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The Pitt Diamond
(See: Famous Diamonds.)

"Diamond" Article - Table of Contents

Part 1. The Diamond in History.
Part 2. Mineralogical and Physical Characteristics of Diamonds.
Part 3. Optical Properties of Diamonds. Chemical Character and Composition of Diamonds. Action of Heat on Diamonds.
Part 4. Where Diamonds Are Found.
Part 5. The Origin of Diamonds.
Part 6. Ornamental Uses of Diamonds.
Part 7. The Value of Diamonds.
Part 8. Famous Diamonds.
Part 9. Industrial Uses of Diamonds.
Part 10. Further Reading on Diamonds.

The above article was written by James Nicol, F.G.S., F.R.S.E.; Assistant-Secretary to the Geological Society of London, 1847; Professor of Nat. Hist. in the Univ. of Aberdeen, 1853-78; author of The Geology and Scenery of the North of Scotland.

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