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Part 1. Anatomy of Birds
Part 2. The Vertebral Column, Ribs and Sternum
Part 3. The Sternum, Limb-Girdles, and Limbs

Part 4. The Muscles.

Part 5. The Brain
Part 6. Origins of Sense.
Part 7. Alimentary Organs.
Part 8. The Heart.
Part 9. Respiratory and Vocal Organs.
Part 10. Renal and Reproductory Organs.
Part 11. Integument and Feathers.
Part 12. Fossil Birds.
Part 13. Subfossil Birds.

Part 14. Birds Recently Extirpated (i.e. Recently Extinct Species of Birds)

Part 15. Birds Partially Exterminated (i.e. Endangered Species of Birds)
Part 16. Geographical Distribution of Birds.
Part 17. Migration.
Part 18. Song.
Part 19. Nidification.
Part 20. Eggs.
Part 21. Moult.
Part 22. Index (i.e. Article Index)

The above article was written by:

-- Anatomy of Birds
Professor W. K. Parker, Royal College of Surgeons, London,


-- Rest of Article
Prof. Alfred Newton.

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