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Today in History - March 25
• Gallant General MacDonald shoots himself
• Greek patriots rise against Ottoman Empire
• King Louis XII attacks Genoa with Swiss troops

-- Compiled by James Finlayson-Bald

Maj.-Gen. Hector MacDonald (image)

Major-General Sir Hector Archibald MacDonald (1853-1903), KCB, DSO.
Painting by Ernest H. Longdon.

On this date:

1507France' s King Louis XII attacked Genoa, Italy, with a Swiss array to restore order.

British colonists under Lord Baltimore reached Maryland in North America.

—Austria, Britain, Prussia and Russia formed a new alliance against Napoleon Bonaparte to maintain established order in Europe.

Greek patriots began revolt against domination of Ottoman Empire, an uprising that lasted 12 years and won Greek Independence.

—Revolution broke out in Haiti.

—General Hector ("Fighting Mac") MacDonald died in Paris. Rising through the ranks he was a colour-sergeant at the time of the Afghan War. His bravery in that campaign saw him promoted to commissioned rank. He served in the Boer War, and at Majuba his bravery was so conspicuous that, taken prisoner, General Joubert returned his sword. He then spent time reorganising the Sudanese Brigade and led it with great distinction at the Battle of Omdurman. Ultimately he was sent to Ceylon in command of British forces there. Following an indiscretion he was recalled to London and invited by the War Office to go to Paris and shoot himself. This he very foolishly did. In 1907 a tower 100 feet high was erected in his memory at Dingwall. This would have amused him.

Claude Debussy, French Impressionist composer, died.

Greek Assembly exiled its Royal Family.

Treaties signed in Rome for the Common Market and Euratom by the "Six".

Pakistan's President Ayub Khan turned power over to the Military after 11 years of leadership.

Saudi Arabia's King Faisal was assassinated in Riyadh by Prince Museida, a nephew with a history of mental illness. Faisal's brother, Crown Prince Khaled, succeeded to the throne.

Today's birthdays:
-- Bela Bartok, composer (1881-1945)
-- Elton John, Entertainer (1947- ).

Thought for today:
Personally, I have always looked on cricket as organised loafing.
William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury.

The above article was written by James Finlayson-Bald.
Edited and illustrations added by David Paul Wagner.

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