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SPALDING, William M.A., Advocate; Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, Univ. of Edinburgh, 1840-45; Professor of Logic, Rhetoric, and Meta-physics at St Andrews, 1845-60; author of many papers on the Elizabethan drama, of ‘Italy and the Italian Islands,’ ‘History of English Literature.’

SPIELMANN, Marion H. ; editor of the ‘Maga-zine of Art’ since 1887 ; art critic to ‘Daily Graphic’ until, in 1891, art editor and part-founder of ‘Black and White’; author of ‘Works of G. F. Watts, R.A.,’ ‘Henriette Ronner,’ ‘History of "Punch,"’ ‘The Unidentified Contributions of Thackeray to "Punch,"’ ‘Notes on the Wallace Collection in Hertford House,’ ‘British Sculpture and Sculptors of To-day.’

SPIERS, R. Phené, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A.; Master of the Architectural School and Surveyor of Royal Academy; Associate and Hon. Fellow of King’s Coll., London; Past President of Architectural Association; Member of Council, Royal Institute of British Architects; edited ‘Pugin’s Normandy,’ ‘Fergusson’s History of Architecture’ ; author of ‘Architectural Drawing,’ ‘Architectural Essays on Pierrefonds,’ ‘Domed Churches in Perigord,’ etc.

SPITTA BEY, Wilhelm; formerly Keeper of the Vice-Regal Library, Cairo; author of ‘Contes Arabes Modernes,’ ‘Grammatik des arabischen Vulgardialektes von Aegypten.’

SPRAGUE, Thomas Bond, M.A., LL.D., F.A.S.; Manager of the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance, Soc., 1873-1900; formerly Assistant Tutor at St John’r. Coll., Cambridge; has contributed many papers to the ‘Journal of the Institute of Actuaries,’ and to various scientific journals.

SPRING-RICE, Stephen Edward, C.B.; formerly Principal Clerk H. M. Treasury, and Auditor of the Civil List; private secretary to successive Financial Secretaries to the Treasury, 1831-88, and to Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1886.

SQUIER, Ephralm George; Chargé d'affaires of U.S. to Republics of Central America, 1849-50, and U.S. Comr. to Peru; joint-author of ‘Ancient Monu-ments of the Mississippi Valley; author of Nicar-agua: its People, Scenery, Monuments, etc. , Notes on Central America,’ and of other works on the geography, history, and ethnology of Central America.

SQUIRE, J. Edward, M.D.; Member of Council, National Health Society; author of ‘The Hygienic Prevention of Consumption,’ ‘The Preservation of Health and the Prevention of Disease,’ etc.

SQUIRE, William Barclay, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.G.S. ; Assist., Brit. Museum ; Hon. Sec., Purcell Soc.; formerly musical critic of’'Westminster Gazette,’ ‘Saturday Review,’ and ‘Globe’; editor of ‘Byrd’s Masses,’ ‘The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book,’ etc.

STANTON, Rev. Vincent Henry, M.A., D.D.; Ely Professor of Divinity, Cambridge, and Canon of Ely; Hulsean Lecturer, 1879 ; author of ‘The Jewish and the Christian Messiah,’ ‘The Place of Authority in Matters of Religious Belief.’

STATHAM, H. H.; editor of ‘The Builder’; author of ‘Architecture for General Readers,’ ‘Architecture among the Poets.’

STEAD, William Thomas; editor of the ‘Review of Reviews’ and the ‘Masterpiece Library’ ; editor of ‘Northern Echo,’ Darlington, 1871-80; ‘Pall Mall Gazette,’ 1880-83 ; author of ‘Truth about the Navy,’ ‘The Labour War in the United States,’ ‘Mrs Booth: a Study,’ etc.

STEBBING, Rev. Thomas Roscoe Rede. M.A., F.R.S.; Fellow of King’s College, London; Fellow of Worcester Coll. Oxford ; prepared Report on the Amphipoda of the ‘Challenger’ Expedition; author of ‘Translation of Longinus On the Sublime,’ ‘Essays on Darwinism,’ ‘"Challenger" Reports,’ ‘Zoology,’ ‘A History of Crustacea,’ etc.

STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence, LL.D.; poet and critic; author of ‘Poems,’ ‘Victorian Poets,’ ‘Poets of America,’ ‘The Nature and Elements of Poetry’; editor of ‘Library of American Literature,’ ‘Victorian Anthology,’ etc.

