin Etymology,’ ‘History of Christ’s College’

PELHAM, Henry Francis, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A.; President of Trin. Coll., Oxford, from 1897 ; Camden Professor of Ancient History,University of Oxford, from 1889 ; Tutor of Exeter Coll., 1869-90; University Reader Ancient History, 1887; Curator of Bodleian Library, 1892 ; author of ‘Outlines of Roman History,’ ‘ The Imperial Domains and the Colonate,’ ‘The Roman Frontier System.’

PELSENEER Paul, D.Sc.; member of the Belgian Committee of Mariculture; Professor in the Normal School, Ghent; Lecturer, Brussels University; author of ‘Introduction á l’Etude des Mollusques,’ ‘"Chal-lenger" Report on the Pteropoda,’ ‘The Anatomy of the Deep-Sea Mollusca,’ etc.

PEMBREY, Marcus Seymour, M.A., M.D.; Lecturer in Physiology, Guy’s Hospital Medical School.

PENDEREL-BRODHURST, James George - oseph ; editor of ‘Land,’ 1881-93 ; assistant editor of ‘St James’s Gazette,’ 1888-93, editor of ‘St James’s Budget,’ 1889-98; author of ‘The Life and Times of King Edward VII.,’ part-author of ‘The Royal River and Abbeys and Churches of England and Wales.’

PENNELL, Joseph; artist; author of ‘A Canter-bury Pilgrimage’ ‘An Italian Pilgrimage,’ ‘Two Pil-grims’ Progress,’ ‘The Jew at Home,’ ‘Play in Pro-vence,’ ‘Modern Illustration,’ ‘The Illustration of ‘Books, ‘The Work of Charles Keene,’ ‘Lithography and Lithographers.’

PERKINS. George Henry ; Professor of Natural History, Univ. of Vermout, fromn 1869 ; State Entom-ologist of Vermont from 1880 ; author of ‘The Flora of Vermont,’ ‘The Injurious Insects of Vermont.’

PERRY, Rev. George Gresley M.A.; late Arch-deacon of Stow; Fellow and Tutor of Lincoln Coll., Oxford, 1847-52 ; author of ‘History of the Church of England,’ ‘Life of Bishop Grosseteste,’ ‘History of the Reformation in England,’ in the ‘Epochs of Church History’ Series.

PERSHING, James IT., A.B.; Lecturer on Inter-national Law in the University of Denver, and Pro-fessor of Medical Jurisprudence in Gross Medical College, Denver.

PETERSON, Frederick, Ph.D., M.D.; Head of the -New York State Commission of Lunacy ; President of the New York Neurological Society and President of the Board of Managers of Craig Colony for Epileptics,; Chief of Clinic, Department of Neurology, Columbia University.

PETRIE, William Matthew Flinders, D-C-L,; Litt. D., LL. D., Ph. D. ; Edwards Professor of Egyptology, University Coll., London; excavated Naukrates, Am, and Defenneh in Egypt, 1880-1901 ; author of ‘Stonehenge, ‘Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh,’ ‘Season in Egypt,’ ‘Racial Portraits,’ ‘Historical Scarabs,’ ‘Ten Years’Digging,’ ‘History of Egypt,’ ‘Tel el Amarna,’ ‘Syria and Egypt,’ ‘Royal Tombs of the Earliest Dynasties,’ etc.

PETTIGREW, James Bell, M.D., LL.D., F.RC.P., F.R.S. ; Chandos Professor of Medicine and Anatomy, St Andrews Univ., since 1875; Croonian Lecturer to the Royal Society, and President of Royal Medical Society, 1860 ; Lecturer on Physiology to Royal Coll. of Surgeons, Edinburgh, 1873 ; author of ‘Animal Locomotion,’ ‘On the Physiology of the Circu-lation in Plants, in the Lower Animals, and in Man.’

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