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Many conifers might be mentioned which, though not producing timber in Britain, are worthy of cultivation. Of the American pines we have the Pinus Strobus, I. Weymouth pine, which furnishes the white wood of American commerce. Several Californian pines have been introduced; of these abies Douglasii is the most promising . Cupressus Lawsoniana is a beautiful tree, and also Sequoia gigantean, the mammoth tree, a general favourite in pleasure grounds, but a considerable period must elapse before we can judge of their being adapted for general culture as timber trees in this country. Of Asiatic conifers, Cedrus Deodara and Libani are much grown for ornament. Pinus excelsa, which resembles the Weymouth pine, and abies Smitthiana and Webbiana grow fairly in many parts of Britain; the Smithian pine being apparently the best adapted to the climate.

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