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Surnames: WEB-WHY

WEBB, Gen. Alexander Stewart; President of the College of the City of New York; Brig-Gen. of Volunteers in the Civil War; author of ‘The Peninsula,’ ‘McClellan’s Campaign of 1862,’ etc.

WEBBER, Maj.-Gen. C. E., C.B., M.Inst.C.E.; served in Indian Mutiny, 1857-60; with Prussian Army in 1866; Egyptian expedition, 1882; Nile expeditions, 1884-85 ; founder (with late Sir Francis Bolton) and past President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

WEBER, Gustavus A., LL.B. ; Statistical Expert, U.S. Dept. of Labour, Washington, D.C.

WEBSTER, Hugh A,; formerly Librarian, Edin-burgh University; editor of the ‘Scottish Geographical Magazine ;’ sub-editor of the ‘Ency. Brit.’

WEBSTER, James Claude; Barrister of the Middle Temple, London.

WEDMORE, Frederick; art critic of the ‘Standard,’ London; author of ‘Pastorals of France,’ ‘Renuncia-tions,’ ‘English Episodes,’ and ‘Orgeas and Miradou,’ ‘The Life of Balzac,’ ‘Etching in England,’ ‘Fine Prints: On Books and Arts,’ ‘The Collapse of the Penitent.’

WELCH, Lewis S., A.B. ; editor of the ‘Yale Alumni Weekly.’

WELDON, Walter F. R., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.; Linacre Professor of Comparative Anatomy, Oxford; sometime Fellow of St John’s Coll., Cambridge; formerly Jodrell Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Zoology, University Coll., London.

WELLHAUSEN, Julius, D.D.; Professor of Semitic Languages, University of Göttingen; for-merly Profesor at Greifswald, Halle, Marburg; author of ‘Der Text der Bücber Samuelis,’ ‘Die Pharisäer und die Sadducäer,’ ‘Die kleinen Propheten,’ ‘Israelitische und Jüdische Geschichte,’ ‘Das Arabische Reich und sein Sturz,’ and other works of Biblical criticism and ancient history.

WELLINGTON, Arthur Mellen; author of ‘The Computation of Earthwork from Diagrams,’ ‘Location of Railways,’ ‘Car-building Dictionary’ ; chief engineer of the Toledo, Canada, Southern and Detroit Railway.

WELLS, Joseph, M.A.; Fellow and Tutor, Wadbarn College, Oxford; on Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examining Board; author of ‘A Short History of Rome,’ ‘Oxford and its Colleges,’ ‘Wadham College.’

WELLS, Captain Lionel de Lautour, R.N.; Chief Officer, Metropolitan Fire Brigade; author of ‘Jack Afloat,’ ‘M.F.B. Drill-book.’

WESTLAKE, John, K.C., LL.D.; Professor of International Law, Cambridge; author of ‘A Treatise on Private International Law, or the Conflict of Laws,’ ‘Chapters on the Principles of International Law.’

WETHERELL, W. ; assistant editor, ‘Liverpool Daily Post.’

WHATES, H.; assistant editor of the ‘Standard’; editor of the ‘Politician’s Handbook.’

WHEATLEY, Henry Benjamin; Asst.-Secretary, Society of Arts, Assistant-Sec. Brit. Royal Com-mission, Section of Chicago Exhibition, 1893; Hon. Sec. Early English Text Society, 1864-72; Treasurer, 1872-1901 ; author of ‘Anagrams,’ ‘Round about Piccadidy and Pall Mall,’ ‘What is an Index?’ ‘Samuel Pepys and the World he lived in,’ ‘How to form a Library,’ ‘Prices of Books,’ ‘Pepysiana,’ etc.

WHEELER, Capt. Charles B.; U.S. Ordnance Department, Washington, D.C.

WHEELER, Maj.-Gen. Joseph Member of U.S. Congress, 1881-99; Lieut.-Gen.; and Senior Cavalry General of the Confederate Armies in the Civil War; in charge of the cavalry under Gen. Joseph E. Johnston; Maj.-Gen. of Volunteers, U.S.A., Spanish-American War.

WHEELER, R. Mortimer; Glasgow.

WHETHAM, William Cecil Dampier, M.A., F.R.S. ; Fellow of Trinity Coll. Cambridge; Lecturer on Physics, Cambridge; author of text-book on ‘Solution and Electrolysis,’ etc.

WHITAKER, Edgar ; proprietor and editor of the ‘Levant Herald’ for the last 30 years; author of ‘The Outlook in Asiatic Turkey’; translated Giacometti’s ‘Russia’s Work in Turkey,’ etc.

WHITAKER, Joseph, F.S.A. ; editor of the ‘Gentleman’s Magazine, 1856-59; founder of the ‘Bookseller," the ‘Penny Post,’ the ‘Educational Register,’ ‘Whitaker’s Almanac,’ ‘Whitaker’s Clergyman’s Diary.

WHITE, Major Arthur Wellesley; Instructor in Gunnery, School of Gunnery, Aldershot, from 1884.

WHITE, Horace; editor of the N.Y. ‘Evening Post’ ; sometime editor of the ‘Chicago Tribune’; author of ‘The Silver Question,’ ‘The Tariff Question,’ ‘Money and Banking,’ ‘The Gold Standard,’ etc.

WHITE, James; Geographer, Department of the Interior, Ottawa.

WHITE, J. F., M.A., LL.D. ; Joint-author of the ‘I Life and Art of George Paul Chalmers, R.S.A.,’ and many articles on ancient and modern art.

WHITE, T. Holt.

WHITFELD, William Henry, M.A.; Card Editor of the ‘Field’; formerly Mathematical Lecturer at Cavendish College, Cambridge.

WHITMEE, Rev. S. J., F.R.G.S. ; author of ‘Ethnology of Polynesia,’ ‘A Missionary Cruise in the South Pacific,’ etc.

WHITNEY, Josiah Dwight; Professor of Geo-logy, Harvard University, from 1865 ; author of ‘The Metallic Wealth of the United States,’ ‘Geological Survey of California,’ and other works on the geology of the United States.

WHITNEY, William Dwight; Professor of Sanskrit and of Comparative Philology in Yale College from 1870; author of ‘The Life and Growth of Lan-guages,’ a Sanskrit grammar, and a German grammar ; and editor of ‘The Century Dictionary of the English Language.’

WHYTE, Frederic W. ; author and dramatic critic; author of ‘Actors of the Century’; translator of A. Filon’s ‘English Stage’, etc.

WHYTE, W. A.; Edinburgh.

WHYTOCK, Alexander; carpet manufacturer, Edinburgh.

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