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Today in History - March 10
• King Charles I dissolves Parliament
• Suffragettes attack Velasquez painting
• Henry Pu-Yi becomes Emperor of Manchukuo

--Compiled by James Finlayson-Bald

Pu-yi on the day of his coronation as Emperor of Manchukuo (image)

Henry Pu-Yi, who had become the Emperor of China in 1909 when he was aged three, become ruler of Manchukuo on March 10, 1932 (this photo shows him on the day of his coronation). In 1950, after Mao had come to power in China, he was employed as a gardener for nine years.

On this date:

241 BC--The Carthaginian fleet was defeated off the Aegates Islands by the Romans in the First Punic War.

1040--Harold "Harefoot", illegitimate son of Canute and king of England, died.

1302--Dante was threatened with burning should he return to Florence.

1410--Wire invented.

1527--Baber, by victory at Kanwaha, became ruler of Northern India.

1617--Peace of Stolbova signed by Russia, Poland and Sweden.

1628--Marcello Malpighi, discoverer of capillary circulation, born.

1629--King Charles I dissolved Parliament, not to recall it for 11 years.

1640--Gardiner's Island, first English settlement in New York, founded.

1889--King John of Abyssinia killed battling the Dervishes.

1896--A hat-tipping device was patented in the U.S.

1905--Mukden,Manchuria, fell to the Japanese.

1914--Velasquez's painting, "The Rokeby Venus", in the National Gallery, London damaged by suffragettes .

1932--Henry Pu-Yi became ruler of Manchukuo. He became Emperor of China in 1909, aged 3, under the name Hsuan Tung. He was deposed in 1912 but restored for a week in 1921. He reassumed the title of Emperor (of Manchukuo) in 1934, was captured by the Russians in 1945 and sent to Siberia. In 1950 he was handed over to Mao Tse-tung and was employed as a gardener for nine years. In 1964 he became a deputy in the Chinese Parliament.

1935--Hitler rejected the Versailles Treaty and ordered immediate conscription in Germany.

1969-James Earl Ray pleads guilty to the murder of Martin Luther King.

Today's birthdays:
-- Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor (1503-1564)
-- Arthur Honegger, composer (1892-1955)

Thought for today:
Blessed is he who has never been tempted; for he knows not the frailty of his rectitude.
-- Christopher Morley, Inward Ho!

The above article was written by James Finlayson-Bald.
Edited and illustrations added by David Paul Wagner.

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