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Surnames: SLO-SOU

SLOANE, Thomas O’Conor, A.M., Ph.D.; late Professor of Natural Science, Seton Hall Coll., South Orange, N.J.

SLOANE, William Milligan, Ph.D., LL.D.; Professor of History, Columbia University, New York; sometime Professor of History in Princeton University, and editor of the ‘Princeton Review’; Secretary to George Bancroft in Berlin, 1873-75; author of ‘The French War and the Revolution,’ ‘Napoleon Bonaparte,’ etc.

SLOCUM, William F., LL.D.; President, Colorado College.

SMALL, John, M.A., LL.D.; Librarian of Edin-burgh University, 1854-86 ; edited the works of early Scottish poets ; author of ‘Historical Sketch of the Library of the Royal College of Physicians,’ etc.

SM ITH, Alexander ; Secretary to Edinburgh Univ., from 1854; author of ‘Life Drama and other Poems,’ ‘City Poems,’ ‘Last Leaves.’

SMITH, Benjamin Eli, A.M. assistant editor of the ‘Century Dictionary’; editor of the ‘Century Cyclopaoedia of Names’ and of the ‘Century Atlas.’

SMITH, Hon. Charles Emory; Postmaster--General, Washington, D.C.; formerly United States Minister to Russia; editor of the ‘Philadelphia Press’ since 1880.

SMITH, Prof. C. Michie, B.,Sc. ; Director of the Solar Physics Observatory, Madras; edited ‘Results of the Meteorological Observations made at the Government Observatory, Madras, during the years 1861-90.’

SMITH , George ; Senior Assistant Keeper of Oriental Antiquities, 1870; deciphered the ‘Chaldean Account of the Deluge’; chief of the Assyrian expeditions, 1873, 1876; author of ‘The Phonetic Values of Cunei-form Characters,’ ‘Ancient History from, the Monuments, Assyria,’ and of other works of Assyriology.

SMITH, George, C.I.E., LL.D., F.R.G.S.; Foreign Secretary of the Wited. Free Church of Scotland edited the ‘Calcutta Review,’ ‘The Friend of India,’ ‘Annals of Indian Administration’; Indian correspondent of ‘The Times,’ 1860-75; author of ‘Student’s Geography of British India,’ ‘Short History of Christian Missions,’ and other works on India and on missions.

SMITH, George Barnett, F.R.G.S. author of ‘Victor Hugo,’ ‘The Life of Mr Bright,’ ‘The Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria,’ ‘Life and Enterprises of Ferdinand de Lesseps,’ ‘The Life of Queen Victoria,’ etc.

SMITH, Goldwin, M.A., D.C.L. ; Fellow of Univ. Coll., Oxford, 1846; Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford, 1858-66; author of ‘The United Kingdom,’ ‘A Political History of Canada and the Canadians,’ ‘Guesses at the Riddle of Existence,’ and works on modern historical and economic questions.

SMITH, Hubert Llewellyn, M.A., B.Sc.; Deputy Controller-General and Labour Commissioner, Labour Department, Board of Trade; Cobden Prize, Oxford, 1886.

SMITH, Dr Hugh M.; in charge of Division of Inquiry respecting Food Fishes, U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries.

SMITH, John, C.B.; Inspector-General in Bank-ruptcy.

SMITH, John, M.D.; late Dental Surgeon to Queen Victoria; Lecturer on Dental Surgery, Surgeons’ Hall; author of ‘Handbook of Dental Anatomy and Surgery.’

SMITH, Rev. J. Frederick; author of ‘Studies in Religion under German Masters’; translated G. H. A. von Ewald’s commentaries on the ‘Prophets of the Old Testament,’ and the ‘Book of Job.’

SMITH, Miss Lucy Toulmin ; Boston, Mass.; edited ‘The Original Ordinances of more than One Hundred English Guilds,’ ‘York Plays,’ ‘The Boke of Brome,’ etc.