STEED, H. Wickham; Correspondent of ‘The Times’ at Rome.

STEEL, W.; Carlisle.

STEPHEN, Sir Herbert, Bart., LL.M.; Clerk of Assize for the Northern Circuit; author of ‘The Law relating to Malicious Prosecutions,’ ‘Prisoners on Oath,’ etc.

STEPHEN, John; electrician; author of ‘The Transference of the Telegraphs to the State.’

STEPHEN, Sir Leslie, K C.B., M.A., Litt.D.; Ron. Fellow of Trin. Hall. Camb. ; President of Ethical Society; formerly Fellow and Assistant Tutor, Trin. Hall doll., and Clark Lecturer in English Literature; editor of Cornhill Magazine, 1871-82; Dictionary of National Biography, 1882-91 ; author of ‘Hours in a Library,’ ‘The Science of Ethics,’ ‘Life of Henry Fawcett,’ ‘An Agnostic's Apology,’ ‘Life of Sir James Fitz-James Stephen,’ ‘Studies of a Biographer,’ ‘The English Utilitarians.’

STEPHEN, Robert Swan, M.A.; Advocate; Secretary and Librarian to the Isle of Man Law Society; Member of the Court of Tynwald.

STEPHENS, F. G.; one of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood; late art critic of the ‘Athenaeum’; author of ‘Catalogue of Satires’ (Brit. Mus.), ‘Artists at Home,’ ‘George Cruikshank,’ ‘Memorials of W. Mulready,’ ‘French and Flemish Pictures,’ ‘Sir E. Landseer,’ ‘T.C. Hook, R. A.,’ etc.

STEPHENS, Henry Morse; Professor of History and Director of University Extension, Univ. of California ; author of ‘History of the French Revolution,’ ‘Modern European History,’ ‘Select Documents of English Constitutional History,’ and other historical works.

STEPHENS, Percy Somers Tyringham; a magistrate for the County of Durham; author of ‘Pages from a Country Diary’ in the ‘Badminton Magazine,’ 1900.

STERLAND, Miss M. B.; writer on ecclesiastical history.

STERLING, Maj.-Gen. John B.; Egypt, 1882; Sudan and Cyprus: 1885.

STERNE, Louis.

STEVENS, J. Austin ; founded the ‘Magazine of American History’ ; author of ‘The Resumption of Specie Payment,’ ‘The Burgoyne Campaign,’ ‘Albert Gallatin.’

STEVENSON, David, C.E.; planned improvements for the navigation of many English, Scotch, and Irish rivers and harbours ; designed and executed thirty lighthouses; author of ‘The Application of Marine Surveying and Hydrometry to the Practice of Civil Engineering,’ and other works on kindred subjects.

STEVENSON, Robert Louis; author of ‘Virginibus Puerisque,’ ‘Familiar Studies of Men and Books,’ ‘Footnote to History,’ ‘Treasure Island’ ‘The Master of Ballantrae,’ ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,’ and other novels ; ‘The Child’s Garden of Verses.’

STEVENSON, Thomas, M.D.; Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence, Guy’s Hospital; Scientific Analyst, Home Office; author of ‘A Treatise on Alcohol’ ; editor of Taylor’s ‘Principles and Practice of Medical Jurisprudence.’

STEVENSON, Thomas, C.E.; Joint-Engineer to the Board of Northern Lighthouses, 1853-85 ; invented the azimuthal condensing system of lighthouse illumination ; author of ‘Design and Construction of Harbours.’

STEWART, Balfour, LL.D., F.R.S.; Director of Kew Observatory, 1859 ; Professor of Physics at Owens Coll., Manchester, 1871-87; author of ‘Lessions in Elementary Physics,’ ‘An Elementary Treatise on Heat,’ and other text-books on physics; also of papers in scientific journals.

STEWART, George, D.C.L., Litt.D.; editor of the ‘Quebec Morning Chronicle’ from 1879; author of ‘Story of the Great Fire in St John’s, New Bruns-wick,’ ‘Evenings in the Library,’ ‘Canada under the Administration of the Earl of Dufferin.’

STEWART, John Alexander, M.A., LL.D.; Tutor of Christ Church; White’s Professor of Moral Philosophy, Oxford; author of ‘The English MSS. of the Nicomachean Ethics’ ‘Notes on the Nico-machean Ethics.’

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