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Surnames: PFE-POW

PFEIL, Joachim, Count von, one of the founders of German East Africa; sometime resident in Bismarck Archipelago; author of ‘The Founding of the Boer States,’ ‘Studies and Observations in the South Seas,’ etc.

PHELAN, Hon. James Duval; Mayor of San Francisco, 1896-1901.

PHILLIMORE, George Grenville, M.A., B.C.L.; Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple.

PHILLIMORE, Sir Walter George Frank, Bt., D.C.L., LL.D. ; Judge of the King’s Bench Div.; author of ‘Book of Church Law,’ 2nd ed. of ‘Philli-more’s Ecclesiastical Law,’ etc.

PHILLIPS, John Rowland; Barrister; Stipen-diary Magistrate or West Ham, 1881 ; author of ‘Memoirs of the Civil War in Wales and the Marches.’

PHILLIPS, R. W., M.A., D.Sc., F.L.S.; Professor of Botany in the University Coll. of North Wales; author of ‘Memoirs on the Physiology of Plants,’ ‘Morphology of the Algae,’ etc.

PHILLPOTTS, Lieut.-Colonel A. H. C., R.L.

PICTON, Sir James Allanson ; architect; promoted the scheme for the Liverpool Public Library, of which he was the first Chairman; author of ‘Memorials of Liverpool.’

PICTON, James Allanson, M.A., M.P. ; Inde-pendent Minister of Hackney, 1868-76; Member of School Board for London, 1869- 78 ; author of ‘New Theories and the Old Faith,’ ‘The Mystery of Matter,’ ‘Oliver Cromwell: the Man and his Mission,’ ‘Life of Sir James A. Picton.’

PIESSE, Charles Henry, F.C.S.; Public Analyst, Fulham District, London ; author of ‘Chemistry in the Brewing-Room,’ ‘Olfactics and the Physical Senses.’

PIKE, Luke Owen, M.A.; Barrister; formerly of the Record Office, London; author of ‘A History of Crime in England,’ ‘Year Books of the Reign of King Edward the Third.’

PINCHOT, Gifford, B.A.; Forester of the U. S. Department of Agriculture ; Special Lecturer in the Forest School, Yale Univ. ; author of ‘The White Pine.’

PITMAN, Charles Murray; Stroke of the Oxford Eight, 1893-95.

PITMAN, Ernest ; Fellow of the Incorporated Phonographic Society; took part in the Shorthand Congresses, London, 1887 and 1897.

PITT, Walter, M. Inst: C.E., M.I.M.E.; Member of the Committee of International. Maritime Conference (London), etc.

PLATT, J. A., B.A.; London.

PLATTS, John Thompson M A. ; Teacher of Persian at the University of Oxford; formerly In-spector of Public Instruction in the Central Provinces of India ; author of a grammar and a dictionary of the Urdu Language; has translated from Hindustani ‘Ikhwann-s Safa.’

POLLEN, John Hungerford, M.A.; Examiner for Art, South Kensington; Fellow of Merton Coll., Oxford; Professor of Fine Arts in Catholic University of Dublin; Cantor Lecturer, Society of Art.9, 1885; author of ‘Ancient and Modern Furniture and Woodwork,’ Ancient and Modern Gold- and Silver-smiths’ Work, ‘The Trojan Column,’ etc.

POLLOCK Sir Frederick, Bt., LL.D., D.C.L.; Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence, Oxford; editor of the Law Reports from 1895; Fellow Trin. Coll., Camb. 1868 ; Professor of Jurisprudence, University Coll., London, 1882-83; Professor of Common Law in the Inns of Court, 1884-90 ; member Royal Labour Commission, 1891-94 ; author of ‘Principles of Con-tract,’ ‘Digest of the Law of Partnership,’ ‘History of English Law,’ ‘Spinoza, Life and Philosophy,’ ‘A First Book of Jurisprudence,’ etc., ‘The Etchingham Letters,’ 1899 (with E. Fuller Maitland).

