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Surnames: WOL-ZIM

WOLCOTT, Hon. Roger ; Governor of Massa-chusetts, 1897-99.

WOLF, Lucien; sub-editor and leader-writer, ‘Jewish World,’ 1874-93; staff of ‘Daily Graphic’; London correspondent, ‘Le Journal,’ Paris; Fellow of Inst. of Journalists; first President and now Vice-Pre-sident of Jewish Historical Society of England; author of ‘Sir Moses Montefiore’; joint-editor with Joseph Jacobs of ‘Bibliotheca, Anglo-Judaica.’

WOLFF, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Drummond, G.C.B., G.C.M.G.; Ambassador-Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Madrid, 1892-1900; author of a ‘Life of Napoleon at Elba,’ ‘Memnon Letters on the Suez Canal,’ ‘Some Notes of the Past.’

WOLLASTON. A. N., C.I.E.; Registrar and Super-intendent of Records, India Office, from 1898; Ex-aminer in Persian at Sandhurst, 1880; author of English -Persian Dictionary, ‘Half-hours with Muham-mad,’ and translations of Persian poems.

WOOD, C. Page; Scrope, Kelveden, Essex.

WOOD, General. Sir Evelyn, V.C., G.C.B., G.C.M.G.; commanding 2nd Army Corps; served in Crimea with Naval Brigade, 1 Oct. 1854 to 18 June 1855; Ashantee Kaffir, Zulu, and Transvaal Wars, 1879-81 ; commanded Chatham District, 1882-83; Ex-pedition to Egypt, 1882; raised the Egyptian Army, 1883; served in Nile Expedition, 1894-95; commanded Eastern District, 1886-S8; Aldershot Division, 1889-93; Quartermaster-Gen. to the Forces, 1893-97 ; Adjutant-General to Forces, 1897-1901; author of ‘The Crimea in 1854-94,’ ‘Cavalry at Waterloo,’ ‘Achievements of Cavalry.’

WOOD , Sir Henry Trueman, Kt., M.A.; Secretary of the Society of Arts from 1879; Hon. Secretary of the Mechanical Section of the British Association, 1878-84; British Commissioner, Paris Exhibition, 1889; author of ‘Modern Methods of illustrating Books.’

WOOD, Thomas M’Kinnon, L.C.C., LL.D.; Chairman of Parliamentary Committee, 1895-98; Chairman of London County Council, 1898-39.

WOODBERRY, George Edward, A.B.; Professor of English Literature, Columbia University, New York; author of ‘The North Shore Watch,’ ‘Life of E. A. Poe,’ ‘Heart of Man,’ ‘Studies in Letters and Life,’ ‘Makers of Literature,’ etc.

WOODHEAD, German Sims, M.A., M.D.; Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge; Prof. of Pathology, Cambridge Univ., since 1899; President, Royal Medical Society; acted as Assstant Commissioner to the Royal Commission on Tuberculosis, 1892-95 ; author of

‘Practical Pathology,’ ‘ Bacteria and their Products,’ ‘Report to the Royal Commission on Tuberculosis,’ ‘Report on Diphtheria’ to the Metropolitan Asylums Board; editor of the ‘Joumal of Pathology and Bacteriology.’

WOODWARD, Arthur Smith, F.R.S., LL.D.; Asst. Keeper of Geology, British Museum; author of ‘Catalogue of Fossil Fishes in the British Museum,’ Outlines of Vertebrate Palaeontology,’ etc.

WOODWARD, Henry, LL.D., F.R.S. ; Presi-dent of the Palaeontological Society from 1898 ; President of the Microscopical Society; Keeper of De-partment of Geology, British Museum, 1880-1901 ; Pre-sident of the Geological Society; writer of articles on geology and Palaeontology ; editor of the ‘Geological Magazine.’

WOOLHOUSE, W. S. B., F.R.A.S.; formerly of the Nautical Almanac Office ; author of a ‘Treatise on the Differential Calculus,’ ‘Measures, Weights, and Moneys of all Nations.’

WOOLSEY, Theo. S., LL.D.; Professor of Inter-national Law, Yale University; editor of ‘Woolseys International Law’ (6th ed.), and of ‘Pomeroy’s International Law’; author of ‘America’s Foreign Policy.’

WORCESTER, Dean Conant ; Assistant Pro-fessor of Zoology, University of Michican; Member of the First and Second U.S. Philippines Commission; author of ‘The Philippine Islands and their People.’

