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We have now alluded to some of the chief points connected with arboriculture, but the subject is of such extent that it could not be fully treated in the limits of this article. Our object has been rather to direct attention to general principles; and for fuller information we would refer those who desire a more practical and detailed acquaintance with the subject to the following works:--

The classic Sylva of Evelyn and the exhaustive Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum of Loudon should be in the hands of all students of Arboriculture. Selby's History of Forest Trees, 1842; The Forester, by James Brown, 4th ed., 1871; Grigor's Arboriculture, 1868; Du Breuli's Cours Elémentaire d'arboriculture, Paris; Paradè's Cours Elémentaire de Culture des Bois, Paris; Mathieu's Flore Forestière, Nancy, 1860; and Hartig's Lehrbuch für Förster, Stuttgart, 1861, are all useful books. Prize essays on special subjects are contained in the Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society, and instructive papers on various practical details are to be found in the Transactions of the Scottish Arboricultural Society. The Forest Flora of Northern India, by Steward and Brandis, 8v0, with 4to volume of illustrations, London, 1874, contains a great amount of information on the culture of trees in India and the Himalayan region. For American trees see the North American Sylva, by Michaux, Paris, 1819; Trees and Shrubs of Massachusetts, by Emerson, Boston, 1846; and Trees of America, by D.J. Broune, New York, 1846. (H.C.)

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The above article was written by Hugh Francis Charles Cleghorn (1820–95), M.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E.; attached to General Hospital, Madras; Professor of Botany, Madras, from 1852; organized Forest Dept.; Commissioner for the Conservancy of Forests; formerly President of the Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society; author of The Forests and Gardens of South India.

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