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Part 1. Introduction.

Part 2. Introduction.
Part 3. Astronomy of the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese and Indians.

Part 4. Astronomy of the Greeks.

Part 5. Astronomy of the School of Alexandria.
Part 6. Astronomy of the Arabians.
Part 7. Revival of Astronomy in Europe.

Part 8. Chapter I: Apparent Motion of the Star-Sphere.

Part 9. Chapter II: The Earth shown to be a Globe within a Star-Sphere.
Part 10. Chapter III: Of the Apparent Motions of the Sun.
Part 11. Chapter IV: The Solar Day. Equation of Time. The Seasons.
Part 12. Chapter V: Apparent Motions of the Moon and Planets. Parralax.
Part 13. Chapter VI: Copernican System. Kepler's Laws. Gravitation. The Laws of the Solar System.

Part 14. Chapter VII: The Sun. Sun Spots. Rotation of the Sun. His Physical Constitution and Surroundings. Prominences. Corona. Zodiacal Light.

Part 15. Chapter VIII: The Inferior Planets Mercury and Venus.
Part 16. Chapter IX: The earth regarded as a Planet. Figure and Mass of the Earth. Precession of the Equinoxes. The Shape and Position of the Earth's Orbit. Distance from the Sun. Transit Observations.
Part 17. Chapter X: The Moon, Her Phases, Parralax, Magnitude, Motions, and Probable Physical Conditions.
Part 18. Chapter XI: Eclipses of the Sun and Moon.
Part 19. Chapter XII: The Planet Mars.
Part 20. Chapter XIII: Asteroids, or Minor Planets.
Part 21. Chapter XIV: The Planet Jupiter.
Part 22. Chapter XV: The Planet Saturn.
Part 23. Chapter XVI: The Planets Uranus and Saturn.

Part 24. Chapter XVII: Comets.

Part 25. Chapter XVIII: The Fixed Stars and Nebulae.

Part 26. Bibliography.

Part 27. Alphabetical Index.]

The above article was written by: R. A. Proctor, B.A., F.R.A.S., author of Other Worlds than Ours, etc.

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