WORNUM. Ralph Nicholson; Keeper of the National Gallery, 1854-77 ; author of ‘The Epochs of Painting,’ Analysis of Ornament: the Characteristics of Style and Introduction to the Study of the History of Ornamental Art,’ ‘Some Account of the Life and Works of Hans Holbein, Painter, of Augsburg’; edited Walpole’s ‘Anecdotes of Painting, ‘The National Gallery,’ ‘The Turner Gallery.’

WRIGHT, Arthur Williams; Professor of Molecular Physics, Chemistry, and Experimental Physics, Yale University ; author of many papers on electricity and astronomy.

WRIGHT, Hon Carrell Davidson; U.S. Commissioner of Labour; author of ‘Factory System of the United States,’ ‘Strikes and Lock-outs,’ ‘Cost of Production of Iron, Steel, etc.,’ ‘Industrial Evolution of the United States,’ ‘Outline of Practical Sociology,’ etc.

WRIGHT, Charles R. Alder, D.Sc., F.R.S.; formerly Lecturer on Chemistry in St. Mary’s Hospital School; author of ‘Metals and their Chief Industrial Applications.’

WRIGHT, Charles Theodore Hagberg, B.A., LL.D. ; Secretary and Librarian, London Library; Assistant Librarian, National Library of Ireland, 1890-93.

WRIGHT, Daniel, M.D.; translated the ‘History of Nepaul,’ from the Parbatiya, with an ‘Introductory Sketch of the Country and People of Nepaul.’

WRIGHT, Daniel F., M.D.; Clarksville, Tennessee.

WRIGHT, Lewis ; author of ‘The New Book of Poultry,’ ‘The Practical Poultry Keeper,’ ‘The Poultry Club Standards’; editor of ‘Fulton’s Book of Pigeons,’ etc.

WRIGHT, William Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L.; Assis-tant-Keeper of MSS., British Museum, 1869-79; Pro-fessor of Arabic, University of Cambridge, 1870-89; author of ‘Catalogue of the Syriac Manuscripts in the British Museum, acquired since 1838,’ ‘Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles : from Syriac Manuscripts in the British Museum and other Libraries,’ etc. ; editor of several Syriac and Arabic MSS.

WRIGHT, William ; Virginia City, Nevada.

WRIGHT, W. H. K. ; Librarian of the Municipal Library, Plymouth ; founder and Hon. Sec. of Ex--Libris Society; author of ‘Blue Friars,’ ‘West Country Poets,’ and of several guide-books to Cornwall and Devon; editor of ‘Ex-Libris Journal.’

WYATT, J. W., A.M.I.C.E.; Fellow of the Royal Indian Engineering Coll., Cooper’s Hill; author of ‘The Art of making Paper,’ etc.

WYLLIE, Stewart A.; Plymouth.


X (Anonymous). Signatory initial used after certain articles, where the real initials are omitted for special or personal reasons. Anonymity was the only condition upon which the editors could induce certain highly placed writers to undertake subjects especially

within their knowledge. j


YORKE, Lieut.-Col. H. A., R.E. (retired); Chief Inspecting Officer of Railways, Board of Trade.

YOUNG, Alexander Bell Filson; assistant editor of the ‘Pilot’ Since 1901 ; special war correspondent of the ‘Manchester Guardian’ in South Africa; author of ‘The Relief of Mafeking,’ ‘Five Lyrics,’ ‘A Volunteer Brigade,’ ‘Mastersingers,’ etc.

YOUNG, Francis; London.

YOUNG, John, M.D.; Keeper of the Hunterian Museum , Univ. of Glasgow, from 1866; Professor of Natural History, and Honeyman-Gillespie Lecturer on Geology, Glasgow Univ., 1866-1901; author of ‘Physical Geography.’

YOUNG, Rev. William; for many years Minister of the English Presbyterian Church, Kersal, Man-chester; Joint Secretary of the Religious Tract Society.

YOVTCHEFF, E.S.; National Library, Sofia, Bulgaria.

YRIARTE, Charles; author of ‘L’Histoire de Venise.’

YULE, Col. Sir Henry, R.E., K.C.S.I., C.B.; Secretary of Public Works Depart., India, 1857-62; Member of Council for Tndia ; edited ‘The Book of Marco Polo,’ for the Hakluyt Soc.; author of ‘The African Squadron Vindicated,’ ‘Fortification,’ ‘The Mission to the Court of Ava, 1855.’


ZIMMERIN, Miss Alice; author of ‘The Renaissance of Girls: Education in England,’ ‘Method of Education,’ etc.

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