POLLOCK, Walter Herries, M.A.; Barrister; formerly editor of the ‘Saturday Review’; author of ‘The Modern French Theatre,’ ‘Verse, Old and New,’ ‘Memoires Inédits du Marquis de—’ ‘Jane Austen: her Contemporaries and Herself.’

POOLE, Edward Stanley; formerly Chief Clerk of the Science and Art Department, London : edited the ‘Thousand and One Nights’ and ‘The Modern Egyptians’ of Lane Poole.

POOLE, Reginald Lane, M.A., Ph.D.; Fellow of Magdalen Coll. and Lecturer in Diplomatic in Univ. of Oxford; editor of ‘English Historical Review’; elected Lecturer in Modern History, Jesus Coll., Oxford, 1886; author of ‘A History of the Hugue-nots of the Dispersion,’ ‘Wycliffe and Movements for Reform,’ ‘Illustrations of the History of Mediaeval Thought.’

POOLE, Reginald Stuart, LL.D.; Keeper of the Dept. of Coins and Medals, British Museum from 1870; Hon. Sec. of the Egyptian Exploration Fund, of which he was one of the chief Promoters ; author of ‘Cities of Egypt.’

POORE, George Vivian, M.D.; Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, University College London; Physician University Coll. Hospital, 1876; Secretary- General of Sanitary Congress, 1891, etc. ; author of ‘Essays on Rural Hygiene,’ ‘A Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence.’

PORTER, Rev. Josias Leslie, M.A., D.D., LL.D.; Presbyterian Missionary to Damascus, 1849-59; author of ‘Five Years in Damascus,’ Murray’s ‘Handbook for Travellers in Syria and Palestine.’

PORTER, W. Haldane, B.A.; Barrister, Middle Temple; Chancellor’s English Essay, Oxford, 1893.

PORTLOCK, Maj.-General Joseph Ellison, R.E. ; Inspector of Studies at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, 1851-56; Member of the Council of Military Education, 1857-62; author of ‘A Rudi-mentary Treatise on Geology’; contributed to the eighth ed. of the ‘Ency. Brit.’

POST, George B.; Architect; Member of the Am. Society of Civil Engineers.

POSTGATE, John Percival, Litt-D.; Fellow and Classical Lecturer, Trin. Coll., Cambridge; Pro-fessor of Comparative Philology, University Coll. London; editor of the ‘Classical Review’; author of ‘Select Elegies of Propertius’ ; editor of the ‘New Latin Primer.’

POTTER, Rt. Rev. Henry Codman, D.D., LL.D.; Bishop of the Diocese of New York; author of ‘The Church and Her Children,’ ‘The Scholar and the State,’ etc.

POTTER, William Norvvood : chess-player; late editor of ‘City of London Chess Magazine,’ 1874-75 ; formerly chess editor of ‘Land and Water.’

POULTON, Edward Bagnall, M.A., D.Sc., LL.D., F. R. S. ; Hope Professor of Zoology, Oxford ; Fellow of Jesus Coll., Oxford; Member of Council of Royal Society, 1897-99; Demonstrator in Anatomical De-partment of University Museum, 1877-79; Lecturer in Natural Science and Tutor of Keble College, Oxford, 1880-89: Lecturer in Natural Science, Jesus College, Oxford, 1880-88 ; author of ‘The Colours of Animals,’ ‘Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection,’ many memoirs on zoological subjects in the proceed-ings of learned societies.

POWELL, F. York, M.A.; Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford ; author of ‘Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror,’ ‘History of Eng-land to 1509.’

POWELL, Harry J., B.A., F.C.S. ; of James Powell and Sons (the Whitefriars Glass Works); Juror for Glass of all kinds, Paris Exhibition of 1889; member of the Art-Workers’ Guild, of the Arts and Crafts Society, etc. ; part-author of ‘The Principles of Glass-Making.’

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