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Part 1: Arboriculture - History
Part 2: Trees Cultivated in Britain
Part 3: Trees Suited for Particular Purposes. Conifers.
Part 4: Larch
Part 5: Scottish Pine
Part 6: Cluster Pine
Part 7: Spruce Fir
Part 8: Silver Fir
Part 9: American and Asian Conifers
Part 10: Yew Tree
Part 11: Broadleaved Trees
Part 12: Hardwood Trees - Britain
Part 13: Ash
Part 14: Elm
Part 15: Beech
Part 16: Hornbeam
Part 17: Sweet Chestnut
Part 18: Common Sycamore
Part 19: Common Birch
Part 20: Common Walnut
Part 21: Robinia
Part 22: Other Hardwood Trees
Part 23: Softwood Trees - Britain
Part 24: Poplar
Part 25: Willow
Part 26: Alder
Part 27: Lime Tree
Part 28: Common Horse Chestnut
Part 29: Roadside Trees and Hedges
Part 30: Coppice
Part 31: Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
Part 32: Evergreen Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
Part 33: Deciduous Ornamental Trees
Part 34: Nursery Propagation of Trees
Part 35: Growing Coniferous Trees
Part 36: Growing Tress Bearing Nuts, Acorns, Masts, Keys, etc.
Part 37: Growing Trees with Cottony, Feathery and Other Soft Seeds
Part 38: Growing Trees with Fleshy Fruits or with Leguminous Seeds
Part 39: Sowing and Planting Trees in Plantations
Part 40: Pruning and Thinning of Trees in Plantations
Part 41: Nurse Trees in Plantations
Part 42: Further Reading on Arboriculture

The above article was written by Hugh Francis Charles Cleghorn (1820–95), M.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E.; attached to General Hospital, Madras; Professor of Botany, Madras, from 1852; organized Forest Dept.; Commissioner for the Conservancy of Forests; formerly President of the Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society; author of The Forests and Gardens of South India.

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