SMITH, Robert H. ; formerly Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Mason’s Coll., Birmingham ; author of ‘Cutting Tools worked by Hand and Machine.’

SMITH, W. Browning; sub-editor of the ninth ed. of the ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica.’

SMITH, Rev. Walter Chalmers, D.D., LL.D. formerly Minister of the Free High Church, Edin-burgh author of ‘North Country Folk,’ ‘Bishop’s Walk,’ ‘Olrig Grange,’ by ‘Hermann Kunst.’

SMITH, Sir William, LL.D., D.C.L.; edited the ‘Quarterly Review,’ 1867-93; Classical Examiner to the Univ. of London, 1853-69; edited ‘Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities,’ ‘Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography,’ ‘Dictionary of the Bible,’ etc.

SMITH, William Charles, K.C., M.A., LL.B. ; Advocate ; Sheriff of Ross, Cromarty, and Sutherland to 1900 ; author of Local Government in Scotland,’ ‘The Secretary for Scotland; edited the ‘Juridical Review,’ 1889-1900.

SMITH, William Robertson ; edited the ninth ed. of I Ency. Brit., ; Professor of Oriental Languages and Old Testament Exegesis, Free Church Coll., Aberdeen, 1870-81 ; one of the Old Testament Revisers, 1875 ; Lord Almoner’s Professor of Arabic at Cam-bridge, 1883; University Librarian, 1886; author of ‘Kinship and Marriage in Early Arabia,’ ‘Lectures on the Religion of the Semites.’

SMITH, Most Rev. William Saumarez, D.D.; Archbishop of Sydney from 1897; Fellow of Trinity Coll., 1869-70 ; Principal of St Aidan’s Coll., Cheshire, 1869-90 ; author of ‘Obstacles to Missionary Success,’ ‘Christian Faith,’ etc.

SMITH, Worthington G.; author of ‘Mush-rooms and Toadstools, Edible and Poisonous,’ ‘Diseases of Field and Garden Crops.’

SMYTH, Herbert Warrington M.A., LL.M., F.G.S., F.R.G.S. ; Secretary of they Mining Dept., Transvaal ; Sec. Siamese Legation, 1898-1901 ; author of ‘Journey on the Upper Mekong,’ ‘Five Years in Siam,’ etc.

SNOW, Francis Huntingdon, LL.D.; Chancellor of the University of Kansas.

SNOW, Prof. Freeman; formerly of Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. ; author of ‘Cases and Opinions on International Law.’

SNOW, Marshall Solomon, A.M.; Professor of History and Dean of the College, Washington Univ., St Louis, Missouri; author of ‘The City Government of St Louis.’

SOCIN, Albrecht. Ph.D.; Professor of Semitic Philology, Leipzig University, from 1890; formerly of Tübingen Univ. ; compiled Baedeker’s Handbooks of Palestine and Syria; author of an Arabic gram-mar.

SÖDERBERG, Dr E.; of the Central Statistical Bureau, Sweden; author of ‘Samuel Johan Hedborn,’ etc.

SOLLAS, William Johnson, M.A., LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S. ; Professor of Geology and Palaeontology, Univ. of Oxford, 1897; Fellow of Univ. College, Ox-ford ; has contributed many papers on geology and zoology to various scientific journals.

SOMERS, Robert; edited the ‘Scottish Herald,’ 1844; assistant- editor of ‘The Witness,’ 1845-47; author of ‘Letters from the Highlands,’ ‘The Southern States since the War, 1871.’

SORLEY, William Ritchie. M. A., LL. D.; Knightsbridge Professor of Moral Philosophy, Univ. of Cambridge, from 1900; Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 1883 ; formerly Professor of Moral Philo-sophy, Aberdeen ; author of ‘Essay on Jewish Christians and Judaism’ (Hulsean Essay).

SOULE, R. H., B.A., M.E.; sometime General Manager of the Erie R. R.

SOUTHWARD, John ; author of ‘A Dictionary of Typography and its Accessory Arts,’ ‘Practical Printing,’ etc.

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